Twigo is a anime/manga character in the The Seven Deadly Sins franchise
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Twigo is one of the soldiers in charge of capturing the legendary Seven Deadly Sins.


Very little is known about Twigo's Origins, but in the past he trained with his brother Kaide who had already become a Holy Knight and was encouraged by Kaide to try harder to become a Holy Knight, something that Twigo did eventually achieve.


Twigo is a secondary Antagonist created by Suzuki Nakaba for the series, The Seven Deadly Sins. He is the first major antagonist to appear in the series.


Nothing of note changed about Twigo's character from the time of his introduction to his subsequent demise.


Twigo is a tall muscular man only ever seen in his Holy Knight Body Armor. He has a thick dark mustache but lighter colored hair that he keeps slicked back.


Twigo is a ruthless man who cares little for his subordinates or innocent bystanders. He was even willing to kill Princess Elizabeth who he was ordered to recover alive. He had a rather cocky persona but was humiliated by Meliodas. That was the main reason he drank Demon Blood.


Twigo had no noteworthy relationships apart from his brother Kaide. Their relationship was not elaborated on very much but Kaide did train and encourage his brother to become a Holy Knight.

Story Arcs

Introduction Arc

Twigo arrived at the Boar Hat on a mission two kill two people. When he took notice of Meliodas and Elizabeth, he immediately attacked them without even knowing if they were his targets. He delivered a powerful slash, which cut off part of a cliff, seemingly sending Meliodas and Elizabeth to their deaths. One of his knight subordinates Alioni was stationed beneath the cliff but when this was brought to his attention, he did not care and threatened his remaining men with death if they continued talking about it. However, Meliodas suddenly popped up, from under the cliff, carrying both Elizabeth and Alioni. Upon actually taking the time to look at them carefully, Twigo noticed that Elizabeth was in fact Princess Elizabeth of Liones who he was ordered to bring back alive. However he did not care and proceeded to attack the group without prejudice. Twigo chased after Meliodas and the others, launching powerful slashes as he did so. When he caught up and faced Meliodas face to face, he recognized the name Meliodas as the most legendary of Holy Knights in the past. However he did not want to believe it and he attacked once more. But in doing so, Meliodas used his reflect ability, sending Twigo's own attack back at him, defeating the Holy Knight and sending him hurling through the sky.

Twigo defeated
Twigo defeated

Once he landed, Twigo who was still alive, told his men to go request reinforcements, but before that could happen, the Boar Hat which he landed right next to, began to rise and Hawk's mother, a gigantic pig was revealed. She was so large that the Hut fit on her head, hence the name. The effect of Hawk's Mother emerging sent Twigo and his men flying once again.

Byzel Fight Festival Arc

Twigo rejected by the Demon Blood
Twigo rejected by the Demon Blood

Twigo was summoned along with fellow Holy Knight Jericho by Great Holy Knight Hendricksen. They were led by Master Helbram and Holy Knight Jericho to Hendricksen in a secret cave. Hendricksen said that he would give the two of them another chance given that both of them had suffered embarrassing failures. He offered to give them new powers and then revealed the chained corpse of a Demon, surprising Twigo and Jericho as they had never seen a Demon before. Hendricksen handed each of them a goblet filled with Demon blood. He instructed them to drink it and in doing so, they would immediately be imbued with Demonic power. Both were hesitant but they drank the contents. Immediately Twigo felt a surge of power through his body and began relishing in his rapidly increasing power, but that moment was short-lived. Twigo's body began to contort then suddenly burst apart, killing him in the process. Only when it was too late did Hendricksen state that Twigo was not compatible with the Demon Blood. Jericho however was more fortunate and not only survived, but gained the demonic power.

Powers & Abilities

Twigo's power scheme seems to revolve exclusively around his superhuman body, most notably his strength and durability.

Enhanced strength:

Twigo's swings of his sword were sufficiently strong enough to slice off large portions of cliffs and when Meliodas redirected one of his slashes back at him, it sent him flying a significant distance

Enhanced Durability:

Twigo was shown to be able to withstand his own strength when Meliodas redirected his attacks back at him.

Voiced by
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Kenta Miyake
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Name: Twigo
Gender: Male
1st manga book: The Seven Deadly Sins #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Lord Twigo
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