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Tsundero is the story of multiple individuals who become involved in each other's lives sexually over the progression of their stories. Being a H-manga title, it is meant only for those readers of 18 years and older due to the strong sexual themes, slight incest, and nudity contained within.

Tsundero was first released on December 19th, 2008 by Megastore Comics as part of their product line-up of comics and H-manga volumes. Written and illustrated by the skilled Takeda Hiromitsu, it is ten chapters long and features the stories of 7 couples as they meet each other and become involved sexually with each other during the duration of each pair's unique stories. Tsundero features 26 unique characters that become involved with each other in various ways for the duration of their stories together.

Plot Summary

Tsundero is the passion-filled stories of multiple individuals that become sexually involved with each other as their unique stories progresses. Tsundero was written by Takeda Hiromitsu and published on December 19th, 2008 by MegaStore Comics.

"I would like to meet to you...

I would like to smell your smell...

I would like to hold you in....and more"


Since Tsundero is a collection of various short stories that involve two to three characters in each chapter, the plot is broken down into the following chapters listed below (along with the characters involved):

  • Cute Succubus: Yuuna Tachibana and Makita Yousuke
  • Ai Sukureepaa: Kisaragi Shizuha and Kawamura Kenta

  • Doppler Lesson: Aoi and Coach
  • Anekon: Shiga Yuuto, Ayaka Yuuto, and Hakura Yuuto
  • Milk Princess: Takagi Daisuke and Minato Saaya
  • Tsundero: Yoshii Yuka and Murayama Sawayka
  • With My Student and Newlywed: Otobe Wakana and Hiroshi
  • Reika Shiki Akaten Kokofuku Jutsu: Naoto and Reika
  • Tsundero II: Yoshii Yuka, Murayama Sawayka, and Kazamori
  • A President's Club Activities: Kizuno and the boys of the Anime Club


With Tsundero being a collection of eight short stories that involve two to three characters in each chapter, the plot is broken down below:

Cute Succubus: Makita Yousuke is a 1st year college student and the homeschool teacher who is hired by the Tachibana family to help their daughter Yuuna study for the High School Entrance Exam. Unfortunately for him, the only thing that she craves is having sex with him!

Ai Sukureepaa: Poor Kenta has no luck when it comes to sharing his eroge/hentai magazines with his friends at school, so long as his childhood friend Shizuha is around! Unknown to him, she secretly lusts to be with him, and after he comes home early one afternoon, she makes him into her sexual plaything!

Doppler Lesson: Aoi longs to be on the school's gymnastic team as a floor performer, but her frail body and low confidence prevent her from doing so. Her devious Coach decides to help her become a better floor performer, but it comes at a steep price to her virginity!

AneKon: Everyday brings new troubles into the hectic world of Shiga Yuuto, who lives with his sultry stepsisters after his parents get divorced. Unknown to him, his stepsisters secretly lust to marry him and to bear his children if he choses them. It's double trouble for the hapless Shiga when they team up on him!

Milk Princess: Minato Saaya has a dilema on her hands. She desperately loves her long-time childhood friend Takagi Daisuke, but her exploding breast size has her leaving the Swimming Club in which she spends time with her beloved Daisuke. When they bump into each other after school, all bets are off!

Tsundero I: To most students, Yoshii Yuka looks to be no different from the other girls at school. Unknown to them, she is a sex-obsessed freak that no matter how much she pleasures herself with toys, she just can't satisfy her sex drive. Enter Murayama Sawayka, who discovers the truth behind Yoshii's desires.

With My Student and Newlywed: Hiroshi is a student/teacher at his high school, and happens to be married to one of his students. Otobe Wakana confessed her love to him and with her parent's approval, they were married. Now all she can think about is getting pregnant, and plots to get Hiroshi to grant her wishes.

Reika Shiki Akaten Kokofuku Jutsu: Naoto constantly struggles with his classes, and is sent repeatedly to have make-up lessons with his teacher Reika. Unknown to everyone, Reika has made Naoto into her sexual plaything, and the only lessons he receives comes from the dangerous curves of her voluptuous body.

The President's Club Activities: Student Council President Kizuno aims to shut down the lowly Anime Club at school one day. Unfortunately, they have incriminating evidence that they blackmail her with so that she becomes their newest member and must "service" her new master's bodies with her virginity.

Tsundero II: The continuation of Tsundero I, Yoshii Yuka comes across her "sex toy" Murayama holding hands with his childhood friend Kazamori in the hallway. Upset, Yoshii storms off, with a panicing Murayama giving chase as he tries to remedy this case of mistaken circumstances and shows Yoshii his true love.


