Trust is an anime episode of Heat Guy J that was released on 11/26/2002
We finally get to meet Monica’s mother who as Monica has stated before is always sick and Monica has to work all day so she can look after her. It turns out that her mother is not sick, but an alcoholic who goes out every night and nurses a hangover all day. Daisuke is not happy with the way her mother takes advantage of Monica. Meanwhile Daisuke and J are sent to investigate a passport scam. Somebody is abducting the citizens of Judoh and making them disappear and the selling their passports illegally. Daisuke finds a lead at a local illegal smoking bar and it turns out Monica’s mother has been meeting a man at this bar. Daisuke and J investigate the man and while it appears at first that his intentions are noble he is part of the criminal gang who are selling the illegal passports. The man convinces Monica’s mother to leave Judoh with him on a ship and she agrees. But the ship is full of other woman who had been duped and the gang plan to leave Judoh and dump the women in the sea. Daisuke is incredibly disgusted by these criminals and manages to board the ship and beat the crap out of the gang and release the women. The experience seems to have made Monica’s mother realise that she needs to turn her life around.

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