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Been watching more of Naruto today, good stuff. The search for Lady Tsunade is on and he is being chased by the bad guys intent on getting at the 9-tail fox. Jiraiya is a trip, the "perve sage" is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. The interplay between him and Naruto keeps me laughing. It is interesting to see that all the legendary Sannin have serious issues despite their incredible powers. Jiraiya being a perve from hell, Tsunade being a gambling addict, and Orochimaru being a psycho power hungry freak.

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Hello everyone! This is a special Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals report to catch to Tom Pinchuk's Watch and Learns. I'm sorry for the delay, and I probably cover some of the best moments in these episodes.

This is an informal blog since I don't have much time to do a regular weekly report for this anime series. Tune in for episode 9 and 10's reports. I'll do a proper job in covering them.

Please share your best moments for these episodes. All comments are welcome.

Quick Synopsis and Best Moments in Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals

Episode 4 - Guy-sensei didn't...do it... / Guy-sensei's Rival is Kakashi-sensei

Young fans of Naruto will never forget this jutsu
Young fans of Naruto will never forget this jutsu

Might Guy is caught for committing lewd acts in the women's hot spring area. Can Rock Lee and his team clear his name and restore honor to their sensei?

Later, Guy challenges Kakashi only to get humiliated in front of his students when Kakashi rams his fingers into Guy's butt. Rock Lee decides to cosplay as Kakashi to become strong as him. When a group of bandits ambush Rock Lee's team and the thousand Years of Pain technique prove useless against their cold, hard, steel butt plates, who will save Rock Lee and his party?

Best Moment: Kakashi, Rock Lee, and Might Guy doing a triple Thousand Years of Pain jutsu.

Episode 5 - I'm Going to Teach Konohamaru Kempo / I Save my Lucky Undies for Physicals

Might Guy Sexy Jutsu
Might Guy Sexy Jutsu

Konohamaru asks Rock Lee to help him learn new techniques. In the second story, the ninja school has a physical exam for Rock Lee, Konohamaru, Naruto, Tenten, and Neji with Sakura measuring chakra.

Best Moment: Konohamaru doing a harem jutsu involving Might Guy clones dropping their loin cloths.

Episode 6 - The Leaf Village Sports Meet / Calvary Battles are pare of the Thrill of Youth

Who wants to ride Might Guy?
Who wants to ride Might Guy?

Rock Lee and his team face off with Naruto in the Leaf Village Sports Meet that is co-hosted by Tsunade and Shizune. Will Rock Lee and his team beat Naruto's team?

Best Moment: Rock Lee and Tenten riding on Might Guy whose costume is a cardboard pony.

Episode 7 - Orochimaru is a B-Type Scorpio / Love Letters are the Ultimate Trap

Orochimaru the Bar Waitress! LOL
Orochimaru the Bar Waitress! LOL

Orochimaru and Kabuto attempt to cross into the Hidden Leaf Village to unleash an orb that summons ferocious snakes. They have to get pass the airport security that is guarded by Rock Lee and his teammates.

Best Moment: Orochimaru dressing like a bar waitress with an afro!

Episode 8 - Even Hokages Wear Out / Orochimaru is Persistent

Might Guy's Phallic Swan Tutu Attack!
Might Guy's Phallic Swan Tutu Attack!

After Rock Lee destroys Tsunade's face on the Hokage mountain, they overheard some enemies are going to attack Tsunade. Team Guy take some disguises and guard Tsunade who is gambling.

Later, Orochimaru is attacking the Hidden Leaf with his snake, Manda. Kabuto is off debating with himself.

Best Moment: Rock Lee and his team making Might Guy robot using Shimura Style: Wow Wing move to defeat Orochimaru's Manda.

Thanks everyone for reading this report.

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The publisher VIZ Media announces a release date for the fifty-ninth volume of the NARUTO series and their cover image.

Naruto Vol. 59 US (Nov 2012)
Naruto Vol. 59 US (Nov 2012)

This volume covers the ever ongoing Shinobi World War Arc of Masashi Kishimoto's NARUTO. Questions to the identity of Madara Uchiha are raised as the Naruto faces the Akatsuki leader, and the five Kages combine their efforts against one terrible foe from the past. The release date is set for November 6, 2012, and is currently available on Amazon.com for preorder.

-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for news updates: @ AnimeVicers/ @ FoxxFireArt

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This is a mini-series I thought I would start with my blogs, I'm not as active as I would like to be so I figured this would give me a more consistent activity. This "series" will be on various teams throughout the Naruto series, highlighting there past, what they have done, members, and so on. These won't be the most popular teams, some you might know, but that may actuallly help you through learning something you weren't familar with. Anyways, for the first blog I thought I might use a team that is notable, and also a fan-favorite, The Sannin. The Sannin is a group of very powerful ninja, easily Kage-level, that used to work together for a common cause, despite there very different attitudes. These three ninja's are Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade.  


