Watch & Learn: TRIGUN #20

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   Wouldn&squot;t it just be HILLARIOUS if the "master" was him?
 Wouldn't it just be HILLARIOUS if the "master" was him?

Hmmmmm… Legato makes a reference to his “master” in this one. That’s the first time I’ve heard of one. The Gung Ho Gang runs even deeper now with the addition of three more garishly-costumed villains in this one and somebody's got to be leading them  But who could it be, if not Legato? Knives seems like the obvious choice, but, man… would’t it be wild if it ended up being Father? That'd be something. A conspiracy so far-reaching, it even stretched into another show. Mastermind or not, Knives has been clarified as solid thrillkiller with this episode, though,  hasn't he? Up until this point, it seemed like he just wanted to punish bad people with lethal force, but now it’s pretty clear that this is how he gets his jollies.   

You might call it a slight, but important difference.

The titular ship in the sky here feels like some kind of Platonic parable. I wouldn’t say it’s exactly like the oft-referenced allegory of the cave - - that parallels certainly aren't exact - - but there definitely is some similarity to this batch of survivors being so short-sighted that they’d actually live on a broken, ruined ship for a century. That's like continuing to watch a TV with a smashed screen. 

Vash gets another girl in love with him and, this time, she’s at least visibly underage. Man... that’d be hilarious if his rep as a "ladies’ man" was based entirely on all these underage girls swooning over him. That's like some kid thinking he's the handsomest guy at school just because his Mom says so.

Some of this dialog gets harder to take as this show gets along. Wolfwood gets dicscovered with the dead bodies and he’s basically like, “Derrrrr… I didn’t do it!” But then, Brad’s excalamation of “Holy shit!” when Wolfwood unveils his BFG got a bonafide chortle out of me, so I suppose it evens out.

The bald guy reminds me of some other character, but I can't think of whom for the life of me. Is it the Yellow Kid? Daddy Warbucks? Bonk? Hank Hill’s Dad, Cotton? Help me out here if you've got some ideas.

Watch this episode, “Flying Ship,” below and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.  


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Bald dude = Master Roshi 
Yeah some of the dialogue in this show is kinda corny, but the show's fun so I let it slide.
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can we please get these people who keep putting up the crazy spam banned?  Getting really annoying...
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