Transformers: Robots in Disguise Characters

Transformers: Robots in Disguise is an anime series in the Transformers franchise
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A Decepticon Commando


One of the strongest Autobots. Slightly renamed later to X-Brawn for the Robots in Disguise series.


A headmaster member of the Autobots from G1 and Robots in Disguise. In both series he transforms into the head of Fortress Maximus, as such he is rarely seen in robot mode and usually remains connected to Fortress Maximus.


An Autobot monster hunter

Dark Scream

A member of the Predacons

Fortress Maximus

One of the larger and more powerful Autobots, but one of the least eager to fight as well, was appointed leader of the Autobots by Rodimus Prime, but oddly not given the Matrix of Leadership.


After Megatron was badly injured and thrown out into space by Starscream. He encountered Unicron who gave him more power and was reborn as Galvatron.

Gas Skunk

A member of the Predacons


Grimlock is a Autobot and leader of the Dinobots. Despite not being bright and very cold he is a great leader to the rest of the Dinobots.

Heavy Load

A Transformer who has been both Autobot and Decepticon. Partner of Menasor


An Autobot Build Team member in the Robots in Disguise series and Decepticon member of the Constructicons in Revenge of the Fallen.

Hot Shot

A young Autobot working with Optimus Prime.


Ironhide is one of the major Autobots from Transformers

Koji Onishi

A friend to the Autobots whose father was kidnapped by the Predacons. Koji assists the Autobots in their mission to stop the Predacons and rescuing his father.


Landfill is an Autobot combiner formed by the combination of the Build Team.


A member of the Decepticon Commandos


The leader of the Predacons and reincarnation of Megatron. He grew extremely powerful after merging his spark with original Megatron's spark gaining a Dragon form.

Midnight Express

A member of the Autobots


Mirage is an autobot who comes from one of the wealthiest families on Cybertron. He was onboard the Ark when it crash landed on Earth.


A Decepticon Commando

Omega Prime

The combined form of Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus seen in Transformers: Robots in Disguise.

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots, the heroic faction of Cybertronians from the Transformers series. Said to be one of the greatest warriors of the Cybertronian Civil War, Optimus Prime transforms into a Kentworth cab forward truck.


An Autobot skilled at stealth and hand to hand combat.


Race Exertion Vehicle is a member of the Autobots

Rail Racer

The combined form of the Autobot Team Bullet Train


A member of the Autobots, he is the leader of Team Bullet Train.

Rapid Run

A member of the Autobots


A Decepticon Commando


Rollbar is an Autobot Throttlebot in G1, a Decepticon Commando in Robots in Disguise, and a Mini-Con in Armada.


The combined form of the Decepticon Commandos


Scourge is one of the most dangerous Decepticons, seeming to become more and more powerful with each incarnation. He is usually depicted as a creation of Unicron or a clone of Optimus Prime. He is often known as Nemesis Prime, in the current generation he is created by MECH.

Side Burn

A member of the Autobots


A member of the Autobots


Sky-Byte is a member of the Predacons


A member of the Predacons who transforms into a frog.


The Autobots main computer system who manifests herself as a holographic avatar that assists her teammates.


Member of the Autobots who transforms into a tow truck

Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus is a Autobot General and Commander of Autobot City. He is Second in Command to Optimus and had many attempts to be Leader or a Prime but prefers being a soldier and nothing more.


A member of the Autobots, his name stands for Wicked Attack Recon Sportscar


A member of the Autobots

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