Tsurara Oikawa

Tsurara Oikawa is a anime/manga character in the Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan franchise
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Yuki-Onna is Rikuo's most trusted attendant. She is an Ice element Yokai. She disguise herself as a Middle School girl named Tsurara Oikawa.


Tsurara is originally a Yokai, who is disguise as a young normal girl in order to watch over her master during the day while he's in school. She also appeared as Rikuo's most trusted attendant where she always protecting him. She also holds a feelings to Rikuo and make Kana as her rival.


Tsurara was created by Hiroshi Shiibashi. She was first seen on Manga, Act #1. She was later appeared on the Anime, Episode 1. She was voiced by Yui Horie.

Character Evolution


Yuki Onna in disguise
Yuki Onna in disguise

Tsurara has a long hair with mix colored of blue, black, and white. There's also two wavy black lines along one side of her hair. She had a large eyes and amber, with multiple rings inside them. She often seen wearing a scarf, whether in her Kimono dress or in her disguise self. When Yuki is on disguise, she wear Ukiyose Middle School Uniform with her scarf. Although her eyes color are changed to blue with her hair remain the same.


Yuki is a kind and cheerful girl. She also overprotect her master in both Night and Day form. Although she far more protective to her master during his day form. Yuki don't want to be a burden to her master. As Rikuo's most trusted attendant, she stated to protect Rikuo for all eternity with her life. This shows that Yuki is a dedicated and loyal.


  • Rikuo Nura

Yuki in love with Rikuo
Yuki in love with Rikuo

Yuki is Rikuo's most trusted attendant. Yuki shows great respect to Rikuo and mostly overprotect him in all way, She also a loyal Yokai to him and even disguise herself as a normal girl in order to watch over Rikuo and protect him from danger. She also affectionate towards Rikuo and might get jealous when other girls get too close to him.

In the Anime episode 5, she was seen grab Rikuo's hand as they learned a truth about the history of Umerakuen. She also stated that she was deeply in love with Rikuo to Kejoro, making her as Kana's rival.

  • Wakana Nura

Yuki often seen helping Wakana in the kitchen to provide food for everyone on Rikuo's house. She also shared a close bond between her and Wakana Nura.

  • Aotabou

Yuki is seen hang out with Aotabou a lot. She and Aotabou disguise themselves to a middle school student in order to watch his master during day because Rikuo is weak during this peroid.

  • Kana Ienaga

Kana jealous with Yuki
Kana jealous with Yuki

Yuki and Kana are both friends and rival cause both are in love with the same boy, Rikuo Nura. As Rikuo's Guardian, she still maintains her close relationship to Rikuo. When Kana in love with Rikuo's night form, Yuki seen jealous when she saw them so close. Although Yuki decided to protect Kana due to Kana's death would sadden Rikuo.

  • Setsura

Setsura is a mother of Yuki. She was one of Nurarihyon's guardian.


Yuki had been watching over Rikuo since he was a child. Also often failing for his various pranks. She was among the Yokai who accompanied Rikuo in rescuing the school bus and ended up fighting Gagoze Alliance. Since then, Yuki decided to watch over Rikuo more often as she decided to go to school where she disguise herself as a normal middle school girl named Tsurara Oikawa.

Major Story Arcs

  • Gyūki Arc

During this Arc, Yuki-Onna revealed herself with Ao to Rikuo that they were watching over Rikuo all the time, even during day in his school. She also introduced herself to Rikuo's friends and disguise herself as a normal girl named Tsurara. She was also join Rikuo and the whole clan on attacking Kyuso.

Later then, Kiyotsugu decided to take his squad to Mt.Nejireme in order to investigate Yokai on the trip. Yuki-Onna decided to come along to watch her beloved master. She was seen struggling against Gozumaru when she was separated from Rikuo Nura. Although she was saved by Rikuo and Rikuo defeat Gozumaru. RIkuo put Yuki to sleep after the incident and leave her to Kana after he meet her on his way.

After Rikuo defeat Gyuki, she was seen gained her health back and flattered after hearing Rikuo becoming the 3rd heir and recruited Gyuki back to the clan.

  • Shikoku Arc

Yuki-Onna got blind
Yuki-Onna got blind

Yuki-Onna also among the Nura Clan and joined Rikuo in the fight of Shikoku Yokai force. She also assigned by Rikuo to watch over his friends while Rikuo is busy at handling the problems. When Rikuo lured by Inugami to an abandoned building, she also came and rescue Rikuo along with the other guardian.

At Ukiyoe City during the fight between Nura Clan and Shikoku Yokai, she also appeared along with Rikuo and the whole clan. She used her Ice as a Spear to fight the Yokai. She also came and rescue Rikuo when he was blinded by Yosuzume.

As she fighting alongside Rikuo when blinded, she showed her left eye covered by her Ice and manage to freeze Yosuzume.

  • Past Arc

In Rikuo's past, Yuki-Onna also join Rikuo to protect his friends from Gagoze.

  • Tono Arc

Tsurara keep writing letters for Rikuo as he was send by Nurarihyon to Tono Village in order to master his power to cut through enemy's Fear.

  • Kyoto Arc

Tsurara protecting Kana
Tsurara protecting Kana

When Kiyotsugu's Patrol Squad left to Kyoto, Tsurara and Aotabou leave to protect Rikuo's friend in Kyoto. When the squad was under attacked, Tsurara appeared when Yura also arrived to defeat the Yokai. Later, Tsurara left to Keikain's Household and met Hidemoto the 13th heir. Tsurara keep reassure Yura that Rikuo will come since she have faith in him.

Tsurara has unable to fight
Tsurara has unable to fight

Much later when Rikuo and his Demon Parade passed Torii Labyrinth, Hidemoto arrived with Ryuji and Mamiru with Yura and Tsurara on the sky riding Hidemoto's cart. After they meet up, a giant Yokai called Tsuchi Gumo appeared and looking for someone strong for him to fight with. When Rikuo's fear has been cut through, Tsurara was pointed by Tsuchi Gumo that she was the next target. Angered by what Tsuchi Gumo did to Rikuo, Tsurara turned furious and release a strong Icy Breath, but later she was violently punch by Tsuchi Gumo and seriously injured and thrown away to Rikuo. After seeing that Rikuo hasn't died yet, Tsurara relieved and end up unconscious.

Tsurara kidnapped by Tsuchi-Gumo
Tsurara kidnapped by Tsuchi-Gumo

When Rikuo has seriously injured and beaten by Tsuchi Gumo, Tsuchi Gumo then carry Tsurara and told Rikuo to meet him later whenever he's ready.


Yuki is a Yokai who is possessed an Ice element powers. She has several skills that she usually used to fight in combat. She can also turn her Ice into weapon as she used it at Ukiyoe City during the fight between Nura Clan and Shikoku Yokai.

  • Noroi no Fubuki, Yukigeshō

This skill is used to freeze the enemies, and then shatters the Ice.

  • Noroi no Fubuki, Fūseikakurei

This is a technique where the user creates a strong blizzards that may freeze the enemies.

  • Noroi no Fubuki, Yukiyamagoroshi

The user may blows out a cold air to put the enemies to sleep.


  • Yuki Onna may also means Snow Girl.
  • Yuki never seems to take her scarf off.
Voiced by
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Yui Horie
General Information Edit
Name: Tsurara Oikawa
Name: 及川 氷麗
Romanji: Oikawa Tsurara
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan #1
1st anime episode: Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Yuki Onna
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