Transformers Prime

Transformers Prime is an anime series in the Transformers franchise
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Newest series in the Transformers franchise, began to air November 2010 on The Hub. Animated by Polygon Pictures and distributed by Hasbro Studios.


Team Prime, an elite group of Autobots stationed on planet Earth fight the remnants of a Decepticon invasion and search for Energon. It has been three years since the last major battle with the Decepticons for the group but that changes when a teammate is suddenly killed, and the Decepticon leader, Megatron, returns to Earth with a dark and sinister plan to resurrect an army of the dead by reanimating the bodies of fallen Autobot and Decepticon soldiers using Dark Energon, the blood of Unicron.

Along the way the Autobots befriend three teenagers and are forced to destroy the Space Bridge, their only means of returning back to their home planet, Cybertron. Now the Autobots are dedicated to defending their new home Earth from the Decepticons and anything, or anyone else who would dare threaten it.

Transformers Prime is a series produced by Hasbro Studios in the United States of America, and animated by Polygon Pictures in Japan. The series has already received high critical acclaim, receiving 6 Daytime Emmy nominations in 2011, winning some as well. Season 1 is scheduled for a 26 episode run, with 26 additional episodes already ordered for season 2. Transformers Prime also holds the distinction of being it's network, The Hub's highest rated show. The show has been renewed for a third season which will run for 16 episodes. Season 3 will be titled Beast Hunters as the series will bring back animal Transformers such as the Predacons.

Transformers Prime is part of the "Aligned" continuity of the Transformers Universe, which also includes the IDW comic books, and the video game Transformers: War For Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron.


Autobots-Team Prime

Optimus Prime - Voiced by: Peter Cullen (English) Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese)

Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime

The heroic Optimus Prime is the leader of Team Prime, he is as kind and wise as he is brave and skilled in battle. Optimus will never back down from a fight, though he seeks to make peace with the Decepticons above all else.

Arcee - Voiced by: Sumalee Montano (English) Shizuka Ito (Japanese)


Seeming to be the second in command of the Autobots during field operations, Arcee is tough, and sometimes sarcastic, but loyal to her friends above all else. She is partnered with Jack Darby, and the two soon become a formidable team.

Bulkhead - Voiced by: Kevin Michael Richardson (English) Takashi Nagasako (Japanese)


Former member of the elite Autobot combat team known as The Wreckers, Bulkhead is somewhat clumsy on Earth due to his large size and the scale in which humans build things, and is known to accidentally break things frequently. But in combat where breaking things is encouraged he is virtually unstoppable. He becomes partnered with Miko Nakadai, and develops a close friendship with her.

Bumblebee-Voiced by: Frank Welker* (* voice synthesized into sound effects), Will Friedle** (English) (**final episode only)


The youngest member of Team Prime and the groups scout, Bumblebee is curious and fearless. Bumblebee does not speak any human language, though he does understand them, and instead of speaking communicates through hums, buzzes, and other electronic sounds, which the Autobots understand, but the only human who is capable of understanding Bee's speach is his young friend, Rafael Esquivel.

Ratchet - Voiced by: Jeffrey Combs (English) Nobuo Tobita (Japanese)


Team Prime's resident scientist and doctor, the Autobot named Ratchet, the oldest of the group, had a very low opinion of humans, and an even lower opinion on human technology, His opinion of humans gradually seems to change due to the influence of the kids, but his view of Earth technology remains unchanged. He comes off as being very negative and pessimistic, but when push comes to shove he is dependable and always comes through when it counts most.

Cliffjumper - Voiced by: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Billy Brown (English) Noriaki Sugiyama (Japanese)


A fearsome warrior with a sense of humor just as sharp as his skills with a weapon, Cliffjumper fell prey to the Decepticons sudden reappearance where he was first on the scene and found himself hopelessly outnumbered by Eradicon soldiers. He was captured and brought before Starscream, who murdered the Autobot soldier. Cliffjumper's deceased body was used as the first experiment of Dark Energon, which transformed him into the first Terrorcon zombie. His undead body was soon after presumed destroyed in an Energon mine explosion.

