Transformers 4 a reboot

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Calling this upcoming movie slated for a June 2013 summer release a reboot seems odd, Michael Bay has chosen to reboot the franchise with new actors for the next film (it is unclear if this includes voice actors such as Peter Cullen and Frank Welker) It remains unclear if this will be a bad lateral move as many believe it will be. This seems to be an odd choice in a franchise that contains a multi-verse and multiple timelines as well, for Bay to completely reboot the film series in the fourth movie may drive fans invested in the storyline of the current ones away. Though it remains unclear what Transformers 4 will become.

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Is anyone really "invested" in the current storyline, though? I mean, these are popcorn flicks where people crack cheesy jokes and then stuff blows up. Anyways, I'm not sure what to think of this. I didn't think any of the movies actually crossed into good territory and changing the actors while keeping Michael Bay at the helm seems like a swing and a miss at actually making the films better. The near 3 hour runtime of each movie would be a better place to start imo.

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@sickVisionz:  Tend to agree, it's hard to sit through TF 2 ROTF with it's brutal three and a half hour runtime, Dark of the Moon was not much better in that category, I would say keep Bay on for effects coordinator and get a new director. Bay knows what looks cool, not necessarily plot structure or how to cut out things that dont work well into the linear story, Had to think this through a bit, but starting over from part 1 with Bay seems to be nothing but a sequel, guess it could be something like a time skip with Rodimus Prime.
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