Question of the Week: Tsunder-nay (Or Yay)

Topic started by gia on Feb. 9, 2010. Last post by John_Martone 5 years, 1 month ago.
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 Speaking of tsundere, Saki...
 Speaking of tsundere, Saki...
I totally stole the subtitle for this week's post from Baku-Sensei, who offers up:

"Ya know, I gotta admit it: I hate tsunderes. Well, not hate, really; I can see their uses in a story. They just annoy me. I'm the guy who stares at a TV and yells, 'Oh mah gawd, just @$#%ing say it!'"

Yes, this week we decided to talk about our love, hate, or neutrality when it comes to tsundere characters. I noted how my own feelings vary from character to character, but your responses were more interesting:


"After seeing many animes with tsunderes I can see why some would not like them...However, it really depends on the subject of the show that helps this character type."


"They always end up being the focus of a bunch of pointless episodes that consist of the girl humming and hawing about if she likes a guy, and coming to terms with it."


"I really enjoy them.  Sure most of the are the same, but that lovey dovey side to them is just to cute to pass on. "

For this coming week I thought we'd talk a little bit about mood music-- i want to hear which anime features your favorite soundtracks. Aaaand...go!
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The problem with tsunderes is that they have a sort of behavior pattern, which can be tiresome for some people.  Plus, as far I have seen in manga and anime, tsunderes never change their ways: once a  tsundere, always a tsundere.
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.... dead simple...
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i like them because they help out to balance it with the dense and nice anime girls so there important in some story's well thats my ideas 
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I'm definitely a fan of tsunderes!

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The problem with tsunderes is that they almost always end up developing as a character in the same way in every series.
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I'm generally a fan of tsunderes, though I definitely need a break from them every now and again.
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Is it weird for me to say that whether I like a tsundere or not depends on her personality?  
Anyway, some of my favourite sayings: 
"There's tsundere at the end of a tunnel."
"I'm sorry, but the tsundere is in another castle!" 
"To many tsundere spoil the broth."
"There are no such things as miracles, only tsundere, tsundere and the things tsundere will do to you."
"Block, then punch back!" 
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@DeviousRobert: Sage words.
On This Week's Subject: Utena. Best soundtrack ever.
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