Wheeljack - Voiced by: James Horan (English) Yuuki Tai (Japanese)


The nomadic and hard as nails member of The Wreckers named Wheeljack was Bulkhead's closest friend during his time as a member of that group. Wheeljack surfaced abruptly near Earth, and Team Prime made contact with him, but Soundwave was also monitoring the communication, and the Decepticons captured Wheeljack and replaced him with Makeshift. Wheeljack broke free though and took down the imposter personally, but turned down the offer to join Team Prime, deciding instead to search for other wayward Autobots, especially other Wreckers, scattered throughout space. Later after the Decepticon named Dreadwing murdered the Autobot Wrecker named Seaspray Wheeljack returned to Earth seeking revenge on the Decepticon, and later still after Bulkhead was nearly killed by Hardshell, Wheeljack and Miko sought revenge, this action has been viewed as unforgivable wrecklessness as Wheeljack's actions endangered Miko. As of Season 3 Wheeljack has joined Team Prime.

Smokescreen - Voiced by: Nolan North (English) Kazuyuki Okitsu (Japanese)


The newest member of Team Prime who is a member of the Elite Guard stationed at the Iacon Hall of Records, guarding Alpha Trion. When the Decepticons raided Iacon Smokescreen was knocked unconscious and later awoken on one of their ships. After breaking free he gave the guard the slip and stole an escape pod which took him to Earth. Upon landing he assisted Team Prime in fighting Decepticons who had converged on the pod. After saving his teammates from Starscream he becomes a official member of Team Prime.

Ultra Magnus - Voiced by Michael Ironside (English)

The Commander of the Wreckers who came to earth after seeing the energy from the Omega Lock, found Arcee and Jack when they were on the run from the Decepticons. After saving the other scattered Autobots from Predaking, he prepared them for the fight at Darkmount with the Decepticons by giving them some of the weapons from his arsenal.

Other Autobots

Tailgate - Voiced by Josh Keaton (English)

Arcee's former partner during the War for Cybertron, Tailgate was captured by Decepticon forces during a key battle in which Arcee was also captured. The sadistic Decepticon named Airachnid had failed to torture information from Arcee, and threatened the life of Tailgate if Arcee continued to refuse to talk. But Airachnid did not wait long to make good on her threat, and murdered Tailgate in front of the restrained Arcee. Tailgate is often brought up by Arcee and Airachnid.

Seaspray (no voice actor)

Seaspray was a former member of The Wreckers, he is presumed to be dead after Dreadwing blew up his starship.

Alpha Trion - Voiced by: George Takei (English)

Alpha Trion
Alpha Trion

The mentor of Orion Pax and later Smokescreen. He is also one of the original thirteen Primes. Alpha Trion was responsible for launching the Iacon relics to Earth in order to keep them from Decepticon hands.

Ultra Magnus - Voiced by:


Megatron - Voiced by: Frank Welker (English) Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese)


The cruel, twisted, and somewhat insane leader of the Decepticons, Megatron's desire for power knows no bounds. Since his return to Earth he has experimented with Dark Energon, using it to reanimate the dead, and introducing it into his own spark chamber in an effort to gain control of the Terrorcons. After his exposure to Dark Energon, Megatron claimed to hear the will of Unicron. After the Space Bridge explosion, and an attack by Starscream that followed, Megatron remained comatose, until he took possession of Bumblebee's body as a means of repairing his own. He is now once more absolute ruler of the Decepticons.

Starscream - Voiced by: Steve Blum (English) Satoshi Tsuruoka (Japanese)


The conniving and scheming second in command of the Decepticons, Starscream has had a taste of power, having served as leader of the Decepticons both during Megatron's absence and coma, even going so far as to declaring himself the Emperor of Destruction, and demanding the other Decepticons call him Lord Starscream. Since Megatron has awaken from his coma and retaken leadership from Starscream (after nearly beating Starscream into a coma) Starscream's ambition to overthrow Megatron has only grown. He has since been exiled from the Decepticons, and has forged occasasional, but self serving alliances, with the Autobots.

