True Reality, False Reality

True Reality, False Reality is an anime episode of Eden of The East that was released on 04/30/2009

True Reality, False Reality-Episode 4

True Reality, False Reality (リアルな現実 虚構の現実) Riaru na Genjitsu Kyokō no Genjitsu

As Saki finally gets home from her exhausting trip with Akira, Akira tries to find out more about himself through the means that Yusei left him with. After some searching, he discovers the location of another Selecao member who he approaches for answers. Problems arise when the two mysterious members of the group meet, untrusting of one another as Akira discovers something big in the plot he has been thrown into.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

Falling Down by Oasis

Saki arrives home quietly in the morning as her brother-in-law tells her she should rest up before her major interview as she makes her way to her room without her sister knowing. Akira seeks answers from Juiz about the 20,000 NEETs as she says that he was responsible for their disappearance but she doesn't know what happened to them afterward. He then asks her about the Selecao but she tells him she does not know why he is a Selecao but that there are twelve in all and would be killed for failure. Akira decides to take a look at Selecao Number V's purchase history and takes off on his motorcycle to find some clues that may explain more about himself and why he has been caught up in all this. Akira heads to the crash site where the missiles landed and decides to investigate. Upon doing this he finds all these white figures coming out behind all the rubble, he recognizes them as "Johnny" and they all crowd around him and start hurting him. He curses at them and calls them good for nothings. This was just an illusion however as Akira did not jump down into the hole where the rubble was.

Akira arrives at the Hiura General Hospital where he asks the receptionist about a purchase for an MRI machine that the hospital director made. When Akira is told he cannot see the director, he just gives the receptionist his phone number and tells her that he is a Selecao. He sits down and waits and recieves a text message from Saki but gets a phone call from Selecao Number V before he can respond. He talks with Selecao Number V, Hajime Hiura, and wishes to meet with him face to face. Hiura assumes that Akira is indeed the Supporter and expects that his time will soon be up so he has Akira drugged and brought to his main office. When Akira comes to, he gets a phone call from a mysterious person calling himself Mr. Outside. Mr. Outside explains that there are twelve people chosen as the Selecao and their duties are to save the country. There is also the Supporter who is a Selecao as well and monitors the purchases of each and every Selecao ensuring that they make all the right choices to help out society and those that use their 10 billion yen (which is the starting amount each selecao gets) recklessly shall be eliminated from the game by the Supporter himself and that this game is completely unavoidable.

Akira realizes that it was really Hiura on the phone explaining all these things to him about the other Selecao and the Supporter. He apologizes for drugging Akira because he thought that he was the Supporter and that while he was prepared to die, he just wanted to make sure he was not the Supporter. Hiura explains how he used his 10 billion yen to construct this hospital and to help society out in a manner of medical assistances. Once Akira is told that Hiura's time is up, he tries to save him but Hiura just tells him that it's all right and that he knew his time would come eventually. Hiura thanks Juiz for her help as he waits for the Supporter since he had used all his money. Akira takes off on his motorcycle, seeing that Selecao Number V has been eliminated as he vows to figure out who Mr. Outside is and get more answers.

Ending Theme

Futuristic Imagination by School Food Punishment

Characters & Voice Actors

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Akane Sakai Key Animator Animator and voice actress of BoiBoi from Redline.
Satoko Morikawa Character Artist/Designer
Kenji Kamiyama Director Series creator, director and writer.
Chica Umino Character Artist/Designer The pen name of an anonymous Japanese Mangaka. She is most known for being the creator of the Honey and Clover series.
Kenji Kawai Music A Japanese composer known for his work in Mamoru Oshii's movies.
Kenichi Maejima Designer
Satoru Nakamura Animation Director


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