Transformers: Victory

Transformers: Victory is an anime series in the Transformers franchise
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Victory is the fourth Transformers series


Years after the event of Masterforce, new forces of Decepticons approaches aiming to take Earth's energy in order to activate their new leader Deathsaurus' Planet Destroying Fortress, which is sealed away in Dark Nebula. Fighting against them is Autobot's new Supreme Commander, Star Saber.




Elite members of Autobots, when Brainmasters transform miniature versions of themselves are their core as well as their face.

Star Saber
Star Saber

Star Saber - New Supreme Commander of Autobots, who can transform into a jet and uses sword as his main weapon. Star Saber can actually transform part of himself, still having humanoid form he is called Saber. While in the smaller form, he can ride onto his other part, V-star as a chariot or use it carry civilians. When he is in pinch he combines with V-Star to unleash his true strength.

Road Caesar - Combined form of Blacker, Laster and Braver.

  • Blacker - Leader of Brainmaster team next to Star Saber.
  • Laster - Other member of Brainmaster team who can transform into car
  • Braver - Member of Brainmaster who likes to tinker and create tool.


Group of six young Autobots. Since they are somewhat inexperienced, they are sent to non-life threatening mission. All six of them can combine into Landcross but most of time they are combined in pairs forming upper body and lower body for each. Respectably they can swap their position anytime.



  • Wing - Fighter Jet
  • Waver - Sea Skimmer


  • Dash - Sports Car
  • Tacker - Military Vehicle


  • Mach - Space Shuttle
  • Tackle - Pickup Truck

Landcross - Combined form of all Multiforce members.

Rescue Patrol

Youngest members of Autobots that specializes in rescuing civilians. Their personalities are close to children.

  • Holi - Leader of Rescue Patrol team, and Jan's best friend. He can transform into a Police Car
  • Pipo - Can transform into an Ambulance
  • Boater - Can transform into a Boat
  • Fire - Can transform into a Fire Truck


Wheeljack- The only Transformer returning from the original series, Wheeljack acts as the Autobot's doctor in Victory. 

- Formerly a transtector in Masterforce, Minerva has adopted the name of her former human partner similarly to Ginrai/Victory Leo, she serves as a nurse assisting Wheeljack.

Victory Leo
Victory Leo

Victory Leo - God Ginrai from Masterforce, Ginrai's transtector became sentient after the final fight against Devil Z. God Ginrai helped Star Saber from time to time, but after receiving heavy damage to the point where it was pointless to fix his body, God Ginrai wished to be reconstructed so he can become a support unit for Star Saber. After the reconstruction process God Ginrai was reborn as Victory Leo. With his new form, he and Star Saber can combine into Victory Saber.

Galaxy Shuttle - Space shuttle, as his name would suggest. Galaxy Shuttle is a large shuttle that is big enough to carry all the Autobot forces.

Jan Minakaze - Adopted son of Star Saber. He was discovered by Star Saber when Dinoforce destroyed the spacecraft which his parents and he was in. By the time Star Saber came to the scene it was too late, but he discovered small escape pod with Jan in it.



New type of forces of Decepticons. With Deathsaurus being their leader Breatforce utilizes the Breast Animals, or Breastars, robotic animals that are stored as breastplates and can also be used as weapon.


Deathsaurus - The new leader of Decepticons. He transform into a dragon -like creature with a head of bird. Unlike other members of Breastforce Deathsaurus has two Breast Animals, Tigerbreast and Eaglebreast.

Liokaiser - Combined form of Breast Force, with Leozack being the main core.

  • Leozack - Leader of Breast Force next to Deathsaurus, has mechanical lion named Lionbreast as his Breast Animal. Leozack can transform into fighter jet. Leozack may be Deathsaurus' most trusted warrior, but just like Starscream from previous Transformers series, he is conniving and looks for chances to overthrow Deathsaurus thinking he is more fitting as leader.
  • Hellbat - Cover unit of Breast Force, who is actually a coward. He has mechanical bat named Komoribreast as his Breast Animal, and can transform into blue jet. Hellbat has special ability that can hypnotize his opponent. At one point, he was close to being kicked out of Breast Force, fearing that he will be replaced, he actually confronted the new member Deathcobra before he can meet the rest of team and begged him not to join.
  • Liokaiser
    Gaihawk - Has mechanical hawk named Hawkbreast as his Breast Animal, and can transform into red jet.
  • Jarugar - Has mechanical jaguar named Jaguarbreast as his Breast Animal, and can transform into buggy with missile launcher.
  • Drillhorn - Has mechanical rhino named Rhinobreast as his Breast Animal, and can transform into tank with drill at its head.
  • Killbison - Has mechanical bison named Bisonbreast as his Breast Animal, and can transform into anti-air tank with double barrels.


Group of lowest intelligence level of Decepticons. They reside within their dinosaur shells most of time with exception of Goryu, their leader who rides his dinosaur companion all the time. The dinosaur shells seems to be sentient, since they can receive and act on orders they are given. All the Dinoforce members can combine and form Dinoking.


Dinoking - Combined form of Dinoforce

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Toyohiro Ando
Johei Matsuura
Yoshihisa Araki
Yoshikata Nitta
Hiromichi Matano
Hajime Suzuki
Hiroyuki Hoshiyama
Takao Yoshizawa
Katsutoshi Sasaki

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General Information Edit
Name Transformers: Victory
Name: 戦え!超ロボット生命体 トランスフォーマーV
Romaji: Tatakae! Chō Robot Seimeitai Transformers Victory
Publisher Toei Animation
Start Year 1989
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Aliases Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Victory
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