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The story of Arusu a young girl who dreams of having magical powers, who one day is transported to a forest where she meets witches in training.

Fifth-grade schoolgirl Arusu dreams of having magical powers. One day she's pretending to study in class, but the book on her desk is a magical one that transports her to a forest. She meets and befriends witches-in-training Eva and Sheila, and it seems her dreams are about to come true. This is not, perhaps, what one would immediately expect from a creation of Iria's Keita Amemiya, whose remarkable live-action fantasies (Hakaider, Moon over Tao) have a grittier edge. However, that darkness soon emerges. Alice, who has always imagined that magic powers are there to be used for good, finds her wonderland can be as harsh and unjust as her own world-senior witches are enslaving other magic beings. She and her new witch sisters free an elf from captivity, but like many Amemiya characters, they find the price of doing good is high. In the magic world releasing a captured elf is a criminal act, and they are punished by a curse that will prevent them from growing up until the elf is recaptured-shades here of Those Who Hunt Elves, without the kinky undertones.
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Yoshiharu Ashino

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General Information Edit
Name Tweeny Witches
Name: 魔法少女隊アルス,
Romaji: Maho Shojo Tai Arusu
Publisher Studio 4°C
Start Year 2004
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Aliases Magical Girl Squad Alice
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