Twin Feelings

Twin Feelings is an anime episode of Kokoro Connect that was released on 07/28/2012
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Inaban is not well and she has been hiding it from the group. Taichi, after switching with her, has felt her physical pain and is determined to help her.
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Plot Summary

Himeko is in the nurse's office, after collapsing. she wasn't well, and was keeping that from the rest of the group. Later, she gets walked home by Taichi and Iori. she asks him what had happened between him and Yui the previous night. Initailly, Taichi tried to avoid answering, but the girls egged him on, Inaba saying jokingly he should answer or she'd faint from shock. Taichi eventually agrees, but says that he won't tell anything private.

After he tells them, Himeko jibes him about it, but Iori begins to feel guilty about not knowing, but Taichi tells her to just act normal around Yui. Himeko also pokes fun at the two of them, saying they'd make a perfect couple, and that Yui was starting to fall for Taichi. she also told him to be careful, as his selflessness can also hurt instead of help.

After they bring Himeko home, she tells Taichi to help Iori to solve her personal problem. Iori gets angry at Himeko for telling her what to do. eventually on their way home, Iori promises to tell Taichi her problem only if nothing changes between them. They go near the water's edge to talk, where Iori tells Taichi that due to her mother's divorcing and remarrying, she has five fathers. Her second one was particularly violent, but in order to avoid problems, she had changed her persona to keep at peace with him. Through this episode, she kept on switching personas and trying to guess what people are thinking. However, on her fifth father's deathbed, he told her to start living her own life. Since Iori had been constantly switching between personas, she began to forget who she really was, and combined with the personality swap issue between the five friends, and was afraid that she'd begin to fade away. Taichi says that would be impossible, and when she asked how, he was in mid-confession to her, when Himeko's jibe of "selfless freak" surfaced in his mind, and just told Iori to trust him.

The next day, Iori and Taichi meet each other at school, and see Inaba coming in, looking sick.When Taichi switches with her, he ends up throwing up in the toilet. when they switch back, Inaba is resting in the clubroom, and asks why is he helping her. after arguing, he manages to get her to admit that she's not okay, and that she is suffering from the body switching, and that she can't trust her friends. Inaba argues that if a person commits a crime, the owner of the body is held responsible.

Taichi tells her that she needs to accept who she is, and let her feelings be known to the rest of the group. in order to get her to promise to do so, he tells her one of his dark secrets, that he has masturbated to her before, even in the other girls' bodies. She laughs, and yells at him for being perverted, but then admits she was touched by his confession, despite being such a stupid thing to admit, and asks if Taichi wanted her to fall for him.

Later, she tells the rest of her group what her fellings are, and Iori tells her that she worries too much. Aori and Yui also agree. As they head home, Himeko also whispers to Taichi quietly that they are on the same boat, and she has masturbated to him before.


  • Japanese Name: "Futatsu no Omoi" (二つの想い)
  • Manga Chapter:
  • Opening Theme: "Paradigm" (パラダイム Paradaimu) by Eufonius
  • Ending Theme: "Kokoro no Kara" (ココロノカラ) by Team Nekokan feat. Junca Amaoto

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