Tsubasa Tiger, Part Five

Tsubasa Tiger, Part Five is an anime episode of Monogatari 2 that was released on 08/03/2013
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Plot Summary

Tsubasa Tiger, Part Five
Kanjiつばさタイガー 其ノ伍
RomajiTsubasa Taigā Sono Go
Theme Music
Opening"Ai o Utae"

Tsubasa writes a letter to Black-Tsubasa requesting her help against the apparition: Kako; thanking her for what she has done and apologies for being selfish.

Black-Tsubasa accepts her request and finds Kako on top of Hitagi’s home ready to burn it to the ground. She tries very hard to convince him of not burning down the home where her mistress’ friend lives. Kako only sees her as an annoyance. He tries attacking her, which she dodges and counters; using her kinetic touch attack to drain him backfires when Kako uses his fire ability to nearly fry her.

Her attacks seem not to be working. She is on all fours assuming her death is imminent can only think of Koyomi. On how she never got to say she loved him. How she was reckless and useless. A familiar voice from somewhere informs her that what she says is not true. From the sky arrives the demon sword known as ‘Kokoro Watari’ which strikes down Kako through the head. From atop of the building stands Koyomi Arargi. He tells her if it were not for the ten seconds she stalled him, he may not have gotten there to ‘rush to her side’ to save her.

Tsubasa manages to finally ask Koyomi out with the option of marriage later on in life. Koyomi is very happy to have been asked this but informs her of what she already knew; that he is in love with another. She then absorbs Kako healing herself from the energy in the process. After the absorption her hair has silver highlights in. Then she cries; letting out her rejection.

Not long after she moves into a new home and asks for a room so the sister inside her does not feel too cramped.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Nishio Ishin Original Concept An extremely popular light novel author in Japan, best known for such titles as Bakemonogatari and Katanagatari.
Akiyuki Shinbo Director And Series Composition
Satoru Kosaki Music Satoru Kosaki is a music composer for anime.
Akio Watanabe And Chief Animation Director


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