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Akira Agarkar Yamada

A strange man who is over 20 years old and transfers to Yuki and Haru's class. He can be seen with his white duck and yellow turban. He is a DUCK agent, whose task in the series is to spy on Haru, an alien.

Ayumi Inoue

Inoue is the captain of the boat Seishunmaru. He is enthusiastic and hardworking. He has a crush on Misaki. He provides customers the ability to fish on his boat.


Haru's older sister. She wears a funny outfit and can be a little pushy sometimes. She likes eavesdropping and keeping an eye on Haru.


One of Yuki's classmates. She works at the local shrine that her grandfather Heihachi owns.


An alien with a magical water gun which has some sort of mind control capabilities. Fun-locing, eccentric and flamboyant, he befriends Yuki and Natsuki.


Erika's grandfather and owner of the local shrine in Enoshima.


A Duck leader, who is in charge of Akira and other Duck agents in Enoshima


Kate is Yuki's grandmother in Enoshima. She is optimistic and encourages Yuki to go out with friends. She also enjoys gardening.


Tamotsu Usami's current wife. She is friendly and kind and gets along very well with Sakura.


A store clerk at the fishing supplies store in Enoshima. She's friendly and outgoing and knows her fishing equipment.

Natsuki Usami

A fishing prodigy. He is rather serious and sometimes cold toward others. He teaches Haru and Yuki how to fish. He initially doesn't get along with his father.

Sakura Usami

Natsuki's little sister.


A duck who is Akira Agarkar Yamada's constant companion.


A shy fish alien. Codenamed "JFX" by Duck.

Usami Tamotsu

Natsuki's father.

Yuki Sanada

A shy boy who has trouble making friends. His face crunches up when he gets nervous. He reluctantly makes friends with Haru and Natsuki and discovers the joy of fishing.

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