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Tricky is a anime/manga concept
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Ai Aihara

A member of the Futa Club.

Ako Suminoe

Ako is a character from Kiss x Sis

Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager is the mysterious assistant manager of the the Paraiso Mart convenience store. Her real name and face are unknown.

Asuka Langley Soryu

Asuka Langley Soryu is the Second Child and pilot of EVA Unit-02. She's a child-prodigy who was raised from a young age to be an Eva pilot.

Ayumu Aikawa

Up until the 2nd season, Seraphim calls him a pedophile due to his "hallucinations" where he meets Chris, a young Masou Shoujo. No one calls him a pedophile for his relationship with Eucliwood. Most of times, Ayumu is called a pervert.


A young, normal looking Masou Shoujo who gets drunk and hangovers in order to loosen the curse.


lesser demon Elyse from the series My Balls!

Eucliwood Hellsythe

A gothic lolita girl who shows little emotions and does not speak. This allows Ayumu to fantasize about her talking to him in a cute manner.

Furuichi Takayuki

Due to his relationship with Lamia, he is known as the pedophile.

Kanato Sakamaki

One of the Sakamaki brothers. He talks to his Teddy and might not have a strong grip on his sanity.


Koinzell, originally called Ascheriit, is is on a quest for revenge for himself and three of his comrade against seven of their former comrade who killed and framed them for betrayal.


A young medic who got into a frisky relationship with Furuichi.

Mao Asakura

President of the Futa Club.

Mariko Clone

Clone of Mariko made a lesser version with slight modification. Only four however survived their making unmark.

Mayoi Hachikuji

An 5th grader who seem to be lost because of a 'snail'. She also is carrying a large backpack.

Mimina Ōsawa

Mimina is a 19-year-old girl who looks more like a 10-year-old due to an illness.

Mina Tepes

She is the ruler of the Tepes clan of vampires; she is considered Queen of all vampires. Despite her appearance, she is much older than twelve. She is a hard and proud ruler intent on preserving the race of vampires.

Nadeko Sengoku

Nadeko is a childhood friend of Koyomi's sister and was cursed by a jealous classmates before being saved by Koyomi.

Nagi Sanzenin

The young, short heir to the Sanzenin fortune who happens to be in love with her butler and rescuer, Hayate.


A Silpelit Diclonius who is kept in a research facility her entire life until secretly being released after a brutal battle against Lucy.

Nozomu Ezomori

A first-year student at Kunpo High School, Nozomu looks young, but she really is a 200-year old wolf spirit. She is madly obsessed with Kouta Oyamada after he buys her meat skewers and seeks to make him hers in order to prevent Chizuru from having a litter with him.


The second Angeloid that Tomoki Sakurai encounters in Heaven's Lost Property. She is originally sent by the wicked Man of Synapse to kill Tomoki and take Ikaros back to her master so he can extract the rare "Variable-type Wings" from Ikaros.

Riko Suminoe

Sara Cossette

Shinobu Oshino

Shinobu is a vampire with the body of a child and is the person responsible for turning Koyomi into a vampire.

Suruga Kanbaru

Suruga is Koyomi and Hitagi's underclassmen and is the ace of the basketball club at school. She has known Hitagi since middle school.


Theo is the hero of Brandish, but not the main character.


A young telepath of the Pandra team. She only takes order from Major Kyosuke himself.

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