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Tsundere is a anime/manga concept
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Airi Kuze

A half-robot girl who has a crush on Haruki Komaba.

Akane Suzumiya

Akane Tendo

Akane Tendo is one of Ranma Saotome's many fiancées. Her father owns the Tendo Dojo, and she stands to inherit the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts by marriage.

Akari Kirishima

Akiha Tohno

Akiha is the caring younger sister of Shiki Tohno in Lunar Legend Tsukihime. She has a bit of a crush on her brother and as a result does not get along well with Arcueid Brunestud and Ciel.

Amalia Sheran Sharm

Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm is a Sadida, a being who can communicate with planets, and a friend of Yugo's.

Android 18

Android 18 is one of the androids created by Dr. Gero designed to kill Goku. Eventually she sided with the good guys and married Krillin.


Anemone is the pilot of the Type theEND, and is one of Dewey's test subjects.

Anna Kyouyama

Yoh's loving, though undeniably strict fiancee, Anna Kyouyama is an itako with the ability to summon spirits from the dead and read minds. Her goal is to make Yoh the Shaman King, so she can live happily by his side as the Shaman First Lady.

Aria Holmes Kanzaki

Aria is a transfer student of Butei High School with a S Rank. She can wield two guns or two swords at the same time, earning her the title of a "Quadra". She saves 2nd-year student Kinji Tohyama from the infamous Butei Killer, who targets students who attends the school.

Asuka Langley Soryu

Asuka Langley Soryu is the Second Child and pilot of EVA Unit-02. She's a child-prodigy who was raised from a young age to be an Eva pilot.


Asuna is a young girl who is skilled with the sword, and she is Kirito's 2nd partner in Sword Art Online.

Ayu Daikuuji

Ayumi Takahara

The possessor of the first spirit Keima must capture. She's a runner for the track and field club.


Bulma is a genius inventor at the Capsule Corporation and inventor of the Dragon Radar. She met Goku and together they began the journey for the Dragon Balls.


One of the main characters from the Spirit of Wonder series. Miss China is the owner and operator of the Tenkai restaurant and boarding house.

Eléonore de la Valliere

The eldest sister of Louise. She is very strict and bossy.

Eri Sawachika

The "Ojou" of Tenma's Circle of Friends

Frederica Tenjuin

One of the children at Elmore Wood training to master her psychic powers. She holds herself in the highest of opinion and can control fire with her mind.

Fumino Serizawa

She is the childhood friend of Takumi. Everything she says is the opposite of what she actually feels.

Hana Kurokawa

Hana Kurokawa is Kyoko Sasagawa's close friend at school who is rather stuck up and acts harshly to others, although in the future she is seen as having turned around to be a very kind person.

Haruhi Suzumiya


A self-proclaimed 'masō-shōjo' from a magical world who wields a chainsaw named Mystletainn and battles demons known as Megalos.

Honoka Tsutsui

Honoka Tsutsui is one of the many rabid fans of Ryuuken Ishima. She despised Kanako for the attention Ryuuken shows her. Her and her two friends plot pranks to make life hard on Kanako,


Also known as "dogkeeper". She takes care of dogs and rents them out to strangers as heaters. She was abandoned as a baby and raised by dogs. She looks out for herself and sells information to Nezumi.

Iori Minase

Iori Minase is the wealthy daughter of a coporate CEO who is friends with 765 Productions President,Junichirou Takagi.

Izumi Makihara

A childhood friend of Sanpeita that watches over him. She has feelings for Sanpeita, but can't seem to express them. She's determined to protect Sanpeita from what she sees as "unhealthy" influences.

Kagami Hiiragi

Kagami is one of the main characters in Lucky Star and also the fraternal twin sister to Tsukasa Hiiragi.

Kallen Kozuki

Kallen Kozuki is Britannian-Japanese mix-blood, but she identifies more with her Japanese half. The ace pilot of the Guren for the Black Knights.

Kaname Chidori

Kaname Chidori is the main female character in Full Metal Panic. Is one of the Whispered and is targeted by many groups, but Sousuke Sagara comes to the rescue.

Kanata Nanami

Yoh Tomoe is one of the 13 main characters in the Starry Sky series

Kaori Makimura

The responsible business partner/manager of Ryo Saeba; she cooks, pays the bills, constantly searches for potential clients, and is also usually forced to keep Ryo's unparalleled perversions in check so he can do his job. She also secretly harbors deep romantic feelings for Ryo.

Katagiri Yuuhi

Nagase Jun'ichi's predetermined fiancee.

Kei Nekomiya

Kei Nekomiya is a girl with an artificial leg and a violent personality who becomes a magical girl after a power crystal is accidentally embedded in her leg.

Kirie Kojima

also is a Tom-boyish girl

Kirie Konami

Kirie is part of the Tamakoma Branch of Border

Kirino Kousaka

Kirino is a popular girl with a secret obsession with "little sister" eroge games and anime.

Kurisu Makise

Kurisu is a character from the anime Steins Gate. She is a talented neuroscience researcher.

Kuro Kagami

Kuro Kagami is one of Rin's closest friends and secretly in love with her. This makes her aggressive toward their teacher, Daisuke Aoki, who she sees as a rival.

Kyou Fujibayashi

Kyou is the older of the Fujibayashi twins. She is aggressive, foul-mouthed and good at cooking. She has a pet baby boar called Botan.

Lily Ramses Futaba

A young witch apprentice under Ms. Yuko. She is always hounding Ichiro for being a pervert.

Lina Inverse

A small, slender, easily-angered sorceress.

Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière

The main heroine of Zero no Tsukaima, she is the third daughter of the La Vallière family, and Saito's master.

Luna Shirogane

The perky and bossy fifth-grade class president of Kodama Elementary.

Mafuyu Oribe

The main female character of Seikon no Qwaser, Mafuyu is the adopted daughter of St. Mihailov's last dean, and the self-proclaimed protector of Tomo.

Mafuyu Orifushi

One of the leading sisters in the Hentai anime Kanojo X Kanojo X Kanajo.

Mahiro Yasaka

Main protagonist of the Nyarko-san series.

Mahiru Inami

Mahiru is a waitress at the Wagnaria restaurant in the Working!! franchise.

Mako Kirino

Mako Kirino is a new wrestler who joins Team Gigamax. She respects Justice Asuka, but she doesn't like Ryoma at first.


Maria is the princess of her dimension known as the Pegasus Knight. She tried to defeated the Sex Demon King Shadahl with her allies Eclair and Miina.

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