Trigger is an anime episode of Kill la Kill that was released on 10/31/2013
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A mysterious man arrives at Honnouji Academy and quickly proves himself to be more than capable of fighting against a Two-Star Goku Uniform. But when he sets his sights on Ryuko, who will be left standing?

— Crunchyroll

Plot Summary

MangaCh. ? (Vol. ?)
Theme Music
Ending"Gomen ne, Iiko ja Irarenai."
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Driving on his cool motorcycle, Tsumugu arrives on the terraces of Honnouji Academy and begins to take aim at Ryuko with his sniping rifle. Then, Kusanosuke and his gardening club appear to punish Tsumugu for trampling over their beloved flower garden. When Tsumugu throws his cigarette butt at the flower bed, Kusanosuke attacks Tsumugu with his mutated Venus Fly Traps. Tsumugu unleashes a barrage of gunfire on Kusanosuke's group. Though, the plants die as Kusanosuke loses his strength. Tsumugu finishes off Kusanosuke after telling him two important things. In the Biology Club's lab, a mad scientist holds Mako as hostage/guinea pig. Ryuko easily defeats everyone with her finishing move, Sen-I-Soshitsu, and frees Mako. Shrinking her Scissor Blade, Senketsu notes that Ryuko's blood is salty and that she is getting fat from eating too many croquettes. Mako pops out her Bento from her bosom. Before she gets a chance to eat, she get shot by Tsumugu.

Tsumugu reassures Ryuko that he will not harm Mako. After pinning Ryuko down, Tsumugu demands Ryuko to strip her clothes off. He explains that he is only after the Kamui Uniform and wishes no harm to her. Out of nowhere, a pin hits Tsumugu's hand. Tsumugu lets Ryuko off and leaves. In town that night, Aikuru asks Tsumugu to leave Ryuko alone because she is the key to stopping the Kiryuins. Tsumugu states that he is terminating that Kamui before it becomes a monster. Aikuro reminds him of Kinue. Over at Mako's home, as the family wolf down their food, Mako notices Ryuko leaving without eating too much. Meanwhile, Tsumugu does a routine maintenance of his equipment.

In Satsuki's throne room, her followers debrief her about Tsumugu's Anti-Uniform technology. Inumuta states that the man is after Ryuko. Nonon asks Satsuki to let her cast the net. Next day, Senketsu asks Ryuko to leave him behind because he doesn't want to endanger her. Mako and her family eavesdrop on Ryuko's conversation. With Mako heading to school alone, Ryuko waits for Tsumugu at the academy's entrance. Then, Tsumugu shoots missiles at Ryuko while unleashing a barrage of gunfire at Ryuko from the side. Just when Senketsu feels his power is about to drain, the poet, backyard gardening, and Rakugo clubs join the fray.

From afar, Nonon observe the battle and tells Inumuta that she is gathering info. She notes that she knows Satsuki's way of thinking, and she conducts her band. Throughout the school. Ryuko runs through several traps laid by Tsumugu that eventually wear down Senketsu. Crashing through the window, Tsumugu knocks Ryuko into the bathroom and demands her to take off her clothing. Tsumugu explains that there was a woman who was betrayed by the clothing. Senketsu jumps in to protect Ryuko by shielding her with his body. When Tsumugu shouts that all Kamui are parasites, Mako jumps in and explains that Ryuko loves Senketsu. Tsumugu denounces that clothing can talk. Mako rips Senketsu free and tells Ryuko to take care of her friends.

Somehow, Tsumugu hears Senketsu's voice and realizes that the two care for each other. Then, Nonon and her band arrive. However, Tsumugu escapes with Ryuko by using a smoke bomb. Meanwhile, Satsuki is glad that Nonon had fulfilled her mission well. Over at Tsumugu's home, Ryuko wakes up and remarks that they have to get stronger together. Outside, Aikuro thanks Tsumugu for saving Ryuko. Tsumugu explains that he is giving Ryuko one more chance. Should Ryuko and Senketsu become a monster, he will destroy her Kamui Uniform.

Points of Interest

  • Ryuko uses a new move called Sen-I-Soshitsu which means fiber lost.
  • Tsumugu hates being interrupted.
  • It appears that Mako and her family are unable to hear Senketsu's voice and thinks Ryuko is talking with herself.
  • Clubs that Appeared: Gardening, Biology, Rakugo Clubs, and 100 Poems by 100 Poets.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Tsumugu: "I'll be back... to strip you tomorrow."
— Tsumugu's unfortunate implications
Aikuro: "People and clothing aren't enemies. Isn't that what Kinue said?"
— Aikuro reminding Tsumugu of Kinue's words

Abilities, Moves & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

CharacterAbilities, Moves, & Items
Tsumugu KinagaseAbility
  • Anti-Uniform Guerilla
  • Nail Gun
  • Grenade
Kusanosuke YagurumaItems
  • Goku Uniform (Level 2)
Ryuko MatoiMoves
  • Finishing Move: Sen-I-Soshitsu (means Fiber Lost)
Aikuro MikisugiItems
  • Acupuncture Needle

Characters & Voice Actors

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Kusatao Uwabami ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Norihisa Mori ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Nonon Jakuzure ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Mayumi Shintani ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Uzu Sanageyama ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Nobuyuki Hiyama ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Tetsu Inada ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Guts ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Mataro Mankanshoku ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
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Yukari Fukui ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Aikuro Mikisugi ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Shinichiro Miki ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Senketsu ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Toshihiko Seki ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Aya Suzaki ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Kusanosuke Yaguruma ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Ryo Naito ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Ryuko Matoi ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Ami Koshimizu ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Tsumugu Kinagase ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Katsuyuki Konishi ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)


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Kazuki Nakashima Series Composition Kazuki Nakashima is a Japanese writer and producer.
Hiroyuki Imaishi Director
Yo Yoshinari Set Design
Miku Sawai ED Theme Song: "Gomen ne, Iiko ja Irarenai." (ごめんね、いいコじゃいられない。 Sorry, I'm Done Being a Good Kid.)
Eir Aoi OP Theme Song: "Sirius" (シリウス Shiriusu)


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