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Triage X is an manga series in the Triage X franchise
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Arashi Mikami

Arashi Mikami is a member of Team Ampoule One in Black Label. He barely survived a terrorist attack as a young boy, and his life was saved by surgically implanting the body parts of his childhood friend.

Chikage Hizaki

Chikage Hizaki is an arsonist killer as part of another secret organization.

Fiona Ran Winchester

Fiona Ran Winchester is the director of Mochizuki General Hospital and a member of the Black Label.

Granny Kimura

Granny Kimura is an elderly patient of Yuuko Sagiri.

Hideo Aranami

Hideo Aranami was the corrupt head of Aranami Construction Industries.

Hinako Kominato

Hinako Kominato is the daughter of the Monte Carlo SS café owner and classmate of Arashi Mikami.

Hinako's Father

Hinako's Father is the owner and proprietor of the Monte Carlo SS café and father of Hinako Kominato.

Isoroku Tatara

Isoroku Tatara is a veteran police officer Tobioka Police Force and partner with Konomi Suzue.

Jin Masaki

Jin Masaki was an evil member of the board at Aranami Construction Company after the murder of the boss and his sadistic son. Now a rogue threat with political ties.

Konomi Suzue

Konomi Suzue is a new detective in Tobioka Police Force and partner with Isoroku Tatara.

Kunio Ohmichi

Kunio Ohmichi is a psychotic officer in the Kaubto Synidicate and brother of Yukio Ohmichi.

Makoto Ogawa

Makoto Ogawa is a police detective in the Tobioka Police Force. He's partnered with Tamon Asakura.

Masa'aki Oki

Masa'aki Oki is an officer of the Kabuto Syndicate.

Masamune Mochizuki

Masamune Mochizuki is the Chairman of Mochizuki General Hospital and founder of the Black Label organization.

Miki Tsurugi

Miki Tsurugi is an anesthesiologist and sniper who often partners with Yuuko Sagiri.

Mikoto Kiba

Mikoto Kiba is a member of Black Label's Team Ampoule One, and a skilled motorcyclist. At school she's well known as the "rich girl".

Miss Fujino

Miss Fujino is a character from the Triage X character.

Miyuki Hizaki

Miyuki Hizaki is the little sister of Chikage Hizaki.

Mr. Fujino

Mr. Fujino was the father of Miss Fujino and a former member of Aranami Construction Industries before he turned whistle blower.

Nao Sakurada

Nao Sakurada is a teacher at Mochizuki High School and is lusted over by much of her male class due to her enormous bust.

Oriha Nashida

Oriha Nashida is a famous pop-idol who specializes in explosives after going into a rage.

Ryuu Mochizuki

Ryuu Mochizuki is the son of Dr. Masamune Mochizuki and the childhood friend of Arashi Mikami.

Saki Okada

Saki Okada is a delinquent student from Mochizuka High School and friend of Hachisuka.

Sayo Hitsugi

Sayo Hitsugi is a member of Team Ampoule Zero. She's a nurse who processes incredible strength and specializes in heavy weaponry.

Shinichiro Inunaki

Shinichiro Inunaki is a doctor from another organization.

Taisei Aranami

Taisei Aranami is the sadistic son of the corrupt corporate mogul Hideo Aranami.

Tamon Asakura

Tamon Asakura is a police detective in the Tobioka Police Department. He's partnered with Makoto Ogawa.

Yasuomi Hachisuka

Yasuomi Hachisuka is a delinquent student from Mochizuka High School who holds some grudge against Arashi Mikami.


Yoroida is a local thug and killer who was hired by Jin Masaki.

Yuki Kiba

Yuki Kiba is the brother of Mikoto Kiba who was being raised as the heir of the family.

Yukio Ohmichi

Yukio Ohmichi is an officer of the Kabuto Syndicate.

Yusuke Magari

Yusuke Magari was the former boss of the Kabuto Syndicate.

Yuu Momokino

Yuu Momokino is a student of Mochizuki High School and classmate of Kominato Hinako and Arashi Mikami.

Yuuko Sagiri

Yuuko Sagiri is a member of Black Label and staff doctor at Mochizuki General Hospital. She's a superbly talented surgeon and fighter who is equally skilled with the katana as she is with the scalpel.

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