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Tsundere is a anime/manga concept
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Mikoto Misaka

Mikoto Misaka is an electromaster esper of Academy City. Her powers are ranked Level 5, and she is considered the third strongest in the city.


A sniping prodigy with an abrasive personality. One of the protagonists in Akame ga Kill!

Mio Isurugi

Isurugi has a superiority complex and claims that she is a god who can grant wishes. Taro Sado comes to her asking for a cure for his masochism.

Misae Sagara

She is the landlady of Youhei's Sonohara's dormitory.

Misaki Ayuzawa

The main character of the anime Kaichou wa maid sama. A President Student Council and a maid on a maid cafe.

Misato Tachibana

Has a crush on Sasahara. She often does things for Sasahara but is embarrassed whenever she is asked about liking Sasahara. She fires mock weapons at Sasahara whenever he suggests she likes him.

Miyu Kuonji

Mizuho Fujisawa

Keitaro's tutor. She promises to marry Keitaro if she doesn't get him into Tokyo U.

Momoko Orizuka

Momoko Orizuka is the leader of the Umisho Swim Team. She started the swim team for the school with her friends.

Motoko Aoyama

Motoko Aoyama is a high school student who was trained to be a skilled user of the sword in the style of Shimei-ryu.


A goddess who came to have a human body when a boy carves a sculpture out of a sacred tree.

Nagi Sanzenin

The young, short heir to the Sanzenin fortune who happens to be in love with her butler and rescuer, Hayate.

Nami Aoi

Twin sister of Sora. Constantly trying to set her brother up with her best friend, Kana Sumiya.

Nanami Kiri

Nanami Kiri is a calm and stoic student of Ame no Kisaki. She was requested to look after Kanako and does so to a rather bizarre extent.

Naru Narusegawa

Hinata-sou's Resident Idol.

Natsumi Hinata

The older sister of Fuyuki and the one in charge of the Hinata house when their mother is not home. She is very strict on Keroro and always doubts of his intentions, physically abusing him on several occasions and treating him as a slave.

Nina Antalk

Nina is a strong-willed and very passionate about Military Arts. She's the captain of the fresh 17th platoon. She recruits Layfon into her platoon after she accidentally saw his skill at Military Arts.

Nobunaga Oda

This incarnation of Oda Nobunaga appears in the Sengoku Collection anime series. Unlike the other samurai, Nobunaga wishes to return to her original timeline and hasn't given up her violent ways.

Nozomi Kujo

Nozomi is a mysterious young woman who is being pursued by rouge Shinigami Kageroza Inaba.

Orga Sabnak

Orga Sabnak is the drug enhanced Pilot of the GAT-X131 Calamity. He appears to be the leader of the the first stage extended's used durring the Battle of Jachin Due. He enjoys reading paperback novels.

Reika Houjou

Reika is the student council president of Shungo's school, and the heiress to her father's corporate empire.

Rin Tohsaka

A high-class, admired student, and a top class mage in her own right.

Rinko Kuzaki

Rinko Kuzaki is a long time friend of Yuto.

Ryoko Okami

The main character of Ōkami-san. She fights with a pair of cat-shaped gauntlets dubbed the "Neko Neko Knuckles".

Saaya Agata

Her character is the embodiment of tsundere stereotypes. Everyone in the show refers to a tsundere.


A sex crazed ghost that usually seen in the bathroom of her High School. She is known to torment females and males alike.

Sara Shirogane

Sasuke Tsubaki

Daisy and his friends call him a tsundere for the way he acts with Bossun and the Sket Dan characters.

Seika Houjouin

Fashion designer, head of the Society Club at school, and yet another girl who wants to jump Teppei's bones even with a slight tsundere streak.

Selnia Iori Flameheart

Daughter of a wealthy English family studying at the school.


Shana is a Flame Haze contracted to Alastor, a really powerful Crimsom Lord, that helps her to defeat evil Denizens that come to our world to feed themselfs with human souls.

Shiki Ryougi

A strange seclusive student from a well-to-do traditional Japanese family, she secretly has two very different personae, but only few know.

Suzuka Asahina

Talented High Jumper and Yamato's Love Interest

Taiga Aisaka

One of the main characters of Toradora. Self proclaimed master of Ryūji Takasu.

Tomari Kurusu

A track member and childhood friend. She has always protected Hazumu and always had a crush on him even when he became she. She is part of the main Kashimashi love triangle.

Tsukasa Domyoji

Domyouji is the arrogant and spoiled leader of the F4. He gives red tags to people on school that he doesn't like. When he starts picking on a poor girl called Tsukushi Makino, he falls deeply in love with her.

Tsukushi Makino

Tsukushi is a poor girl attending a school for rich people, Eitoku Gakuen. There, she manages to get a red tag from the F4 and becomes the target of the entire school. She falls in love with F4 member Rui, while F4 leader Tsukasa falls in love with her.

Tsumiki Miniwa



Videl is a human fighter who is the daughter of Mr. Satan and wife to Gohan Son. She would be trained in the use of Ki by Gohan to become a powerful human fighter nearly on par with the Z Fighters.


A very determined 15 year old girl.

Yoshii Yuka

To most, Yoshii Yuka appears to be a shy, somewhat-tsundere female who tends to keep to herself at school, but unknown to them, she hides a secret obsession with toying with herself while alone. She becomes sexually involved with Murayama Sawayka after "interrupting" his perverted actions one day at school.

Yuki Sakashita

Yuki Sakashita is a busty and strong young woman who's mother recently remarried, and now she's living with her step-brother, Yuki.

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