Tsubasa Tiger, Part One

Tsubasa Tiger, Part One is an anime episode of Monogatari 2 that was released on 07/06/2013
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Plot Summary

Tsubasa Tiger, Part One
Kanjiつばさタイガー 其の壱
RomajiTsubasa Taiga, Sono Ichi
Theme Music
Opening"Ai o Utae"

Tsubasa begins her usually breakfast meal before attending school. On her way to school she encounters Mayoi. Mayoi had stopped by Koyomi’s home to retrieve her backpack she had left. Unfortunately, he had left on his bicycle already. Tsubasa informs Mayoi that she will remind Koyomi to return her backpack when she arrives at school.

Continuing onwards to school, she crosses paths with an abstract tiger.

After arriving at the school instead of coming to Koyomi with this information, she explains that she had seen an apparition of a tiger to Hitagi. Koyomi as not as school today. They return to class after talking about Koyomi lways helping them before they can ask for it. Through the glass windows of the class they see a building in the distance on fire, Tsubasa’s house.

She requested from her parents she stay at a friend’s house which they consented. However she could not seek help from anyone but knew a destination where she could stay. The Cram School. During the night she is abruptly awoken by a frantic Hitagi. Hitagi had been looking for her all night after hearing from Tsubasa’s parents she was at a friend’s home. She thought to look for the place she found her last of all since it was such a unfriendly location. Hitagi declares Tsubasa stay with her.

Rather than attending school Hitagi fakes illness and stays off. Hitagi fools around with Tsubasa jokingly provoking her into sharing a shower with her. During the joking they both receive an e-mail from Koyomi xplaining he will not be around for a while but not to worry. They now see it they shall handle the tiger themselves. Whom they believe was the reason for Tsubasa’s home going up in flames. Before entering the shower Hitagi asks Tsubasa does she love Koyomi , which she confirms.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Akio Watanabe Character Artist/Designer And Chief Animation Director
Nishio Ishin Original Concept An extremely popular light novel author in Japan, best known for such titles as Bakemonogatari and Katanagatari.
Akiyuki Shinbo Director And Series Composition
Satoru Kosaki Music Satoru Kosaki is a music composer for anime.


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