Turning White and Turning Red

Turning White and Turning Red is an anime episode of Tari Tari that was released on 08/26/2012
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Students are prohibited from having after school jobs, but the club has no funds to perform at the White Festival. An interesting job offer has been presented but they must have the approval of the vice principal.
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Plot Summary

Atsuhiro watches a show about Sentai Rangers until he has to open a door to sign a package from the delivery man. He opens the package to find letters and drops them. Wakana cooks breakfast for her father and herself. She asks her father how her mother wrote songs, and she wonders if her mother had the melody in her head. Wakana thinks of asking Shiho, a friend of her mother. In the club room, Sawa tells everyone about the weight limit. Then, Konatsu arrives with plans for the White Festival such as story, dancing, and more. Konatsu is the scriptwriter while she assigns Wakana as the song writer. She also makes Sawa in charge of choreography. For Taichi and Atsuhiro, they are handling props. Wakana and the others find her plan a bit expensive. Taichi does not mind singing, but he does not like the dramatic stuff. Konatsu teases Taichi if he wants a kissing scene. Taichi finds Atsuhiro all gloomy.

Atsuhiro reciting a line
Atsuhiro reciting a line

In the Western Shopping District Event Planning event, the man states that they are in a pinch due to their budget. Shiho throws in superheroes such as Sentai Rangers to hand out flyers. Some of the members love the idea, and when Shiho states that they need volunteers. All of the sudden, everyone starts acting old. When Sawa calls Shiho about Wakana's request, Shiho realizes something and asks her daughter if she has five people. She tells them to come over there and that she will have cake for them. Over at Shiho's place, she asks them if they are looking for money and that she has a favor for them. Shiho opens a box of superhero costumes in the garage. Wakana asks Shiho how many hours they will work, and Shiho mentions they work in the weekend for 30,000 Yen. Wakana and Sawa reluctantly accepts to help Shiho. Atsuhiro acts out a line from the show, the Gambaraijers. After Atsuhiro writes down the notes, he tells his gang to rehearse at his house.

Konatsu: Curry Yellow loves curry!
Konatsu: Curry Yellow loves curry!

Later, Shiho chats with Wakana about Wakana's mother. Shiho informs Wakana to ask the Vice Principal who has cassette tapes. She mentions that the songs are written by Mahiru and the vice principal. As Wakana thanks Shiho, Shiho gives Wakana a pat on Wakana's butt. Over at Wakana's home, she tries to make a song as she plays the piano, and at Atsuhiro's place, he draws his ideas. Next day, he shares his ideas with his classmates on Shop Rangers. In his notes, Sawa reads the lines, and Taichi sees the names for the individual rangers. When Sawa grabs red, Atsuhiro states that red is reserved for the leader. With his intimidation, Sawa gives up the red color. When Konatsu volunteers to be yellow, Taichi states she is the curry ranger. Though, Konatsu hates curry, and Wakana states that there is no curry shop in the district. Taichi mentions that they will use Gambaraijers theme song, and he acts out his lines. Atsuhiro tells Taichi to sound more cooler and Sawa to put more feelings When Konatsu acts out her lines, everyone laughs. Atsuhiro tells everyone to be serious for the children's sake.

Jan asks Atsuhiro to write him letters
Jan asks Atsuhiro to write him letters

Then, Taichi asks Atsuhiro if something happened to him. Atsuhiro shows them the letters that he has sent to a person named Jan in Wien. He states that the letters are returned to him because Jan is not living at that address. Wakana asks him if he tried e-mailing or calling the person. Atsuhiro replies that Jan is a 7 year old child. In the flashback, Atsuhiro talks about he and Jan were watching Gambaraijers show. When Atsuhiro tells Jan that he has to go back to Japan, Jan asks Atsuhiro to write him letters since Jan wants to learn more about Japan. Taichi acts out a cooler pose. Later, Sawa voices her complaint about the suit not having a skirt. She is worry about the suit will show a lot of her body. Wakana reassures her that Sawa has a great figure. Taichi asks them to hurry up, and Konatsu rips something. Atsuhiro acts out his Red persona.

Back at school, the principal informs his vice principal about the bad news, and she reminds the principal about all the hard work he did. Taichi reads the rules about how students are barred from holding after school jobs. Konatsu leads her group, and she asks the vice principal to allowed them to do Shiho's job to raise funds. The vice principal signs the paper, and Wakana sees the woman stressed out.

Points of Interest

  • Atsuhiro's lines: "It's worthy because it inspires hopes and dreams. Hopes and dreams are the power that moves humanity and keep the earth turning. Tomorrow doesn't come because the sun rises in the morning!
  • Taichi: The sun rises in the morning because people keep their...
  • (Taichi and Atsuhiro): "hopes close to their hearts!"
  • Atsuhiro Cont.: "We keep the Earth turning!"


  • Japanese Name: "Shirokunattari Akakunattari" (白くなったり 赤くなったり)
  • Opening Theme: "Dreamer" by AiRI
  • Ending Theme: "Kokoro no Senritsu (#02 ED ver.) (心の旋律)" by Asami Seto & Saori Hayami

Characters & Voice Actors

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Kanami Sekiguchi Character Artist/Designer
Masakazu Hashimoto Director
Shiro Hamaguchi Music Shiro Hamaguchi has created music for multiple anime series.


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