I was blindsided by Tron Uprising

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First thing is first, when I was done watching the first few episodes of Tron Uprising, I saw it as an anime, and said to myself there is no way that Disney did not hire an anime studio to do this, I was of course right, and proud of my eye for anime. This series is done by Polygon Pictures, best known for their involvement in the Transformers Prime series and 2nd Ghost in the Shell movie as well as the cut scenes in the video game Street Fighter IV.
The series itself is primed to become a favorite, I liked the original Tron movie, but never saw it's recent sequel Legacy... So as a casual fan I liked what I have seen so far. 
I suggest checking out the latest in Polygon Pictures rapidly expanding anime portfolio, and enjoy this outstanding mix of traditional animation and CG first hand Tron fan or not.
Catch it Friday nights on Disney XD. Plus the A-List voice acting does not hurt either...
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Wow, that's pretty neat that you noticed that!

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Pretty cool. Disney has another show, Motorcity which has a very stylized look to it as well from creator, Chris Prynoski. It's produced by Robin Red Breast/Titmouse Inc and Disney Television Animation with animation created in the US and Canada.

When developing the concept designs for the show, Prynoski felt "cool cars and characters" along with plenty of action were the main requirements. He referenced his favorite animation from his childhood; Japanese fare such as “Gatchaman” (Battle of the Planet) and “Yamato” (Star Blazers) for Motorcity’s sleek look. source

Between Tron Uprising, Motorcity, The Legend of Korra, Young Justice and Thundercats it's a pretty good time in TV animation again. That's not even counting the primetime stuff or the comedies like Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gravity Falls and Phineas and Ferb. For so long after the end of the 90's entertaining Western animated programs were scarce, but there's really no reason to say today's cartoons suck.

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@PenguinDust:  True enough, though in the cases of Tron, Transformers Prime, and Thundercats at least the animation comes from Japan.... I watch Korra and Young Justice, but not so much the comedies you mentioned, unappealing to my age I guess, have not watched Motorcity, I may, I know Mark Hamill does voice work in it and I am a fan of him as an actor/voice actor.
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I have no interest in watching it, it seem boring

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@Destinyheroknight said:

I have no interest in watching it, it seem boring

Curious on how it seems boring? Tons of action, and does not even tone down the violence, characters die. The series is fast paced, well animated, and I am curious how you jumped to the boring decision, did you even watch it?
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I only watch the trailer and I didn't like the story (see it a ton of times before), I never got into the Tron world (the movies was just ok) and I found it silly they fighting with discs.

I don't really care about characters dying or violence, that isn't that much a plus side for me. If this was ReBoot, then that be a different story

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