There are twenty-two characters that exist in the Tsundero manga. They are listed below:

Yuuna Tachibana: A third-year middle schooler who has the looks and body of a high school senior, Yuuna is signed up by her parents to take additional studying sessions with her new homeschool teacher Makita Yousuke. Unknown to him, she has been desperately longing to have sex with anyone that she can get to do it with her, and thus she begins to make bold advances upon her stunned teacher, who is at first mortified that a girl of her age is trying so hard to sleep with him. He caves into her plans, however, when she discovers his secret obsession with young girls in school swimsuits and uses this to blackmail him into sleeping with her. Afterwards, she passes her High School entry exam with the help of a relieved Makita, who is glad that she has passes her test and thus he will not have to be forced to give her "lessons" anymore. She harbors powerful feelings for Makita, and longs to be his sex toy.

Makita Yousuke: The homeschool teacher that is hired by Mr. and Mrs. Tachibana to help their daughter prepare for her High School Entry exam, Makita Yousuke's only concern is to help her pass her exam and get the money that her parents are offering him for taking care of their daughter. Unknown to him, Yuuna is desperately wanting to have sex with him due to her hyperactive sex drive, and her bold sexual advances concern him since someone of her age should not be this promiscuous with her sexuality. When she discovers his secret obsession with young girls in swimsuits, he has no choice but to sleep with her in order to keep her quiet so she will not spread word around of his sick obsession.

Kisaragi Shizuha: A cold, strict woman and the longtime childhood friend of Kawamura Kenta, Shizuha finds herself constantly having to confiscate the various adult magazines that he continuously brings to class to share with his male friends and worries that he will get in big trouble one of these days. While Kenta is away in town, Shizuha goes to his house and performs several chores to help keep the house in order, since Kenta does not seem to mind cleaning up the mess that he makes while at home every day. One day, she comes across a dirty pair of his boxers, and the strong scent of Kenta kickstarts her slumbering sex drive, for over the next several days, she would toy with her clitoris while smelling and licking his boxers. She is caught in the act by a stunned Kenta, who returned home from town early and walked into his room only to find a lusting Shizuha getting off with his boxers. Losing control of herself, she makes her move upon the hapless Kenta, and before he knows it, she is having wild sex with him.

Kawamura Kenta: A average male student who currently attends classes at the local high school, Kenta has amassed quite a stash of adult magazines and constantly temps fate by bringing them to school to share with his friends, much to the disapproval of his older friend Shizuha, who confiscates them on a regular basis from him. Unknown to him, Shizuha harbors deep, passionate feelings for him and has been getting off recently by going into his house while he is away so that she can smell and lick his dirty boxers after doing chores around the house. One day, he comes home early from town and is stunned to find Shizuha in his room, toying with her privates as she sucks on one of his dirty boxers that he left on the floor next to his bed. Before he knows it, the sex-lusting Shizuha, who has been dying to show him how much she truly loves him, makes several bold moves on him and engages him in wild sex on his bed.

Aoi: A frail, determined girl who seeks to become one of the best floor performers on the school's gymnastics team, Aoi tries her best to improve on her skills at each of the scheduled practices, but still deals with the issue that when she performs in front of others, she loses confidence and falters in her performances. Taking notice of her struggles, the team's coach decides to take her under his wing so that she can receive more "training" to better improve her overal skills. Unknown to her, the coach harbors a powerful obsession with her, and over the next few days, proceeds to take advantage of and rape the hapless Aoi whenever he gives her his "training" sessions after practices. At first, she endures all of the terrible things that he does with her body, since after he has sex with her, he does fulfill his promise and helps her become more confident when she performs. On the tenth and final session that she is supposed to attend, he decides that it is about time that he goes all out on her, taking her first kiss and her virginity as he proceeds to break her spirit and turn her into a sex-obsessed woman who only craves him as the one to have wild sex with. In the end, Aoi becomes a hyper-confident performer and makes the team, but it comes at a steep price, for now her average life revolves around having sex.

