Turned the Crank-nyora!

Turned the Crank-nyora! is an anime episode of Sket Dance that was released on 10/27/2011

Turned the Crank-nyora!

The Sket Dan develop an obsession for the latest toy craze that goes a bit over board while Momoka reveals her new makeover, both in an out. Will the Sket Dan overcome their excessive toy addiction and is the old Momoka lost forever?

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Graffiti" by Gackt

Part 1: A "Slender" Toy Addiction

You can't beat cuteness with numbers
You can't beat cuteness with numbers

Bossun tries to negotiate a fair trade with Switch over a toy however the latter remains stubborn, refusing to agree to the proposal, prompting Himeko to exclaim that the two are acting like children. As the group walk home together, Switch and Bossun immediately notice and run off to a toy vending machine, leaving behind Himeko who expresses her frustration over their childlike behavior. However, after witnessing Bossun get a cute villainous toy from the machine, she easily becomes hooked and decides to give it a shot. But her excitement is replaced with disappointment as she opens the container to find a toy named "Anthony" which according to the boys, is a minor (and useless) character in a not-so-popular show called the "Super Slim-Figured Slenders" that revolves around a team of five eccentric heroes. Determined to get a cute and valuable toy like Bossun and Switch, Himeko gives it another go, but she yet again gets Anthony, causing her to burst in rage. Not giving up yet, Himeko tries for a third time but ends up getting Anthony once again. Bossun then takes his turn and gets an adorable pink toy cup called the "Clam Chowder", causing Himeko to exclaim her disbelief over its incredible cuteness. Desperate to have it, Himeko offers to trade her three Anthonys in exchange but Bossun declines, telling her that their value are not the same.

The last toy of Sket Dan's collection
The last toy of Sket Dan's collection

As they continue to buy more and more toys, Bossun remarks that they almost have the entire collection, with the only missing toy being the "Spy Spider". Convinced that the last toy in the vending machine is the Spy Spider, Switch runs to get more change however while doing so, a young boy comes by and buys it before them. Eager to get it from him, Himeko and Bossun offer him any toy from their pile in exchange for the one he had just bought. The boy agrees and gives them the toy, causing the team to cry tears of joy over completing their toy collection. But as they open the plastic ball, their tears of joy become tears of sorrow upon seeing not the Spy Spider but the "Breeder", which is a figurine of a man with a dog. After seeing their depressive state, the boy tells them that he has the toy they want and offers to trade them for six of their toys. The team gladly accept and celebrate their accomplishment of completing the Super Slim-Figured Slenders collection. But later that day, they finally realize that they've wasted all their money on the toys they no longer had any use for, leaving them empty and dejected.

Part 2: The "New" Momoka

Momoka's fame
Momoka's fame

As the Sket Dan sit glumly, Momoka's gang show up and ask for their advice about Momoka. They explain that they haven't been hanging out with her lately, partly because of her busy work schedule and partly due to her personality change. Unsure of what to do, Himeko tells them that its natural for a person to change once they have a job, student or not, with Switch adding that as a popular voice actress, things change making it difficult for her to go back to the way things were. Although Bossun pitches in saying that Momoka has not forgotten about them, the girls just ignore his remarks and thank Switch and Himeko for their advice.

Momoka's dramatic change
Momoka's dramatic change

As Himeko wonders how Momoka has changed, the named girl appears at the doorway with a completely new appearance and personality, shocking everyone in the room, except for Switch. Himeko and Bossun begin to question if she's really the same person as they observe her over-the-top bubbly and girlish behavior while Momoka's gang observes the exchange from the window. Although Himeko admits her new look is somewhat cute, she begins to voice her irritation at her way of speaking. Switch explains that its possibly due to "overmethoding" whereby the strong influence of her moe anime characters that she voices have effected the way she talks. Still, Himeko says, she wants the old Momoka, who spoke in Yankee style, to return to which Momoka denies remembering, saying that she came from a "Peach Planet". Switch yet again explains that its only understandable that Momoka would bury her delinquent past since it would only scandalize her career. Momoka concurs and adds that her new personality became second nature to her. Bossun tells her that she doesn't have to forget her past because doing so would mean turning her back on the people she cared for back then.

Himeko threatening the tabloid photographer
Himeko threatening the tabloid photographer

Behind a tree, a cameraman is seen spying on Momoka which causes Momoka's gang to take action by pinning him down. Momoka and the rest run to the window and ask what's going on with Inui responding that the man is a tabloid photographer who tried to get some dirt on her. He smirks upon learning that Momoka was a delinquent and states that he's got a huge scoop as he was about to take a photo. Himeko, whose rage begins to rise, knocks his camera from his hands and threatens him, causing the man to run off in fear. Her friends apologize saying that if they hang around her it'll only spell trouble but Momoka states otherwise, telling them that this is not who she is and that Himeko almost blowing her top made her realize that. She then informs everyone that she'll be on a talk show where she'll set things right and asks them to watch it.

Momoka lands a new role in the latest TV drama
Momoka lands a new role in the latest TV drama

The following day, Himeko appears on a talk show where the host asks if the gang-like outfit she's wearing is part of her new role to which she answers that this is what she always wears. Although the woman tries to change the subject, Momoka suddenly announces to the viewers that she used to be a delinquent and tells them that although she loves her career, she does not want to pretend to be someone she's not so she's decided to quit being a voice actress. In class, Himeko and Bossun watch her dramatic speech on the latter's cell phone when Chuuma confiscates it as punishment for their inattention during class time. After the show, Momoka is reunited with her friends while a director, who saw her entire performance, declares her as the leading female heroine in his upcoming TV drama to the press.

Closing Theme

"Milk to Chocolate (ミルクとチョコレート)" by ChocoLe

Points of Interest

  • Momoka becomes an actress
  • Himeko doesn't like being alone and adores cute things
  • Himeko gets the same toy three times
  • Many of the figures in the "Super Slim-Figured Slenders" are not so slender
  • Switch followed Momoka's blog since they day she made it and frequently commented on it under the alias "Polungatan"
  • Momoka's gang still ignore Bossun

Anime and Manga Differences

The first story of the episode is equivalent to Chapter 67 of Volume 8.

  • In the anime, Sket Dan holds up the boy when they got happy. For the manga, the boy got a pat on the head from Hime.

The second story is equivalent to chapter 52 of volume 8.

  • In the manga, Switch did not break the photographer's memory card.
  • In the manga, Chuuma does not confiscate the cellphone.

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Kenta Shinohara Original Concept The mangaka behind Sket Dance.
Keiichiro Kawaguchi Director Director for Hayate the Combat Butler and Moetan.
Manabu Nakatake Character Artist/Designer He's the staff behind character design in Sket Dance and other things like key animation editor in other franchises.
Shuhei Naruse Music He's the musician in Sket Dance and other franchises.
Shinichi Inotsume Animation Director He's does series composition in Sket Dance and screenplay or series composition in other franchises.


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