Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE is an anime series in the Tsubasa Chronicle franchise
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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles falls in the quest genre. The story revolves largely around a group of four characters brought together by fate. They travel through different worlds and encounter many adventures in search of a large number of magical feathers.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles is an anime based off the manga of the same name created by CLAMP.  The first season ran from April 9, 2005 to October 15, 2005. A second season was created and ran from April 29, 2006 November 4, 2006. Both seasons contain twenty-six episodes making the total offical episode count 52. A three episode OVA, entitled Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations, was also made; it fits in before the last few episodes of the second season. Finally, a movie titled Tsubasa Chronicle the Movie: The Princess of the Country of Birdcages made and released. There was a second OVA released entitled Tsubasa Shunraik; this OVA has two episodes.

The story revolves around a core group of characters, Syaoran, Sakura, Fay, and Kurogane. It falls into the action romance and quest genre.  The group is aided by a wtich named Yuuko who posesses the power to travel through different dimensions and grant wishes. They are accompanied by Yuuko's clever and endearing assistant Mokona. Syaoran, Fay, and Kurogane all have different wishes, yet one thread binds them together: the need to travel to other worlds. During their travels, the characters all become close friends, and unite to search for and gather all of Sakura's missing feathers (which are actually her memories)--the theme of the show.

One of the most notable aspects of the show is that it crosses over largely with another CLAMP anime, XXXHolic.  Furthermore, many characters created by CLAMP in other animes make appearences and interact with the main characters. The largest number of side characters probably comes from Magic Knight Rayearth and Card Captor Sakura. One of the many delights of the show is seeing all these beloved CLAMP characters come together in one big adventure.
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Yuki Kajiura
Hiroyuki Kawasaki

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General Information Edit
Name Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
Name: ツバサクロニクル
Romaji: Tsubasa Kuronikuru
Publisher Bee Train Production Inc.
Start Year 2005
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Aliases Tsubasa Chronicle, Tsubasa
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