Tsubasa Chronicle Characters

Tsubasa Chronicle is a franchise comprised of 2 movies, 4 anime series, 1 manga series
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Arashi Kishu


Chii is a Chobit that Hideki finds (practically) naked in the trash. He activates and befriends her, finding her ignorant innocence endearing. Chii's past is quite mysterious and a big focus in the series.

Chun Hyang

Fay D. Flourite

Fay is another main character from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles who has fled from his home world. He travels, fights, and helps to search for Sakura's feathers alongside Syaoran and the group.

Fei Wong Reed

Fei Wong Reed is the main villain in the anime series Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. His ultimate goal is to obtain the power to travel across dimensions.

Himawari Kunogi

A beautiful high school student with a terrible curse: she causes bad luck to anyone who gets close to her.

Kimihiro Watanuki

A young man troubled by a constant following of spirits and monsters.



Kurogane is a character in the anime Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. He is a ninja from the world of Japan. He travels with Syaoran and the rest of the main characters. In the process, he helps to find the feathers Syaoran and Sakura are in search of.


Maru, shortened from Maru-Dashi, has a twin named Moro. They both reside in Yuuko's shop and cannot leave its residence because they both have no souls.


Mokona Modoki

Mokona is a mysterious, white, talking creature that slightly resembles a rabbit. He has the ability to cross dimensions and travels with Syaoron and the group in quest of Sakura's feathers. He also posesses 108 secret skills, not all of which have been revealed.

Mokona Modoki

Mokona is a black, rabbit-like creature that has a twin with the same name. He stays in Yuuko's shop to keep in contact and teleport things to the white Mokona while he is traveling between worlds.


Moro, shortened from Moro-Dashi, has a twin named Maru. They both reside in Yuuko's shop and cannot leave its residence because they both have no souls.


Kazuhiko's deceased lover.


A fairy from the Magical Knight Rayearth series. She is seen with Lantis and acts as his guardian after he Primera saved from a monster.

Princess Sakura

Sakura is princess of the Clow Kingdom in the anime Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. She is the childhood friend and love interest of Syaoron. She, alongside Syaoran, seeks her feathers which are actually her memories.

Princess Tomoyo

Princess and Priestess of the Nihon kingdom in Japan. She has the ability to see the future. She sends Kurogane on his quest to find the meaning of true strength.

Seichiro Sakurazuka

A member of the Dragons of Earth. Seichiro was friends with Subaru and Hokuto Sumeragi when he was veterinary. He is responsible for killing Hokuto.

Shizuka Doumeki

A calm and collected young man with the innate ability to repel spirits.

Sorata Arisugawa


Hiromu's Persocom and also Hideki's very tiny companion.


Syaoran is the main protagonist in Tsubasa Chronicles. He is noted for bravery and devotion to Princess Sakura--his childhood friend. He is on a quest to collect all the princess's feathers which will restore her memories.

Syaoran Li

The eventual protagonist of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle who was originally thought to be Syaoran's evil clone but turns out to be the original. Due to a temporal paradox, he was born the son of his and Sakura's clones, who had both been reincarnated in the xxxHOLiC Universe.

Toya Kinomoto

Princess Sakura older brother and king of Clow Country.

Xing Huo

Fei Wong's assistant.


Yukito is a character in the anime Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. He is the high priest of the Clow Kingdom and close friend of King Toya and Princess Sakura.

Yuuko Ichihara

A witch of many names and many mysteries.

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