Tsubasa Tiger, Part Three

Tsubasa Tiger, Part Three is an anime episode of Monogatari 2 that was released on 07/20/2013
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Plot Summary

Tsubasa Tiger, Part Three
Kanjiつばさタイガー 其ノ參
RomajiTsubasa Taigā Sono San
Theme Music
Opening"Ai o Utae"

Hitagi begins where she left off. Scrutinising Tsubasa; about her possible pseudo feelings for Koyomi. She analyses Tsubasa. The reason for challenging her affection for Koyomi is she believes they are very similar but far apart. They would most likely do the same action in regards to helping another person, but go about it in a different manner. Hitagi deems Tsubasa too white too pure – she accepts everything. Not aware of the uselessness of people. Tsubasa is not perceptive of the dark.

In school on the hallways, Tsubasa encounters Suruga Kanbaru. Suruga is looking for Hitagi. Tsubasa is covering for Hitagi and tells her that Hitagi has the flu. Suruga then informs Tsubasa she received a text from Koyomi about meeting up with her that night to ask her something. Suruga revels in the fact she was asked – although a lesbian; she appears to have some feelings for Koyomi. Since Hitagi is not there, Suruga bursts off the scene. Tsubasa is left with her feelings. A feeling of slight jealous towards Suruga; who received a text from Koyomi, possible a text for help.

Tsubasa reveals the information regarding the text, Koyomi sent to Suruga requiring her help. The news annoyed Hitagi with her typical go-to-place of how to punish him. Tsubasa interjects, defending Koyomi’s unknown reasons for asking for her help. Decreeing it was most likely of all things to do with Suruga’s oddity. This seemed to settle Hitagi. They decided both not to go. As they finish there appears to be people at the door. Koyomi’s two sisters, Karen and Tsukihi: the Fire Sisters.

While Tsubasa was at school, Hitagi had visited Koyomi’s house and ran into Karen. Hitagi passive aggressively challenges Karen by stating there is no justice in the world because Tsubasa has no place to stay since her house was burned down. That Karen could not do anything while her brother was not around. Knowing full well Karen would fall for it and have Tsubasa stay at their home.

The Fire Sisters make out to Tsubasa as if they were ready to offer her a place to stay, but in fact they never knew about her house burning down. They explain that Koyomi is away and while he is she will stay in his room. She is told the pyjamas she is wearing are Koyomi’s. A strange feeling is felt.

Tsubasa finds it hard to sleep in the night. When she finally does, Black-Tsubasa awakens. Wondering what to do she is surprised when she sees Shinobu sitting on the ceiling. Shinobu wonders why she is in her master’s bedroom. Black-Tsubasa wonders why she is not within the shadow of Koyomi. She reveals that, at this moment they’re not one. However she is looking for him. Black-Tsubasa then reveals he is with Suruga at the old school. In gratitude, Shinobu accepts Blac-Tsubasa’s question. Black-Tsubasa wanted to know if she knew of the Tiger oddity that talks in the neighbourhood. She denies knowing such creature. Shinobu begins to leave when Black-Tsubasa informs her that she could get to the location quicker since she cannot yet fly. Shinobu accepts. They move the location of where Koyomi and Suruga are meeintg up. Only it has been burned down like Tsubasa’s home.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Akio Watanabe Character Artist/Designer And Chief Animation Director
Nishio Ishin Original Concept An extremely popular light novel author in Japan, best known for such titles as Bakemonogatari and Katanagatari.
Akiyuki Shinbo Director And Series Composition
Satoru Kosaki Music Satoru Kosaki is a music composer for anime.


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