Coach: Tough, gritty, and with a hidden dark side that his pupils are currently unaware of, the nameless Coach in the Tsundero manga notices how poorly his pupil Aoi seems to perform when she loses her self-confidence, so he decides to enact a plan in order to take advantage of her. He tells her that he will be giving her "special" sessions after the regular practice wraps up, and the unsuspecting Aoi agrees to partake in the hopes of making the school's gymnastic team so she can perform without faltering. As their first of ten sessions begin, Aoi quickly realizes that the "special sessions" that her coach spoke of were no more than a excuse for him to take advantage of her sexually, thus performing lewd acts upon her body for each and every session he has with her. For the tenth and final session, he breaks her spirit by taking her first kiss and by stealing away her virginity when he roughly engages her in a wild session of sex that transforms Aoi from a timid, frail girl into a sex-obsessed woman that can't live without lusting for him to have sex with her every day. In the end, Aoi does become more confident and achieves her dreams of making the team after conqorering her fears of performing in public, but it comes at a steep price, for now she is a sex-starved girl that can't stop fantasizing about her coach sleeping with her.

Shiga Yuuto: A average guy who currently lives at home with Ayaka and Hakura Yuuto, his sister-in-laws who have been taking care of him since the day that his parents got divorced two years ago. Unknown to him, they both seek to make him their husband and are willing to go to any extreme to ensure that he choses them as his true love and allow them the honor to bear his children. The thought of sleeping with his sister-in-laws worries him at first, but he loses control of himself and gets carried away in their scheme to make him theirs.

Ayaka Yuuto: The current nurse at Shiga's school and his sister-in-law, Ayaka Yuuto has been fostering a strong, passionate obsession with Shiga ever since they moved in with him after his parents divorced two years ago. She constantly spars with her sister Hakura over who will be the one to make Shiga their husband and be the one to bear his children after the wedding. She has a highly active sex drive and isn't afraid to go all out when it comes to being Shiga's true love.

Hakura Yuuto: The current gym teacher at Shiga's school and also his sister-in-law, Hakura Yuuto is normally a quiet, caring woman that fosters a secret obsession with Shiga and gets in occasional spats with her sister as to who will be the one to marry him in the future and be the one to bear his children. Not as sex-crazed as her sister Ayaka is, but when the need arises, she takes the meaning of sexually obsessed to a whole new level.

Takagi Daisuke: A humble, reserved boy who harbors strong feelings for his childhood friend Minato Saaya, Daisuke is devastated when he learns that Minato is quitting the swim club that they are in together. He tries to convince her to come back to swim club, but is shot down when she snaps harshly at him for bothering her over this unimportant matter. Later, while practicing his swimming stroke in the pool, he bumps into Minato in the pool, and before he know it, she is on top of him and lusting to be his sex toy. He freaks out when she begins lactating breast milk while they are having sex by the pool, but discovers that he had a hidden fetish for it and drinks as much as he can, much to her surprise.

Minato Saaya: A beautiful, busty girl that secretly harbors a strong obsession for her childhood friend Takagi Daisuke, Minato quit the school's Swimming Club due to the looks and comments that the boys were making in regards to her massive breasts, which have exploded in size over the past year. The reason for their explosion in size? Her constant toying and sucking on her nipples over the past year is the main factor in her bust line growing so rapidly, and just thinking of Daisuke makes her wet with passion, one of the reasons that she quits the swim club so that she can avoid seeing him and losing herself to her powerful desire to have sex with him. She bumps into him at the pool, and loses her struggle to contain her lust for him as she puts the moves on the stunned Daisuke. Afterwards, she falls deeply in love with Daisuke allows him to help "relieve" the pressure of the milk in her breasts by allowing him to suck on her nipples whenever they have sex. She is similar to Eleanor Mercer (Honey Blonde) due to how her breasts lactate large amounts of breast milk whenever she is sexually active.

Yoshii Yuka: On the outside, Yoshii Yuka appears to be a normal, shy girl that keeps mostly to her self and does not talk much to others while at school, but unknown to her classmates is the fact that she is a sex-obsessed girl with a very tsundere-like personality that she projects towards those she talks to at school. Whenever she is alone, Yoshii can usually be found in her bedroom, experimenting with various sex toys and items in a attempt to find the perfect way to keep her sex drive satisfied so she will not have to surpress her powerful lust while at school. She first comes across all-around average guy Murayama Sawayka when she notices him doing something strange in a deserted classroom after school. Curious as to what he is doing, she makes her way to him quietly and surprises him, but what happens next she could have never imagined, for when he turns around, he achieves orgasm and unloads his fluids upon her stunned face. Horrified that he just did something stupid, especially to one of the girls he has feelings for, Murayama begins to freak out as Yoshii stands frozen on the spot, a blank look on her face as the smell begins to kick her sex drive into high gear. Before he knows it, she is performing a sloppy oral session on him, telling him that only she can have his fluids, and since she craves every last drop, that she will squeeze him dry. In Chapter 9, Yoshii comes across him holding hands with his childhood friend Kazamori, which causes her to get very angry with him and she storms off, with a panicing Murayama giving chase after her, trying to explain what really happened. Several minutes later, they are both having wild sex in the deserted school library with the two of them agreeing to love each other for the rest of their lives. She (along with Murayama) are the only characters to appear in more than one chapter together.