Soundwave - Voiced by: Frank Welker (English)


The eyes and ears of the Decepticons, Soundwave is the evil robot faction's communications officer and a master of espionage to boot. His loyalty to Megatron is unwavering, and probably the only thing that kept Starscream from killing Megatron while he was comatose. Soundwave does not speak through words, using a sonar, or morse code like beeps as a speech pattern instead or mimicking phrases he recorded from others. Though the creators said he chooses not to talk. He is also a skilled fighter as he is able to best Airachnid and Wheeljack, but rarely leaves the ship only if the situation is needed.

Laserbeak (no voice actor)


Soundwave's main Deployer agent, Laserbeak's presence when Starscream found the nearly dead Megatron likely saved Megatron's life. Laserbeak is also capable of defending itself and assisting it's master in combat.

Knockout - Voiced by Daran Norris (English) Yasunori Masutani (Japanese)


The Decepticon's resident doctor, and a vain egomaniac to boot, Knockout is all about flash, style, and appearance. He enjoys racing against humans in the guise of his sports car alt mode, and though he is a talented doctor, admits he is in fact better at breaking things then fixing them. He is manipulative to an extreme, and attempted to help Starscream take out Megatron permanently. Though it remains to be seen if his loyalty to Starscream will waver now that Megatron is conscious.

Breakdown - Voiced by Adam Baldwin (English) Atsushi Imaruoka (Japanese)


Breakdown is Knockout's medical assistant, and like Knockout has some medical expertise, but though he is a competent medic, his interests seem more focussed on field operations and combat. Little is known about Breakdown, though he seems to have a grudge against Bulkhead.

Skyquake - Voiced by Richard Green (English) Masami Iwasaki (Japanese)


A Decepticon who has been left in stasis on Earth for centuries so he could be awoken should he be needed to protect Energon deposits on Earth for the Decepticons, Skyquake was awoken by Starscream in the wake of Megatron's apparent death. Skyquake refused to follow Starscream however, and behaved irrationally and enraged, attacking Starscream before engaging Optimus and Bumblebee in battle. Skyquake was killed, but Starscream resurrects him as a Terrorcon zombie who is now trapped in the Shadowzone.

Makeshift - Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson (English)


A unique Decepticon with an odd skill that makes him an ideal spy, Makeshift is capable of mimicking the robot mode and voice of other Transformers. He used this skill to replace Wheeljack in an effort to discover the location of Outpost Omega-1. Makeshift was apparently destroyed by the true Wheeljack however, who attached a grenade to Makeshift before Bulkhead threw him into the Groundbridge portal leading back to the Nemesis where the grenade and presumably Makeshift were blown up.

Airachnid - Voiced by Gina Torres (English) Ryoka Yuzuki (Japanese)


The sadistic Airachnid no longer considers herself an affiliate of the Decepticons, though during the War for Cybertron she was a valued agent who obtained information through gruesome acts of torture. She came to Earth for the same reason she visits any world, to hunt, and kill, the indigenous sentient species, not just one member, or a few, but all until the race is extinct. Due to the destruction of her ship her agenda of eradicating all human life seems to have been put on hold. Now her main focus is killing Jack and Arcee,

Eradicons - Voiced by various actors including Steve Blum, Kevin Michael Richardson, Frank Welker and David Kaye


Eradicons (AKA Vehicons or Decepticon Soldiers) are the massive army of nameless Decepticon forces. They are usually seen as Sports cars or fighter jets.

Dreadwing - Voiced by Tony Todd (English) Masami Iwasaki (Japanese)


Dreadwing is the twin brother of Skyquake, he came to Earth after sensing his brothers death and seeks revenge on the Autobots he feels are responsible for killing Skyquake especially Optimus, Dreadwing claims the two share a spark, the brothers are revealed to have once been members of the Seekers. Eventually he becomes Megatron's new second-in-command. Dreadwing also lives by a code of honor like his brother. Once Dreadwing learned Starscream brought his brother back to life as a Terrocon, became disillusioned of the Decepticon Cause. After giving the Autobots the Forge of Creation Dreadwing returned to the Nemesis to destroy Starscream. Megatron ordered Dreadwing to quit but refused his masters order. Thus resulting in Megatron using Dreadwing's discarded gun to end his life.

