Transformers Characters

Transformers is a franchise comprised of 8 movies, 20 anime series, 16 manga series
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A member of the Autobots. Defects to the Decepticons very briefly in the Energon series


A Quintesson scientist, attempted to alter history but was stopped by the Autobots.

Insecticon Drone

Another class of Decepticon Soldiers capable of transforming into Beetles. The Insecticon Drones are massive animalistic soldiers.


Ironhide is one of the major Autobots from Transformers

Isaac Sumdac

The father of Sari Sumdac who is a scientist living in Detroit. He finds Megatrons head at the beginning of the series and helps rebuild his body not knowing he is a Decepticon.


A member of the Autobots, and friend of Abel and Chromedome

Jackson Darby

Teenager who is an ally of the Autobots, partner of Arcee


A member of the Decepticon Breastforce


Jazz is a member of the Autobots who has some style. As his name indicates this Autobot soldier enjoys music.

Jean Minakaze

Jean is a orphaned boy whose family was killed by the Decepticon Dinoforce. He later becomes the adopted son of Star Saber.


Once a Decepeticon but switch sides to the Autobots due to personal reasons.


A Vehicon, Decepticon, and Autobot depending on which series of Transformers you are watching


A member of the Autobots.

Judge Deliberata

A Quintesson Judge, only Judge called by a specific name.

June Darby

Mother of Jack Darby she is one of the few humans who knows about the existence of the Autobots and Decepticons


Member of the Junkions, helped repair Ultra Magnus


Strongest of the Autobot Trainbots


He may seem way too kindhearted to be a Decepticon, but Kickback is actually your run of the mill manipulative sociopaths. He is also an Insecticon who transforms into a grasshopper

Kicker Jones

The son of Dr. Brian Jones and Miranda Jones and ally of the Autobots. During the war over energon, Kicker accompanied the Autobots on many of their missions, even fighting Decepticons and Terrorcons himself by utilizing a high-tech battlesuit developed by his father.


A member of the Decepticon Breastforce

Killer Fish

A Beastformer and an ally of the Decepticons

King Poseidon

An aquatic Decepticon combiner, he is the combined form of the Seacons.


An Autobot who turns into a head...


Knockout is a member of the Decepticons, notably their doctor in Transformers Prime, he ultimately betrays the Decepticons and joins the Autobots in Transformers Prime Predacons Rising.

Koji Onishi

A friend to the Autobots whose father was kidnapped by the Predacons. Koji assists the Autobots in their mission to stop the Predacons and rescuing his father.


A creature made of pure electricity. He was a minor character in Transformers G1, but a reoccurring character in the manga Kiss Players.


A Decepticon from Transformers G1


A old member of the Autobots.


Lancer is an Autobot member of Elita-1's team


An Autobot disguised as a human, Lander is a Pretender and one of Metalhawk's team.


Landfill is an Autobot combiner formed by the combination of the Build Team.


A member of the Autobots


Soundwave's minion used for recognizance. Also an Autobot in Transformers Armada


A member of the Autobots


A Decepticon allied mini-con and the partner of Megatron


Legion is a Decepticon from the Transformers Kiss Players manga series, it was created by Unicron's cells joining with biological lifeforms and mechanical objects

Leo Junior

The son of Leo Prime

Leo Prime

Leader of the Maximals from Beast Wars II. He transforms into a white lion. Leo Prime (or Lio Convoy) is the reincarnation of Optimus Prime


A Decepticon Seeker and the leader of the Breastforce.

Liege Maximo

One of the first 13 Transformers created by Primus.


A Mini-Con and the partner of Smokescreen.


An Autobot Godmaster


An Autobot Technobot


The combined form of the Decepticon Breastforce


An Autobot who transforms from a lion into a head


An Autobot who transforms into a head


A bounty hunter who likes to make trophies of his bounties upgrades and personal modifications. He usually works for the Decepticons.

Long Haul

A Decepticon and member of the Constructicons.


A Maximal from Beast Wars Neo (also an Autobot in Transformers Cybertron who made a couple minor appearances)

Lord Chumley

A big game hunter who uses high tech weapons from Transformers

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