Murayama Sawayka: One of the few school "nerds" and mostly ignored by most of his fellow classmates, Murayama Sawayka spends most of his time alone or away from where the majority of students are whenever he is at school. He harbors a big crush on Yoshii Yuka, and secretly dreams of one day having the chance to be with her down the road, but he knows that someone as beautiful as her will never go for a "nerd" like him. One day after classes is over, he caves into his wild sexual fantasies and begins giving himself a handjob in a deserted classroom, away from the prying eyes of his fellow classmates as he tries to relieve himself from his stress. Unknown to him, a curious Yoshii has seen him doing something suspicious in the empty classroom and is making her way towards where he stands by the teacher's desk with his back facing the door. When she asks him what he is doing, he freaks out and turns towards her, accidentally achieving orgasm and blasting his fluids all over her stunned face as he enters a full-blown panic attack. As Yoshii stands there, transfixed by the thick, sticky fluids on her face, Murayama apologizes for doing something so stupid and inappropriate to her, but before he knows it, her sex drive kicks into high gear and she begins putting the moves on him. She declares that she is the only one that can enjoy his privates, and that only she can drink all of his sperm, even if she has to squeeze the shocked Murayama completely dry. In Chapter 9, Murayama is caught by a jealous Yoshii holding hands with his childhood friend Kazamori, and he gives chase after Yoshii, who has stormed off in a rage over his involvement with another girl. He (along with Yoshii) are the only characters to appear in more than one chapter together.

Otobe Wakana: A klutzy, yet beautiful 1st Year high school girl that confesses her true love and desires for her classmate and student-teacher Hiroshi, Otobe has recently gotten married to her beloved Hiroshi and with the approval of her parents, has moved in with him at his modest home on the outskirts of town. She harbors a strong desire to have sex with her new husband and to bear his children for him, even when he shows no interest in having children until she graduates from high school in two years. After Hiroshi comes home from a long day of helping students study, he finds her cooking dinner for him in a skimpy outfit, which causes him to rush off towards the bathroom so that he can take a bath to clear his mind. She later joins him to help wash his back, but before Hiroshi can stop her, she begins putting the moves on him, and thus he loses control of himself and forgoes on his promise not to have sex with her until she graduated. Thrilled by her efforts to sleep with him finally paying off, Otobe looks forward to spending the rest of her life together with him and lets him have his way with her voluptuous body.

Hiroshi: One of several student-teachers at the local high school, Hiroshi becomes involved with his new wife and fellow student Otobe Wakana roughly a year ago when she first met him after being introduced to him. To his surprise, she confesses her deep, passionate love for him, and thus resulting in their marriage (which was approved by her parents) several months ago. Hiroshi allowed her to move into his modest house, and they head off to school together every morning with her attending classes and him studying and helping other students with their work at school. He has been aware to the fact that she desperately wishes for him to engage her in wild sex, and constantly resists each and every advance that she makes upon him, for he wishes to wait until she graduates before having sex with her. When he returns from another long day of tutoring, he finds her cooking dinner, wearing a skimpy outfit as she welcomes him back home. He heads off to take a bath, and it is there where Otobe puts the moves on him and he forgoes on his promise not to sleep with her until she graduated. Now that he has slept with her, he eagerly looks forward to having as much sex as he possibly can with her in the coming days.

Naoto: A carefree, average boy that constantly struggles with his grades at school. Naoto becomes sexually involved with his current teacher Reika after she promises him that if he can improve his grades, he can do whatever he wishes with her curvaceous body. When he keeps failing his tests in class, she has Naotostay after school so that she can give him special "lessons", which turn out to be where she sexually takes advantage of him and dominates him as his "punishment" for constantly failing his tests. She goes all out on him so that he will be "motivated" to do better in his classes, but it does not seem to work no matter how much she dominates him with her body when engaging him in sex. Seeing a pattern to her methods, Naoto decides to not care about his grades, thus failing all of his tests so that she will keep having to "punish" him with her body after school each time.