Insecticons - Voiced by various actors including Frank Welker, Steven Blum, Kevin Michael Richardson and James Horan (English) Kenso Kato (Japanese)


Insecticons are massive hulking Decepticon soldiers, that are referred to as "vermin" by Arcee. They are incredibly strong and feral. They have been shown to be easily capable of physically dominating Arcee or Starscream. Despite their animalistic personality they are capable of speech. They are first seen on Cybertron when Arcee and Jack went to the Planet to search for Vector Sigma. While going to Kaon they awakened one guarding the entrance to the city. Later it was revealed there was a hive of them on Earth the rogue Decepticon Airachnid gained controlled of. She used the hive to terminate Megatron but was stopped by Autobots. Once freed from her control they proclaimed their loyalty to Megatron and were brought upon the Nemesis.

Hardshell - Voiced by David Kaye (English) Mitsuo Iwata (Japanese)


Hardshell is the strongest of the Insecticon Hive on Earth having many scars on his body and claimed to have off-lined many of the Wreckers. It is unknown if he is the same Hardshell from the Transformers game, Fall of Cybertron. He was given the task to retrieve one of the Iacon relics but was unsuccessful due to Bulkhead countering him and his troops. But he did manage to critically injure Bulkhead by shooting him in the back as he was leaving through a Groundbridge back to base. Soon after Hardshell believed he really killed Bulkhead until Wheeljack who was seeking revenge revealed to Megatron he was alive. Hardshell then fought Wheeljack, as he was about to destroy him Miko launched some missiles from Wheeljack's ship ending the Insecticon.

Shockwave - Voiced by David Sobolov (English) Kenta Miyake (Japanese)


The Decepticon Scientist who first appears in Arcee's flashback in episode 43. It is revealed Shockwave remained on Cybertron to scavenge the planet for technology, and managed to reverse-engineering space bridge technology. Arcee and Cliffjumper were able to use the space bridge to reach earth but were followed by Shockwave. Inside the space bridge they fought one another until Arcee blinded Shockwave giving them the chance to escape as the space bridge exploded. It is revealed Shokcwave survived the explosion and is set to reappear in Season 3 bringing along with him the Predacons. It is revealed he found ancient remains of the Predacons on Cybertron and brought them back to life by cloning them in his laboratory.


Predaking - Voiced by Peter Mensah (English)


Preadking is one of the Predacons created by Shockwave and serves as the leader of the faction. His alternate form is a dragon. Predaking at first was unable to speak or transform but after finding an eye of a deceased Predacon during the fossil hunt seeing a vision of it's demise. He began to learn of his kinds origin after watching Starscream enter his security code in a computer terminal. Once the cons were at Shockwave's Predacon Lab he revealed his intelligence and ability to the others. Despite his loyalty, Megatron is weary of his trust.


Unicron - Voiced by John Noble (English) Hidetoshi Nakamura (Japanese)


Unicron is the planet destroying entity whose life blood is the Terrorcon creating Dark Energon, Unicron was defeated by the first 13 Primes. His unconscious body floated in space for eons and over time matter gravitated towards his body forming the Planet Earth. He imposes his will on Megatron, and is the only being Megatron himself is subservient to.

Vector Sigma (no voice actor)

Coming Soon

Nemesis Prime - Voiced by Peter Cullen & Clancy Brown (English)

Nemesis Prime
Nemesis Prime

Nemesis Prime is the Terrorist origination M.E.C.H. project Chimera who was created by examining some Autobots & Decepticons namely Optimus Prime, Breakdown and Airachnid. Eventually after obtaining Starscreams T-Cog their perfect impostor was complete. M.E.C.H begins using Nemesis Prime to ruin Optimus and other Autobots reputation with the U.S. army by attacking Agent Fowler and later Alden Military Base.


