iAnime App: Tsundere Clock Guaranteed to be Cold, yet Affectionate

Topic started by John_Martone on April 22, 2010. Last post by kuudere_kun 3 years, 8 months ago.
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 Its... not like like I like you are anything, but you should wake up
 Its... not like like I like you are anything, but you should wake up
Oh iApps. Proving the power of an open market system, we can get apps for like... anything. While I'm sure the idea isn't entirely revolutionary, I would totally download some sort of Anime Clock app. There's something so intrinsically amusing about the idea of having anime stereotypes (particularly the weird ones) representing the most basic functions of a clock.
Like the tsundere character... Defined by her seemingly caustic exterior that hides an affectionate heart. I'd love to have her awkwardly fumbling through excuses as to why she's warning me of mid-day meetings and the like. Actually, she's more likely to not alert me when my alarm goes off, and then reprimand me latter for being an idiot.
In all seriousness, the app "Talking Anime Clock," is an iPhone app to the tune of 3 dollars. Despite featuring only three talking personalities (sweet, firm, and tsundere,) the app is apparently overflowing with variety. The article at OtakuReview cites over 120 wake up messages alone, and cites how you can set schedules for which character wakes you up, and who. The catch, of course, is that its only availible at the iTunes Japan store, so chances are that a prepaid card would be the only way to go.
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@John_Martone: i got japanesse credit card, would that work?
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Not sure if I want to be waken by a tsundere screaming at me -_-
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@metalsnakezero: well she will be nice to you after you are awake.
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Another great app idea from Apple (like the Yoko app from TTGL), but it is another one I will not be getting due to lack of money and a iPhone.
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PC version please.
And needs to be Love Hina styled.   We'd have Shinobu (sweet) Motoko (firm) and Naru (Tsundere)
 Shinobu: Ano..Urashima-sempai, time for lunch! 
 Naru: BAKA! You're late for school! *NaruPunch(TM)* (iphone vibrates)


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i get that the one on the right is the "sweet" one, but what about the other two? which is stern and who is the tsundere?
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Oh my... this has me written all over it.
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@cfatalis:  I can't see why that wouldn't work, I just think its more likely for a person to have a pre-paid, than a Japanese credit card.
@rein: The one on the left has a kitchen appliance in hand, and looks "angry," so I go with her for tsundere, leaving the center for stern.

@HeeroYuy said:
" Oh my... this has me written all over it. "
Yeah, you crossed my mind as I was looking this up.
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I wouldn't mind paying 50bucks for this app IF a get
Sweet voice of Kana Hanazawa
Firm voice of Yuu Kobayashi
and Tsundere voice of Ayana Taketatsu or Rie Kugimiya ( I like them both equally)
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