Two Keyboards

Two Keyboards is an anime episode of Space Brothers that was released on 08/03/2013

Mutta made a promise to be the next astronaut to go to the Moon and start working on the Sharon Lunar Telescope. Mutta continues his flight training, while Hibito heads back to Japan as a celebrity, and also to visit Sharon. Sharon, due to her neuro-musclular disease, is slowly losing the ability to play on her piano.

Two Keyboards

Sharon, Hibito and Mutta make music together
Sharon, Hibito and Mutta make music together

At home, Sharon is listening to old recordings of Mutta and Hibito playing musical instruments together. Sharon tries to play the piano, but her muscles don't respond properly and she cannot press down the keys. Mutta, during break, takes some time to rest on the roof in the hammock like Deneil does. Mutta has a look at Sharon's handwritten letter again, sensing that Sharon has lost some of her cheer. Mutta is sure that once he makes it into space, Sharon will be happy. Mutta just wishes there was more he could do for Sharon now. After training that day, Mutta heads to the post office with Apo to send a huge rectangular package to Sharon in the hopes of cheering her up.

Hibito starts to regret all his jumping
Hibito starts to regret all his jumping

In Japan, Hibito has just landed in the airport. Journalists and reporters eagerly await the return of the first Japanese astronaut who made it to the moon. Hibito is also incredibly popular with families and young people. Many spectators wear a Hibito-styled bunny ear hat to commemorate Hibito's first steps on the surface of the Moon. When Hibito learns about the hats, he starts regretting that he did so much jumping on the Moon. One of the reporters even wants Hibito to say "Yaaayy" in front of the cameras. Hibito is a bit put off by the whole thing, but ends up doing it anyway and presents himself really well in front of everyone and all the cameras. Hibito headed to JAXA for a conference about his Moon mission.

Hibito waves to all the cheering spectators
Hibito waves to all the cheering spectators

The next day, Hibito is wisked away to take part in a welcome back parade. Hibito's parents also take part in the parade. Hibito later holds a lecture for middle school students. On the car ride to his next destination for the day, Sharon's place. Hibito reads Sharon's handwritten letter to him. Hibito's letter is written on green paper, as opposed to Mutta's letter which is on pink paper. Sharon jokes that it seems her handwriting is getting better, or that she is getting used to writing with a limp hand. Sharon is sad though that the keys on her piano feel so heavy and is unable to play.

A gift from Mutta to Sharon
A gift from Mutta to Sharon

When Hibito arrives at Sharon's, his escort tells him he will only have 2 hours to visit, since he will be meeting with the Prime Minister of Japan next and shouldn't be late. Hibito wishes he could spend the whole day with Sharon. The first thing Hibito notices about Sharon is that she started using a cane to walk around. Hibito brought a large present for Sharon, an electronic keyboard with very light keys and the best sound he could find. Hibito hopes that with this Sharon can still relax and continue to enjoy playing piano. Sharon starts crying and is very grateful. It turns out that the package Mutta had sent had arrived recently too, Mutta had also bought Sharon an electronic keyboard.

Points of Interest

  • "Moon Rabbit" is the episode when Hibito takes his first steps on the Moon. Hibito was so excited that he leapt forward up and down saying "Yaaaayy", hence Hibito's nickname and the bunny hats.
  • When asked by a student, "What does the inside of a spaceship smell like?" Hibito responds by saying it smells kind of like the change room for a soccer team.
  • Interestingly, Mutta's keyboard reached Sharon first, like how Mutta was born first before Hibito (Mutta is older than Hibito). Even so, Mutta strives hard to catch up with his younger brother's astronaut career.
  • "Those brothers really are amazing!" Tamura commenting after seeing both Mutta and Hibito's gifts for Sharon.

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