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Man, I didn’t even watch that many episodes of RANMA ½ and this is really starting to remind me of that show. I guess I had this pegged totally wrong before I watched it. I figured Vash was going to be this cold-blooded badass and he’s turning out to be a total fop. The clothes might look all cool and modern, but this almost plays like some parody of romantic fairy tales with him as a demented spoof of prince charming. Seriously, the episode ends with him totally missing the advances of this chick he’s so smitten with, and then walking into the sunset, fretting all insecurely like a high school freshman. It’s a fun angle, sure, but still totally different from what I expected.

    Does this look like a hopeless romantic to you?
    Does this look like a hopeless romantic to you?

I’ll be curious to see how long this running gag about nobody believing he’s actually Vash is going to run. It’s almost some joke out of a Samuel Beckett play.

Not much of the world or its mythos has been established so far. Basically, it's a "future west" where "double dollars" are currency. To make yet another association, I’m actually kind of reminded of ASTRO BOY. First, the bad guy in this episode and some of the townspeople have had the kind of basic-shape caricature faces that Tezuka was wont to draw. Secondly, the plot of this one is just so simple - - the heroes just happening upon a water smuggling operation through a secret door in some mansion - - that it seems like a case the Mighty Atom would’ve taken care of on a quaint Saturday morning. In that respect, this show seems like an odd bridge between that old school kind of anime and the sleek kind I’ve been used to.

I might be start to crush on Meryl. I’ve never seen such a spunky insurance agent. Maybe it’s just the pixie cut?

Watch this episode, “Truth of Mistake,” below and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.   


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I wonder how long the running joke that Vash isn't Vash is going to last, too. It certainly provides some nice comedy but recognition is key and I think Vash wants to be known, at least personally, but not get arrested. I liked seeing more of Vash's skills as well but I want to see him in a serious fight where he has bullets. With the style of the show I think the simplistic plot lines work well.

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Note Vash's look when he dodged the bullet.
Vash is easily one of THE most complicated characters I have ever seen outside of Evangelion. Don't let his cheery nature fool you. Vash is a more tormented character than Hamlet.
Vash the Stampede is awesome. He has the skills, and he does many badass things during the anime. But he is NOT a badass.
He cares too much. He loves human life more than anything.
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No Tom you actually are seeing it a little off. Everyone kind of gets that idea the first time they watch Trigun, but anyone who watches a lot of it or just gets the vibe knows that he's like the total package when it comes to mixing toughness, comedy, and mystery. That sort of thing. I know, the show's nuts. 
Anyone want to back me up here?
Awesome show though Tom. You gotta believe me though Tom. It needs like a few episodes to really review. Just to understand Vash. Dragonball Z/Anime stuff, that sort of understanding.
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Woah, slow down Tom. Vash is NOT a "fop". The beauty of his character is that even though he is making it seem like he is clumsy, he is always getting the best of his opponents. I don't know if you noticed, but he did kinda dodge a bullet in this episode, and in the last episode he managed to avoid all those other thugs.
If Vash were to go around flaunting his badass then people would be more likely to try and kill him for the bounty. I liken Vash's character to Jakie Chan. Jackie Chan has many scenes where he doesn't fight back at his opponent, but makes the environment and situations around him attack the opponent (on purpose).
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Decided to rewatch the show because of the Watch&Learn.  Not a great idea.  Its been a few years and now I really notice all the horribly lazy animation in this show, which is strange considering how MadHouse is really great nowadays.  However, I still enjoyed it til episode 15 though, which is around when the anime stops following the manga.
Also, Vash is the best.
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I forget when it happens, but you're approaching the episode that sealed the deal for Trigun being a show I'd watch to completion.  Up to that point it was a bit too goofy and happy-go-lucky for me.  I'll be interested to see your opinion on that episode and the one way down the line with the little kid bandit. 
PS, when the frontpage blurb mentioned Beckett, I thought you were referring to this and it made me scratch my head, although after thinking about it more you could draw parallels between the two male leads.
@rubberluffy: Madhouse has a huge range.  Some studios always look great, some always look good enough and some float between the two.  Madhouse quality is usually best ever or worst ever with almost zero middle ground.
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It takes a few more episodes but you learn that Vash is a lot deeper than he seems to be right now.
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Yeah Trigun has that "Slow Burn" quality going for it, but I also agree it has the "WTH" ending going to.  The whole "off the rials" moment.  Though when I first watched it it was before I knew there was a manga and it was the point where it outpaced the managa.  Still, an enjoyable show with a deeper character than at first blush.  
Still would have rather W&L done PLANETES but I'm a minority voice in that. ;)  
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I'm not going to spoil anything but the next episode is the first episode with the "semi-philosophical" egde to it. It becomes a very important part of the show even though I don't think it ever goes too deep. I dunno, it was deep when I was in High School and it blew my mind, but I think anyone with a basic college course in philosophy will find it cute. As I said, it's still an important part of the show and it's behind a lot of the emotional payoffs.
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im wathing this show with you, but a friend told me it doesn't get trully great until episode 8 or so
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wow...did we just make a comparison between a samuel becket play aka waiting for Godot and before it became even very philosophical (now don't go into the later shows expecting eva but it does get somewhat philosophical).   I am constantly impressed by the bredth of your knowledge of drama and art.  Will be interested in what you keep thinking of this show may have to watch the disks I have of it again.
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