All three ninja grew up in Konoha, and were all apart of the same team when they were Genin. The team's leader was Hiruzen Sarutobi. Hiruzen was the Hokage when the series was introduced, and was a major supporter of Naruto and his dreams of becoming Hokage. So all three of the students weren't called the Sannin at the time, that would come later in there lives. However, all three showed impressive skills and talent of the ninja arts that no doubt gave Hiruzen a foreshadow of the power they would have one day.  
Hiruzen's Team
Hiruzen's Team

Later in their lives, they would fight in the Second Shinobi World War, where they faught Hanzo. Becuase he was so powerful at the time, it was difficult for any one person or army to stop him, and just three ninja's were able to challenge his power. Becuase of this, he called them Konoha's Sannin, though they are just known as the Sannin for short. That is when Jiraiya met Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko. The Sannin had mixed opinions about what to do with the children, but Jiraiya eventually came to stay with them and train them, not knowing of the destruction they would cause one day.


Sannin And Their Summons
Sannin And Their Summons
Shortly after Hiruzen's death, which Orochimaru caused when he attempted to take control of Konoha, Jiraiya was offered the position of the Fifth Hokage. However, he quickly turned down the oppurtunity, and instead decided to go look for and offer the position to Tsunade. When they finally met, all three of the Sannin fought in a battle. Eventually, it came down to Orochimaru fleeing, Tsunade and Jiraiya were both injured, though Tsunade has her medical-nin, still being weak. Before they began to battle with their summons, Tsunade mentioned that after that day they were no longer the Sannin, even though they were still noted as that afterwords. 

All three used their respected summons, Orochimaru with Manda, Jiraiya with Gamabunta, and Tsunade with Katsuyu. Showing all their affinities with their respected animal, also tying into the old Chinese folklore of the Slug fearing the Toad, the Toad fearing the Snake, and the Snake fearing the Slug. This is most often presumed to show that they are more or less equal in power, but in different areas may excel than each other. Its also interesting to note that each of Team 7 have trained with one of the Sannin. Naruto trained with Jiraiya, Sakura trained with Tsunade, and Sasuke trained with Orochimaru at some point. Each bringing back abilities and traits that model their respective mentors. 
So that is my basic run-up of the Sannin, their isn't a whole lot of time spent on them, but I covered the major appearences of them. Note that I didn't use this blog to specify each member, but the activity when all three were together. 
Hope you enjoyed ! 
Fire Star
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I Took On the Search for Tsunade and Survived!!

I've been a user who has undertaken rather crazy projects on Anime Vice for no particular reason. It started with filling out the episode information on the One Piece anime series page. Even now, I've nearly completed formatting all 490+ episodes. I could have it all done if I hadn't sworn off fan subs for this series and FUNimation hasn't reached the Thriller Bark story arc just yet. Other series I've worked on formatting episode pages has been both seasons of Strike Witches, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the second season of Negima!?, Okami-san, and the entire first season of Code Geass. Well, I've taken a break on One Piece once more on the Naruto series.

With formatting character profiles. I just notice that profiles with so much detail in the story arcs aren't very helpful to people new to anime or manga. Why do these character pages need to be so filled? We have actual profiles for all these episodes/volumes. I got to thinking that if the episode profiles were well filled out with all this detail, all we would need to do is write simple plot summaries and link readers to the actual episodes to learn more fine detail. Even I'm considering going through my infamously large Nami profile and condensing the story arcs.

Tsunade Project

It wasn't that hard for her to convince me to start with her arc.
It wasn't that hard for her to convince me to start with her arc.
I've always liked Tsunade and I decided one day to try getting the ball rolling on the first Naruto series by filling out the episode profiles on one story arc as an example for the next. I chose the Search for Tsunade arc that was listed in episodes 81-100. It was about 20 episodes in the entire arc and I filled out each and every page with the same level of detail that dedicated to One Piece, but more so in the summary of the episode events.

I filled out every character that appeared in the episode and their appropriate voice actor. I was rather shocked that for as long that Anime Vice has been around that I was the person who had to create the profile for Naruto's English voice actress. The actress that had been listed all this time was the wrong one. Someone marked Naruto's voice actress as the women who voices Naruto only when performing his Sexy Justu technique and changes into a naked woman. I also had to make Tsunade's English voice actress profile. This was only a month or so ago when I started this project. I did this along with the 35 character profiles I formatted.

