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Ayaka Yuuto

The current school nurse and one of two stepsisters that live together with their stepbrother Shiga, Ayaka (along with her sister Hakura) harbor a strong obsession with being the first to marry the hapless Shiga and to be the one who bears his children.

Hakura Yuuto

The current gym teacher and the 2nd of the two stepsisters that live with their stepbrother Shiga, Hakura is the more reserved and shy sister. She (along with her sister Ayaka) constantly spar over who will get to marry the hapless Shiga and be the one to bear his children.


The current student/teacher of his beloved Otobe's class at school, Hiroshi has strong feelings for her, to the point that they got married while she was still in school. He promises to himself that he will wait until she graduates before having sex with her, but she gets her way.


The childhood friend of one Murayama Sawayka, Kazamori is the only introduced female character in the entire Tsundero volume that does not get sexually involved with any of the characters. She appears in Tsundero II giving Murayama a palm reading, much to the fury of a jealous Yoshii Yuka.

Kenta Kawamura

An average male student with a strong passion for eroge magazines, Kenta is always finding himself getting in trouble with the class representative Shizuha. Unknown to her, he is aware of just how strong her secret obsession is with him, and he longs to be with her.


The strict, no-nonsense Class President who seeks to shut down her school's Anime Club due to several conflicts, Kizuno is blackmailed by the male members of the club when their "evidence" of her secret life as a adult cosplay star is revealed and she is forced to service her new

Makita Yousuke

A college-aged man who is enlisted by the Tachibana family to help their daughter Yuuna prepare for her high school exam, Makita Yousuke does his best to help her improve her studying. He later gets wrapped up in her constant sexual advances upon him and becomes her lover.

Male Members of the Anime Club

The otaku members of the Anime Club, they use secretly-obtained, damming evidence against the Class President Kizuno in order to stop her from not only closing down the club, but in order to force her to join so that she can keep her secret and service them with her body.

Minato Saaya

The best friend of one Takagi Daisuke and a member of the Swim Club, Saaya Minato unexpectedly quits due to the vulgar comments and looks the male members of the club give her on a daily basis. The real reason, however, is mostly due to her recently exploding bust size!

Murayama Sawayka

A typical nerd at his school who also has a extremely perverted nature, Murayama Sawayka is one day interrupted by the curious Yoshii Yuka while he is "relieving" himself in a deserted classroom. After that incident, she becomes sexually obsessed with him and longs for make him her sexual plaything.


A carefree, average guy who becomes sexually involved with his teacher Reika after she uses her curvacious body in order to "punish him" for his bad grades, Naoto fails the majority of his homework and tests so that he will be constantly sent to Reika to "be punished" by her.

Otobe Wakana

The beautiful, yet-klutzy 1st year High School student who becomes romantically involved with her student/teacher Hiroshi, Otobe Wakana get married to him soon after they got the approval of her parents. She desperately longs to have lots of children with Hiroshi, and goes to extreme lengths in order to get her way.


The sex-obsessed teacher who decides to make her student Naoto into her sexual plaything, Reika does not help him with his struggling grades, but she instead uses her voluptuous body to "punish" him for his bad grades. She dominates him whenever she is tasked with "helping" Naoto out after school.

Shiga Yuuto

An average guy who is currently living with his two stepsisters in the aftermath of his parent's divorce, Shiga is constantly being sexually pursued by both of his stepsisters, who desperately long to be the one he chooses in marriage and to be the one who bears his children.

Shizuha Kisaragi

The cold, strict class representative who is constantly confiscating Kenta's eroge magazines at school, Shizuha Kisaragi is feared by most students. Unknown to anyone, she harbors a strong sexual obsession with the unsuspecting Kenta and longs to be his sexual plaything.

Takagi Daisuke

A humble male student who is a member of the school's Swim Club along with his friend Saaya Minato, Daisuke is quite concerned when Saaya unexpectedly quits the club. Unknown to Daisuke, Saaya harbors a wild obsession about being with him, but has a hard time controlling herself around him.

Yoshii Yuka

To most, Yoshii Yuka appears to be a shy, somewhat-tsundere female who tends to keep to herself at school, but unknown to them, she hides a secret obsession with toying with herself while alone. She becomes sexually involved with Murayama Sawayka after "interrupting" his perverted actions one day at school.

Yuuna Tachibana

A young, brillant student who is enrolled in homeschooling by her parents with teacher Makita Yousuke, Yuuna Tachibana harbors many wild, lust-filled fantasies that she longs to try with the mortified Makita. She appears to be a normal girl on the outside, but inside she is a sex-craving girl.

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