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Transformers is an anime series in the Transformers franchise
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Abdul Fakkadi

A military dictator


The combined form of the Decepticon Terrorcons. Abominus is a being of mindless fury. He's not truly a warrior but more of an animal, due to the destructive instincts of the Terrorcons that compose him.

Acid Storm

A Decepticon member of the Rainmakers, a trio of Seekers, and the only one called by name. He was one of the Decepticons working for Shockwave on Cybertron.


An Autobot Technobot


A Decepticon who transforms into a gun, partner of Misfire

Air Raid

Air Raid is a member of the Autobot Aerialbots


An alien girl that fell in love with the Autobot Seaspray. She is able to transform herself into anything after diving into a mystical well.


An alien musician from Transformers G1

Alpha Trion

One of the first 13 Transformers created by Primus. Alpha Trion is the wisest of the Autobots, who helped lead the enslaved Cybertronians in their rebellion against the Quintessons.


A Decepticon Horrorcon


A female member of the Autobots.


An alien child so massive in size, he mistook the Autobots and Decepticons as toys

Astoria Carlton-Ritz

A wealthy heiress who fell in love with the Autobot Powerglide


A triple changer Decepticon who is able to turn into a Space Ship and Train. Astrotrain is primarily used for off world transport but still is a strong warrior.

Autobot X

Built from spare parts by Sparkplug Witwicky, Autobot X is a non-transforming Transformer


Biotronic Operational Telecommunicator

Basso Profundo

An alien musician from Transformers G1


An Autobot who loves peace and nature, transforms into a dune buggy


Beorht is a wizard who appears in Transformers G1


A member of the Autobots from an alternate reality where the Quintessons were never driven from Cybertron and Alpha Trion is evil.


The most blood-thirsty member of the Autobots, thoroughly enjoys gutting Decepticons with his propeller blades. He is a member of the Protectobots and transforms into a helicopter.

Blast Off

Blast Off is a member of the Decepticons Combaticons who forms the right arm of Bruticus.


Blaster is an Autobot who transforms into a boombox, he loves Earth music, especially Rock & Roll


A triple changer Decepticon.


A member of the Decepticon Terrorcons


A Decepticon who transforms into a gun, he is the brother in law of Scorponok and the partner of Triggerhappy


A talkative member of the Autobots.


Blurr is one of the fastest Autobots on land.


A Decepticon/Insecticon, Bombshell's greatest joy in life is using those who fall victim to his mind control to cause harm to themselves and their closest friends.


A Decepticon and member of the Constructicons.


An alien gambler


Brainstorm is an Autobot Headmaster


A member of the Decepticons Combaticons who forms the left leg of Bruticus.


One of the strongest Autobots. Slightly renamed later to X-Brawn for the Robots in Disguise series.


Paranoia ridden member of the Decepticon Stunticons


Broadside is a member of the Autobots who can transform into an aircraft carrier or a jet. He has problems with his vehicle modes,as he is afraid of heights, gets airsick, and gets seasick as well


The combined form of the Decepticon Combaticons (Onslaught, Vortex, Swindle, Brawl, and Blast Off)


From the Transformers franchise, member of the good guy faction Autobots. Can transform from car to robot. Most popularly known as a Volkswagen Beetle.


Buzzsaw is one of Soundwave's transforming cassettes. While his counterpart Lazerbeak is used for recon, Soundwave employs Buzzsaw for attack purposes


A Decepticon who turns into a gun, partner of Slugslinger

Carly Witwicky

Friend of the Autobots, wife of Spike Witwicky, and mother of Daniel Witwicky


A headmaster member of the Autobots from G1 and Robots in Disguise. In both series he transforms into the head of Fortress Maximus, as such he is rarely seen in robot mode and usually remains connected to Fortress Maximus.


An alien character who has a single appearance in Transformers G1


An Autobot Throttlebot

Chip Chase

Best friend of Spike Witwicky and an ally of the Autobots. He is one of animations earliest wheelchair using heroes. Chip is a genius blessed with intellect not only beyond his years, but far surpassing most other humans as well.


An Autobot Headmaster, arch-enemy of Sixshot.


A female Autobot and member of Alita 1's team.


A member of the Autobots skilled in using firearms.


Cloudraker is an Autobot and the twin brother of Fastlane, he transforms into a Jet

Cobra Commander

Leader of the terrorist organization COBRA. He also makes a guest star appearance in Transformers. He has been the main villain of most G.I. Joe series, and has grown only more evil and darker over the years.

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