Check out the my work
Episode 81 - HERE
Episode 82 - HERE 
Episode 83 - HERE 
Episode 84 - HERE 
Episode 85 - HERE 
Episode 86 - HERE
Episode 87 - HERE 
Episode 88 - HERE 
Episode 89 - HERE 
Episode 90 - HERE
Episode 91 - HERE
Episode 92 - HERE 
Episode 93 - HERE 
Episode 94 - HERE 
Episode 95 - HERE 
Episode 96 - HERE
Episode 97 - HERE 
Episode 98 - HERE 
Episode 99 - HERE 
Episode 100 - HERE 

Now, for all these characters that appeared in this arc only need a brief description of what happened on their character page. The reader can just be directed to the episode pages to get the finer points.

I would like to see this as one part of a much larger initiative to start getting other users to start filling out episode profiles on this and other series a few episodes at a time. Using this arc as a high quality standard.

Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for lesson updates: @ animevice / @ FoxxFireArt
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Since when have we ever known Tsunade's last name was Koichi? If anything, wouldn't it be like Senju or something? But yeah, just thought I'd bring this up, because her last name is still unknown information and yet here it says that it's Koichi (which I think is completely wrong)
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Welcome to Cougerville - where all we are is the day Naruto Met Granny Tsunade...

So, im going to make really funny as possible. Or at least try.

Is it me, or we young bucks turning into Naruto all of a sudden? I mean all of us, cus the Babyboomer females are fucking horny as a motherfucka these days.

We had RealLiveActiontick on that Peacock Network, Now we have another Cougar RealTick, then we hear Cher with two young guys, it continues.

But there is a reason why Naruto calls her Granny - she's 50 years old! (well 52 by the new series) and keeps her self 25 by some short of trick (I forget the name).

But dont you think Kishimoto when he was retooling the Manga 6 years prior was talking about the Cougars?

I mean its a little sad for these females. They Grandmammas now. I mean god - that pussy was DONE by 35 son. Why cant they grow old with dignity? Its almost the reason why people gravitate to Mrs Obama - she's ugly as sin but they love her arms and what - im not saying here they say it they say it son.

So not being too much of a fan of the series - from the little bit I saw - All Naruto does is play his Denis the Menace role and Tsunade gets angry cause she thinks he cant be the next Leader of Leaf Village. All while the Late, Great and FUCKING AWESOME Pevry Sage remembers the good old days and laughs Tsunade's concerns away. Cue better than it should be music. "On the Next As the Leaf Village Turns: Hinata and Sakura cat fight over Sasuke, while Snake Dude tries to take his son back - but Neji will not allow it! Find out on (We cant say CBS here - we will get sued)...cue dramatic music - fade out...

But in all honesty, we were shocked. We all though she was 25... when these boys keep saying she's 16 when she going on 11. 

What? are you Denying that older women cant do the ugly?

No i'm not saying that. Its just that has it gotten that bad in relationships we have to look older? Remember the episode when...yeah ran into two watermelon sized brick-walls. Thats us. Because we are running into those bricks. 

Not saying something we don't know - but most females peak when there 16. The Government can lie about it, but there is too many fucking truths to this. I can say this from experience - when I was 16 all  the females looked nice. Its hard for a brotha because if there so much good estrogen and pheromones waiting to picked off, and you got Closed Circuit Cams all over the place waiting for you do do something wrong... It leads into combustible situations. 

As we grow older, well things sag. Bad. some are able to keep great figures. Some get enhancements. Others have great genes...but they sag son. Reason number 151 anime is in trouble in both the states and Japan is because there isn't enough big chested chicks for the Americans and Japan brings it young, mostly. Japan used to have what the US wants - but that was when the Gekgia style was being animated during the 80's to the very late 90's. 

But there are "Tsuandes" in the real world - Older women who defy age - such as Morgan Fairchild (62) Cher (51) Susane Summers (In the full house spinoff i cant remember on the top of my head, 60). I don't think there is anything wrong with it - just because ones old doesn't mean she has to feel old, i just want it to be graceful and dignified. 

But the Media is doing all these Cougar Chasing for the Lulz. And they say 4Chan is the den of evil. 

But then again, when Naruto cant get Sakura (even at this point) and Hinata hasn't been worked as a suitable companion (dont give that Kissing Cousing BS!) all i hear is OMG LULZ HELL NO and moar plz from the fanboys.

But you have to admit... they do kinda look...cute togheter...(eww no did i say that...?)
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Anime Vice Transforms

One epic arc concludes, and another begins.

Welcome to Anime Vice - Level 2!

Vicers of the world -- GIVE ME YOUR POWER!!!

AKIRA - What's the Difference?

Tom teamed up with CineFix to break this classic adaptation down.

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