Trash Day

Trash Day is an anime episode of Digimon Adventure that was released on 01/16/2000

Matt, who's been having trouble interacting with others in the group, leaves them quietly while they're busy praising T.K. for outsmarting Puppetmon. The group notices he is gone and are becoming quite concerned of his whereabouts when Joe speaks up to tell them that Matt is not in danger, but rather he just left on his own. They realize that he has been acting strange lately and decide to go look for him. Just before they set off, Kari hears a strange voice that no one else seems to hear. Meanwhile Matt settles down by a lake, where he tries to figure out what his problem is. He is upset because he doesn’t have a purpose in the group now that T.K. is old enough to take care of himself, and everyone else has seemed to change for the better while he is still the same. He figures that to change like the others, he has to do it by himself. Cherrymon, a wise Digimon working under Puppetmon, approaches Matt with a secret plan to make him turn against the others. At first, Gabumon seems defensive while Matt just plan doesn’t want anything to do with him. Cherrymon says he knows why Matt is upset and explains that he can help him. This intrigues Matt and he falls into Cherrymon’s plan, and looks into the nearby lake. Instead of his reflection, he sees Tai’s face. Cherrymon explains that it means Tai is the one preventing Matt from reaching his full potential. At first Matt suspects it’s a joke but the evil Digimon convinces him otherwise.

The rest of the group is wondering through the forest, having no lead as to where Matt is because of their non-responsive Digivices. They find Puppetmon and come under attack by a group of Garbagemon. Mimi is quite stubborn about running away but the group escapes. After a bit of a struggle, most of the Garbagemon are beaten by the groups Digimon at Champion level. A few remaining Garbagemon attacks Mimi so Togemon Digivolves to Lillymon to protect her. Greymon then Digivolves to MetalGreymon to fight them off and Puppetmon runs off in annoyance.

Back at the lake, Matt is convinced by Cherrymon that deep down he knows he doesn’t have any friends. He begins to feel hopeless and indecisive, so Gabumon tries to reach out to him, and says he’ll stick by him no matter what, and that they are friends. This causes Matt’s crest to activate and Gabumon warp Digivolves to MetalGarurumon. Matt makes up his mind and they set off to fight Tai. Cherrymon reports back to Puppetmon about the plan in action, and warns him that the Digidestined have something he doesn't. This causes Puppetmon to lash out in anger, destroying Cherrymon.

In the forest, the last of the Garbagemon is attempting to suck the group into his garbage can, until MetalGarurumon appears to destroy him just in time. Just when everybody – especially Tai and Agumon – try to greet Matt, MetalGarurumon attacks, challenging Tai. Everyone is in disbelief at his behavior, and shocked at why Matt would be doing this.

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