Trap ~A Summer Experience~

Trap ~A Summer Experience~ is an anime episode of Kampfer that was released on 12/03/2009

Kaede takes Natsuru to a quiet spot along the beach and then uses her mysterious mind-control powers to plant a suggestion in Natsuru's head that he should rape Shizuku as part of her unexplained evil plan (I guess she hoped that Shizuku would be so occupied with trying to break into Natsuru's thick skull that she wouldn't have time to stop her, but that's another debate). The other girls run around the beach looking for Natsuru until they finally found her, but he can't seem to remember anything that happened in the past few minutes.

The next day, the group travels to a spa and everyone decides to start groping Femme!Natsuru, when Kaede plants the previous suggestion again. Natsuru heads upstairs to Shizuku's room and proceeds to shove Shizuku onto the bed. She seems willing to play along at first, until he reveals in another moment of idiocy that he was "ordered" to rape her but can't bring himself to say who it was with the mental block in his head. Shizuku responds by kneeing him in the solar plexus, knocking him out for he rest of the night.

The next day, Kaede lets her evil voice slip behind Shizuku as part of her still-unexplained evil plan.

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