Twin's Guards

Twin's Guards is an anime episode of Gun X Sword that was released on 08/02/2005

"Twin's Guards" - "Tsuinzu Gaado" (ツインズガード)

Van and Wendy came across a town where all residents are twins. Even weirder is that all of the twins keep fighting eachother and they always and their battle in a draw. Two sisters are in constant fight over their heritage. Van is hired by one of them and her name is Earl Driver. Her twin sister is named Elle Driver and she hired another man named Ray Lundgren. Ray and Van get into a fight, but looks like both of them are looking for the same man (the Claw) to get their revenge.

Roy killed Van's boss Earl Driver and he took her part of the key to the safe. Safe is open and inside of it is an armor, and that armor is made for two people to control. It appears that two sisters are just test subjects of their dad's cloning experiment.

The two sisters made peace with each other, enter an armor and get on a rampage so Van and Ray had to stop them with their armors.

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