Jackson "Jack" Darby - Voiced by: Josh Keaton (English) Jun Fukuyama (Japanese)

Jack Darby
Jack Darby

Jack is the more level headed and low key of the kids, he is calm and collected, and sometimes can be a bit wreckless, especially when it comes to impressing Sierra. His largest act of bravery to date came when he had to face Airachnid who was trying to kill him. He is considered by Arcee to be her "junior partner".

Miko Nakadai - Voiced by: Tania Gunadi (English) Nozomi Furuki (Japanese)

Miko Nakadai
Miko Nakadai

To say Miko is energetic would be an understatement, she puts herself in dangerous situation after dangerous situation knowingly. Miko, an exchange student from Tokyo, Japan, is also a fan of heavy metal and anime. She has a stuffed animal sometimes tied to her belt that seems to be a reference to Paranoia Agent. Miko is partnered with the heaviest of metal... The Autobot Bulkhead

Rafael "Raf" Esquivel - Voiced by: Andy Pessoa (English) Motoko Kumai (Japanese)

Raf Esquivel
Raf Esquivel

The youngest of the kids, Raf is a child prodigy skilled with computers. He is a talented hacker, and the only human who can understand Bumblebee.

Agent William Fowler - Voiced by: Ernie Hudson (English) Kenji Nomura (Japanese)


Assigned to monitor the activities of the Autobots, Agent Fowler was wary to trust the members of Team Prime at first, but now considers the Autobots as trusted friends and proven allies.

Sierra - Voiced by: Alexandra Krosney (English) Chisato Mori (Japanese)


She is the object of Jack's boyhood crush, Sierra now seems to have at least some interest in him as well.

Vince - Voiced by Brad Raider (English)


A high school bully and street racer. Vince seems to have a grudging respect for Jack since Jack beat him in a race and took him home after he was knocked out by Knockout,

June Darby - Voiced by: Markie Post (English) Hitomi Nabatame (Japanese)

June Darby
June Darby

Jack's mom and a nurse by profession, June is a nurse and was not very happy that Jack drove a motorcycle. She later discovers the truth about the Autobots and Decepticons when Silas and Airachnid hold her hostage as bait for Jack and Arcee. She sometimes comes off as a bit overprotective, but at least feels better now that she knows Jack's motorcycle is actually a heroic robot in disguise.

Silas - Voiced by Clancy Brown (English) Unshou Ishizuka (Japanese)


The leader of the terrorist group known as MECH. Silas wants to create his own Earth-born Transformers to serve as agents of MECH. So far his team have created a copy of Optimus named Nemesis Prime. After Nemesis Prime was defeated and fell into his base Silas was seen in critical condition and his men were able to transfer his damaged body in to Breakdown. Shortly afterwards he killed his men and tried to become a member of the Decepticons.

Theme Music

The music for the show has been created by Brian Tyler who has composed the show's theme song and background music. Matthew Margeson served as music arranger. Also since the show has started airing in Japan, it has received a Japanese opening and ending theme just as Beast Wars did when it came to Japan.


#Song TitleArtists/BandsEpisode Length
1FEELINGBig Bang1-
3Transformerz (Ver 2)m-flo27-


#Song TitleArtists/BandsEpisode Length
1I Believe in AllCLUTCHO1-
2A Little BitCLUTCHO?
3DiscordTokyo Girls Style27-
Season/Ep# Name Airdate
3 - 65
3 - 64
3 - 63
3 - 62
Minus One
3 - 61
3 - 60
3 - 59
Plus One
3 - 58
Chain of Command
3 - 57
Project Predacon
3 - 56
3 - 55
3 - 54
3 - 53
Darkmouth, NV
2 - 52
Darkest Hour
2 - 51
2 - 50
2 - 49
Inside Job
2 - 48
Hard Knocks
2 - 47
2 - 46

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