Tsurara Mama

Tsurara Mama is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Tsurara Mama is a highly skilled and well known chef of the Gourmet Age who currently holds the 31st place on the IGO Chef Ranking.


Tsurara Mama's origins are currently unknown aside from her achieving extreme culinary mastery in the past and present.


Tsurara Mama is a supportive protagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.


Tsurara Mama has had several appearances but all of them short, hence any evolving traits she may have are not apparent.


Tsurara Mama
Tsurara Mama

Tsurara Mama is a young-looking woman of beauty and elegance with a lean build, fair height, black hair and light skin. She is very akin to a Geisha in appearance with her typical attire consisting of a kimono and obi sash and Geisha-like Geta shoes. Her face is unblemished aside from a mole to the lower right of her lips. She has narrow gold eyes with prominent eyelashes.


Tsurara Mama is a woman with a calm and polite personality and an elegant demeanor. Nevertheless, she can be very intimidating if she chooses to be.


Tsurara Mama has no particular relationships known of note, but she seems to be on good terms with her fellow top ranked Chefs as well as the 4 Heavenly Kings who she personally went to see off before they left for Gourmet World.

Story Arcs

Break Arc

Tsurara Mama is first introduced when Toriko and Komatsu travel to Surprise Island. They were all there to participate in the Surprise Apple Festival. On that island grew a unique type of apple. Apples with faces and consciousness and they greater the level of terror inflicted on them, the better their taste would be. Tsurara Mama managed to scare one up to level 20 with her intimidation alone, impressing Toriko who managed to do better only with effort.

Four Beast Arc

Tsurara Mama and other Top Chefs arrive to avert crisis
Tsurara Mama and other Top Chefs arrive to avert crisis

When the Legendary Four Beast arrived in Human World, the 4 Heavenly Kings heroically faced it in combat. Although successful in holding it back, they were not able to stop it's poison from spreading across Human World. Approximately 100,000,000 people were poisoned. It was up to the Chefs of the highest caliber to try and counteract the poison as few if any Chefs outside of the top 100 rankings had the skill required to prepare the special antidote known only by 4th ranked Chef in the World, One Millimeter Yuda.

Luckily, numerous top Class Chefs were aware of the situation including Tsurara Mama, who had been informed by Director Johannes and they convened at the Center of Human World to combine their skill. Nevertheless, it was deemed impossible to save all 100,000,000 afflicted people in the 1 hour time limit they had before the poison became fatal, even with their superhuman level of skill. However, Chef Komatsu, the only top Class Chef present not ranked, guaranteed that he could simplify Chef Yuda's antidote within 10 minutes if given the chance. Despite their skepticism, know that failure meant millions of unnecessary lives lost, they agreed. Komatsu was successful and Tsurara Mama and all the other top Chefs prepared the simplified antidote. They succeeded in saving all 100,000,000 million people and the 4 Heavenly Kings defeated the 4 Beast. It was a complete victory.

Cooking Festival Arc

Tsurara Mama as one of the top 100 ranked Chefs in the world qualified to participate in the Cooking Festival, the largest Cooking Event in the world. Tsurara Mama was skillful enough to pass all 3 Preliminary Rounds, placing her in the final 32 in the competition. Her opponent was to be Chef Makubee, but the tournament never got beyond the preliminaries as the moment the first round began, the Bishokukai led by Starjun invaded. Their goal was to catch any and all of the top Chefs present. But the top Chefs were not so easily subdued. They fought back, Tsurara Mama personally taking out at least 1 Scum Beast, and the presence of the powerful Bishokuya of IGO tilted the odds far more in their favor.

Tsurara Mama was one of the Chefs that managed to avoid capture.


Tsurara Mama was part of the crowd that saw the Heavenly Kings and Komatsu off on their Adventure into Gourmet World, intending to send back Acacia's legendary dishes and improve the food crisis caused by Midora.

Powers & Abilities

As is not uncommon, Tsurara Mama as a top Class Chef is actually quite formidable. She is more than a Match against a typical Scum beast and could subdue one with ease.

Chef Skill

Tsurara Mama's cooking
Tsurara Mama's cooking

Tsurara Mama holds the highly respectable 31st in the world rank among Chef's from the IGO. She is so renowned that she has authority over 8000 lower ranked Chefs.


Tsurara Mama has a form of intimidation. She was able to scare a Surprise Apple to level 20 just using intimidation.


Tsurara Mama's Slight Intoxication Pickling

Slight Intoxication Pickling
Slight Intoxication Pickling

A technique used swiftly against a Bishokukai Scum Beast. The exact mechanics behind the attack are unclear. Presumably she feeds the victim in question a potent pickled substance powerful enough to render a Scum Beast incapacitated.

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Name: Tsurara Mama
Name: ツララママ
Romanji: Tsurara Mama
Gender: Female
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Attractive Female
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