Reika: Looking for a relationship with one of her students, Reika first became involved sexually with her current student Naoto when he began to struggle in class, which resulted in him having to stay after school with her so that he could practice more the content he was failing with her. Unknown to Naoto at the time,Reika had chosen him as the student that she would sexually dominate and make into her sex toy, using her body and provocative measures in order to get him into engaging her in wild sex after school in the classroom. For this to work in her favor, she does not help him with the content that he is currently struggling with, so that he will be constantly sent to have after school sessions with her on a regular basis, and that is where she makes her moves on him. By the end, she has him essentially wrapped around her finger, coming to her classroom almost everyday after school lets out to show her his "failed" scores and to receive his "punishment" from her.

Kazamori: The childhood friend of one Murayama Sawayka, Kazamori is the only female character in the entire Tsundero manga that does not get sexually involved with any of the other characters. She makes her appearance in Chapter 9, and is shown giving her friend Murayama a palm reading before Yoshii Yukawalks into the scene. She is last seen sitting at her desk, smiling at the fact that the results of Murayama's palm reading seems to indicate that he will have a fantastic love life. Unknown to her, Murayama is now Yoshii Yuka's sex toy and is constantly being engaged by her for sex, since she craves to be covered in his fluids.

Kizuno: The strict President of the Student Council at her high school, Kizuno (along with her Vice-President) makes her way towards the room that houses the school's Anime Club with the intentions of closing it down. The boys in the club do not wish to see their club be shuttered, so they reveal to her that they know about her secret life as a Adult Cosplay Star in the hopes of blackmailing her into keeping the club open and to see if they can have their way with her lewd body. She tries to deter them, but when she refuses to keep their club open, they pull out a video that they shot of her at her house in which she is having sex with her toys, saying all kinds of lewd things as she achieves orgasm and the video ends. They tell her that they have tapped her house with audio and video devices, and if she does not keep their club open, they will go public with all of the content of her doing sexual things and thus ruin her life in the public's eye. Desperate for them not to reveal this to anyone, she agrees to keep the club open and gives into their demands for her to have sex with every member as they film it to add it to the collection of evidence to use against her if she goes back on her promise. For the next few hours, Kizuno has rough, passionate sex with all of the male members of the club, and when she is finished, they make her join their club so that they can have her "service" them with her body in future meetings. She now has to live a double life at school, and is now the sexual plaything of the Anime Club.

Male Members of the Anime Club: A group of hardcore otaku males who are angered that the President of the Student Council Kizuno is trying to shut down their modest club. The boys in the club do not wish to see their club be shuttered, so they reveal to her that they know about her secret life as a Adult Cosplay Star in the hopes of blackmailing her into keeping the club open and to see if they can have their way with her lewd body. She tries to deter them, but when she refuses to keep their club open, they pull out a video that they shot of her at her house in which she is having sex with her toys, saying all kinds of lewd things as she achieves orgasm and the video ends. They tell her that they have tapped her house with audio and video devices, and if she does not keep their club open, they will go public with all of the content of her doing sexual things and thus ruin her life in the public's eye. Desperate for them not to reveal this to anyone, she agrees to keep the club open and gives into their demands for her to have sex with every member as they film it to add it to the collection of evidence to use against her if she goes back on her promise. They force her to have sex with them, and force her to join their club so that she can "service" their sexual desires and fantasies in future meetings.


  • Yuuna Tachibanan's Bedroom (Yuuna Tachibana and Makita Yousuke)
  • High School Classroom (Kisaragi Shizuha and Kawamura Kenta)
  • Gym (Aoi and Coach)
  • School Nurse's Office (Shiga, Ayaka, and Hakura Yuuto)
  • School Indoor Swimming Pool (Takagi Daisuke and Minato Saaya)
  • High School Classroom (Yoshii Yuka and Murayama Sawayka)
  • Hiroshi's Bedroom (Otobe Wakana and Hiroshi)
  • School Classroom (Naoto and Reika)
  • School Library (Yoshii Yuka and Murayama Sawayka)
  • Anime Club's Room (Kizuno and the boys of the Anime Club)

Other Media

As of today, only one of the 26 characters from Tsundero are featured outside of the main H-manga volume published by Megastore Comics. Yoshii Yuka has several anime figures produced of her by Orchid Seed that are currently available for purchase wherever anime figures are sold (Rated 18+ due to Adult Content, Nudity, and Sexual Themes).

Yoshii Yuka (Tsundero 1/7th Scale Figure)
Yoshii Yuka (Tsundero 1/7th Scale Figure)
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