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Treasure Tool is the name of magical objects which can provide special abilities or even an Unrestricted Spell.

Treasure Tool is the name of magical objects which can provide special abilities or even an Unrestricted Spell. A Treasure Tool is created when a single Denizen and a human, each representing their own world, has the same desire to one another; if worked out with the right Unrestricted Spells and physical materials, a Treasure Tool for the sole purpose of fulfilling that desire will be created. For example, Reiji Maigo, which is sought by many for its ability to replenish its owner's Power of Existence at midnight every day, was originally created by the Lord-Mystes lovers, Pheles and Johann, under their desire of "being together forever", using a single whole clock tower for the physical material part. Most Denizens, Flame Hazes, and even humans who aid them possess one or more of these, and would try to acquire as many as they can for many reasons, like getting an upper hand in critical time during battles. The most famous Treasure Tool collector is the Hunter Friagne.

List of Treasure Tool

There are many treasure tools, such as:

  1. Reiji Maigo: Reiji Maigo (零時迷子, lit., Midnight Lost Child) is a treasure tool that can replenish the keeper existence at 00.00. Reiji Maigo was made by the "Enganged Link" Pheles and Johann, to grant Johann eternal, so they can live together forever. Now, Sakai Yuji keeps it.
  2. Azure: Azure is a treasure in the form of ring, it can block any flame. This belonged to the "Hunter" Friagne, then taken by Yuji.
  3. Blutsauger: Blutsauger is a sword that will cause pain to anyone that stroke by it. The names come from a German word, means blood-sucker. It is belonged it Aizenji Sorath, then Margery Daw took it, and now it is belongs to Sakai Yuji.
  4. Nietono no Shana: Nietono no Shana (贄殿遮那) is the long sword (nodachi) carried by Shana. It is considered as an Arms-type Treasure Tool, crafted by a blacksmith who was later reborn as Tenmoku Ikko, the Mystes who was also the first who wielded it.
  5. Friagne's White Sash: It's a unnamed treasure tool, belonged to Friagne. It flows and glides at the air, and it can block attack.
  6. Giralda: A treasure tool in a form of a pendant. It belonged to Pheles, and Pheles gave it to Yoshida Kazumi. When it is activated, Giralda can summon Pheles, but in exchange, it will eat the user Existence.
  7. Haridan: The others name is Crystal Altar. Haridan is used to show the user a miniature projection in the real world, like Misaki City. Even it looks like a miniature, it's actually a mirror. Haridan can show people and stuff, and it can also show the Power of Existence, torch, or Jizaihō. According to Margery's story, Haridan is made by a powerful Lord Sairei no Hebi (Snake of Festival). He then sealed in the interval of the two worlds. It passed through many hands, until Friagne took it to Misaki City. Then, it is used by Margery, Keisaku and Tanaka. After that, Yuji takes it.
  8. Jettatura: Jettatura is a treasure tool that takes monocle form. It belongs to Khamsin. Jettatura's function is to let a normal person see a flame of a torch by looking through it. Jettatura is used by Khamsin to make a normal person understand the situation and the truth or the world without a long explanation, and make the person help him in the tuning, like he did to Yoshida Kazumi.
  9. Orgel: Orgel is a treasure tool with a music box form, owned by Aizenta Tiriel. Orgel can repeat a jizaiho that inserted into it, but it is not allowed to be moved from the other place while it's used. Orgel was crushed by Shana.
  10. Papagena: Papagena is Mare's treasure tool. It takes a ceremonial hand-bell, and it can create flame bullets.
  11. Regular Sharp: Regular Sharp is Friagne's treasure tool in a card form. When it's used, it can multiply it self to an infinite number of cards, forming a vortex in which a volley of energy bolts appear to attack multiple opponents.
  12. Reshuffle: Reshuffle is a treasure tool with a medieval mariner's telescope. It is also belonged to Friagne. Reshuffle can swap the user consciousness by looking through it to another person, with a requirement there isn't any wall between their heart. Shana found it, cause she and Yuji exchange their body, and at the end Shana destroyed it. It appears in the S episodes.
  13. Seirei-den: Literally "Palace of Starry Dawn". A floating island like Tendou Kyuu, it is used by the Trinity as the main base of Bal Masque. It is also made by Gavida.
  14. Tendou-Kyuu: Literally "Palace of Heaven's Road". A floating island like Seirei-Den, used by Alastor, Wilhelmina Carmel, and Shiro when they searched for Alastor's next contractor. It was destructed when Merihim and Shana fought. Before Alastor, Wilhelmina, and Shiro used it, it was belonged to it's creator Gavida as his personal quarter until his death .
  15. Tessera: A collective name for each of Outlaw's primary Treasure Tools. Tessera is shaped like a regular dodecahedron with blue color. Their ability is to mask the Power of Existence of Flame Haze and is a vital part of an Outlaw headquarters.
  16. Trigger Happy: Trigger Happy takes a gun form, belongs to Freiagne. It can destroy the vessel in which a Lord stay and awakening the Lord's full power. Usually, the contractor (Flame Haze) will die cause they're unable to receive all the Lord's existence.
  17. Yogasa: A Treasure Tool which is said to be part of the Alastor himself (supposedly his wings). It takes a black coat (cape in Mathilde's case) form which has the ability to deflect incoming projectiles and defend her from energy blasts and can store an indefinite amount of objects inside it. Shana always summons this Treasure Tool every time she transforms into the Flame-Haired Red-Hot-Eyed Hunter.
  18. Tartaros: Tartaros is Bel Peol's primary treasure tool in the form of a length of chain. It can store an army of Rinne and another wicked ability is to deny the cause and effect of any thing it binds including sealing off Flame Haze abilities. Bel Peol used it to seal Shana's ability when she was captured to Seireiden. It is one of the three instruments for the Grand Order.
  19. Trigon: Trigon is Hecate's treasure tool in the form of a wand. Hecate uses it to unleashes her spell Aster and seales the Silver. It is one of the instrument for the Grand Order.
  20. Shintetsu Nyoi: Shintetsu Nyoi is Sydonay's treasure tool that can change form into any weapon the wielder wishes it to be (even multiplying into thousand of itself). This Treasure Tool cannot be bent, fractured or destroyed by any means, unless it was the wielder's demand. When it first met the revived Snake of the Festival, it shifted shape into the coiling-snake-like altar welcoming his return. It is one of the three instruments for the Grand Order.
General Information Edit
Concept Name Treasure Tool
Japanese Name: 宝具
Romaji Name: Hōgu
Aliases 宝具
Treasure Tool
1st manga book: Shakugan no Shana (Light Novel) #1
1st anime episode: Shakugan no Shana #1
1st anime movie:
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