Tsubaki and Daisy

Tsubaki and Daisy is an anime episode of Sket Dance that was released on 05/24/2012

Tsubaki and Daisy - "Tsubaki to Hinagiku" (椿と雛菊)

After the Tachikawa boss's crew bully Daisy, Daisy confronts the boss who forces Daisy to be his woman in exchange to not let his crew harass Kaimei high school students. When Sasuke finds out, Daisy rejects his offer to help because she wants to solve these things peacefully.

Will Sasuke avenge Daisy's honor without violence or not?

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Reboot" by everset

Sasuke: I can open this due to my martial arts training
Sasuke: I can open this due to my martial arts training

Two Tachikawa punks try to hit on Daisy, but Daisy tries to gouge out their eyes with her sharp fingernails. She bashes them with her bag when the guys charge at her. Unfortunately, her Munmun flies out and lands in a tree. Then, Bossun appears, and before the punks leave, they asks Daisy for her name. Daisy replies she is Yamada Catherine Hanako. Bossun asks if Daisy's okay, but Daisy tells him to shut up. She spots a bat and tries to use it to knock her beloved MunMun out of the tree. Bossun shoots Daisy's strap out of the tree. As a reward, Daisy pokes Bossun's eyes out. She explains that she never asks for his help. Later in the club room, Bossun impersonates Daisy which Saaya states that it's not that great. Switch asks Bossun about the bullies' uniforms. In the student council room, Sojiro asks Sasuke to help Daisy to open the candy jar. Sasuke brags a bit about his strength before opening the jar with one twist. Shinba comments that Daisy does not like relying on people for help. Sasuke asks her if she's in trouble, Daisy says that Sasuke solve things with his brute strength. She also states that Sasuke implies that weak girls should depend guys. Then, Sasuke states that friends help each other which makes Daisy's eyes open a bit. In front of school, Shimada meets Daisy's attackers, and she delivers their letter to Daisy. Daisy asks Shimada to not tell anyone. Back in the Sket Dance homeroom, Switch informs Bossun about Yabuta, the boss who gets mad easily.

Daisy gets violated by Yabuta
Daisy gets violated by Yabuta

Elsewhere, Daisy meets Yabuta and his gang. Yabuta likes how feisty Daisy is and hits one of his men. He walks towards her, and Daisy tries to pokes his eyes out. However, Yabuta gets behind her and does a sneak kiss attack on Daisy. Fortunately, Daisy only got kissed on the cheek. He asks her to be his woman, and Daisy tells him D.O.S., drown in a sewer and die. At school, Shimada confesses to Sasuke about Asahina's situation. Back to Daisy, Yabuta tells her that he will attack Kaimei if Daisy resists. He demands Daisy to give her cellphone. When MunMun drops on the ground, Yabuta picks it up and takes it for his other woman. He tells her that he will call her again to do something better than a kiss. Later, Sasuke asks Daisy to come with him for a talk. Daisy explains she did not get a full kiss on the lip and that she is angry that MunMun is stolen. Sasuke asks her what if she do when Mimori gets attacked. When Daisy replies, Sasuke tells her that he is going to beat them up, too. Daisy comments that she does not want anyone to get beat up for her sake. However, she is glad she has friends like Sasuke. Meanwhile, Sasuke asks Bossun, a hypothetical question which is really Daisy's situation. Bossun states that he will use the barest minimum force necessary to solve the problem. He adds about socking them in the jaw. Himeko and the gang show up with baked yams.

Sentai Sket Dance
Sentai Sket Dance

At the Tachikawa's hideout, Sasuke confronts Yubata's gang alone and states that he will use one fist on Yabuta only. When Yabuta asks Sasuke if he is Daisy's boyfriend. Sasuke replies that he is her friend and that he is here to take revenge on Yabuta. Yabuta states he is okay with a one-on-one fight, but his gang members would stop him. As Yabuta kisses MunMun, Sasuke charges only to get beaten by a mob. Meanwhile, Saaya calls Daisy to come with her. In Sasuke's battle, Bossun and his team make their appearance when Bossun shoots some of the students. Bossun wears a deerhead mask, Switch wears an afro, and Hime wears a handkerchief for disguises. When Sasuke asks Bossun why he is here, Bossun tells him to call him, Deerhead. He calls Sasuke, Eyelashes boy. When Deerhead gets hit, Himeko defends him. The Sentai gang wipes out the henchmen for Sasuke. Sasuke marches towards Yabuta. Yabuta laughs that he will win with Sasuke's injuries from being attacked by his men. Sasuke asks Yabuta how he views his men, and Yabuta replies that these guys are shields, and friends are to be used. Yabuta refuses to apologize to Daisy and attacks Sasuke who states Yabuta is weak. Sasuke delivers a Tsubaki Explosion and knocks out Yabuta.

With the fight over, Daisy asks why Sasuke did this. Sasuke explains that he does not know what he has done is right, but he will not let anyone hurt his friend. Daisy is surprised at Sasuke's answer, and Bossun pats them. Then, Daisy stabs Bossun's eyes again. At Bossun's home, he tells Rumi that a stray dog bit him. The same answer is used by Sasuke at the student council room. Daisy asks Sasuke to open the chocolate candy jar. While everyone gets one piece from Daisy, she gives two to Sasuke for helping her opening the jar.

Closing Theme

"Colors" by The Sketchbook

Points of Interest

  • The Deerhead mask makes another appearance from last week's episode, Stop! Invisible Man-Kun!
  • In the opening song, the deerhead mask is on Bossun who runs in one place.
  • D.O.S.: Dobu de Oborete Shine means drown in a sewer and die.

Manga & Anime Differences

This episode covers chapters 116, 117, 118, and 119 (Tsubaki and Daisy Parts 1-4) of volume 13.

  • Anime Only Scenes: Saaya, Hosuke and Rumi only appear. This means the scene where Saaya asks Daisy to come with her is anime exclusive, too. The scene where Bossun bandages his head at home does not appear in the manga.
  • Scene Continuity Altercation: In the anime, Bossun does an impersonation of Daisy for Saaya and the Sket Dan crew before Daisy gets a letter from the Tachikawa punks. Compared to the manga, it is after Daisy gets the letter.
  • Character Switch: In the manga, it is Saeki who delivers the letter and informs Sasuke about Daisy's situation. Whereas in the anime, it is Shimada, the school's news reporter.
  • Manga Only: Hime compliments Sasuke's killer punch after Sasuke knocks out Yabuta

Characters & Voice Actors

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