Tsubasa Tiger, Part Four

Tsubasa Tiger, Part Four is an anime episode of Monogatari 2 that was released on 07/27/2013
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Plot Summary

Tsubasa Tiger, Part Four
Kanjiつばさタイガー 其ノ四
RomajiTsubasa Taigā Sono Yon
Theme Music
Opening"Ai o Utae"

Tsubasa wakes up with dirt on her feet and nails. Seeing that her books have been moved and dirt covered tissues in the bin. She discovers a silver lock of hair and is quick to deduce its origin. Once again she is turning into Black-Tsubasa at night. Next she tries to think why she would be turning into Black-Tsubasa at night.

After she is finished with her breakfast she is about to leave for school when Koyomi’s mother stops her. She informs her that they cannot become her family, only a host no matter how much Karen and Tsukihi look up to her. However she is not saying Tsubasa is not welcome only that they would like to treat Koyomi’s friends as well as possible. On Koyomi, she thanks her for being a good influence on him who has been doing his work more often.

On the way to school she encounters an old friend. Tsubasa calls him Mr Episode, a half-vampire. She tries to find out why he is here and he only tells her that he was summoned for unknown reasons. She went to the same school as Oshino Meme. Tsubasa turns and in front of her is Izuko Gaen, the woman who summoned Mr Episode. Izuko reveals she cannot help Tsubasa with her tiger oddity problems because they are hers, and the guy she is in love with cannot help her too. Tsubasa is amazed on how she knows all these things.

Instead of returning home to Koyomi’s house after school, Tsubasa takes a detour to the library to find information on the “Hystery Tiger”, a name given to her by the knowledgeable Izuko. Searching through many books of this oddity, she finds nothing, only to discover a new book and finds information on oddity. Tsubasa contacts Hitagi, naturally Hitagi does not seem to trust Izuko but reveals she may be related to Suruga. Suruga’s mother’s maiden name was Izuko, Suruga was once called Suruga Gaen. Hitagi believes this problem is more like Suruga’s arm more than Mayoi’s snail or her own crab problems. Hitagi points out that the places that burned down had one thing in common, Tsubasa stayed the night, which could mean her home and Koyomi’s home could also burn down.

Tsubasa returns to Koyomi’s house where Karen is waiting to pull her away to play some games. The two sisters state their beliefs behind the term ‘Fire Sisters’ each gives a different philosophy. It all came down to passion. They state during the talk of passion they have boyfriends. Tsubasa never heard Koyomi mention this. The fire sisters reveal Koyomi’ sees it as the two do not exist. Curious on what they are like, they reveal they are both like their brother which Tsubasa saw coming.

During the night alone in Koyomi’s room, Tsubasa believe she may never see him again and begins to mark her territory on his bed. Along with doing that she puts on his clothes and sends him and image of her wearing them. After that she writes a letter to Black-Tsubasa on her feelings.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Akio Watanabe Character Artist/Designer And Chief Animation Director
Nishio Ishin Original Concept An extremely popular light novel author in Japan, best known for such titles as Bakemonogatari and Katanagatari.
Akiyuki Shinbo Director And Series Composition
Satoru Kosaki Music Satoru Kosaki is a music composer for anime.


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