Transformers: Masterforce

Transformers: Masterforce is an anime series in the Transformers franchise
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Masterforce was the third Transformers series.


After previous Transformer series, Headmaster ended, The head writer Masumi Kaneda wanted to created a brand new Transformer series with fresh start. In previous Transformers series, character from previous would make appearance but for Masterforce, every characters were brand new. Being released in Japan, the Autobots would be called Cybertrons and Decepticons would be called Destrons.


After the events of Headmasters, Earth was free of Transformers and their civil wars. However a new danger arises as the Decepticon Pretenders emerges from their prison. Fighting against them is the Autobot Pretender, who supposedly came to Earth at the same time and stayed since the ancient time. While the Autobot Pretenders disguised themselves as human beings to help human civilization the Decepticon Pretenders became monsters and spread terror. The Autobot Pretender finally defeated the Decepticon Pretenders and sealed them away, until Devil Z released them to do his evil bidding.

Back to the present, the Autobot Pretenders and Decepticon Pretenders fight again. This time both sides gain new allies, who uses new power called Masterforce, allowing human beings to be fused with Transtector to become Transformers themselves..




Sixknight - Sixknight first appears roughly halfway into Masterforce and is really the only full fledged Autobot in the series, he is not a pretender, a godmaster, or a headmaster, but simply an Autobot. He is however tied to a well known Decepticon, as Sixknight is one of the Sixclan, and brother of Sixshot.


Super Ginrai from Master Force
Super Ginrai from Master Force

Ginrai - Young truck driver who moved from Nagano, Japan to America in search of himself. By using his Masterforce he becomes one with his truck, which looks a lot like Optimus Prime. Initially Ginrai is combined with the truck's cab, but when he combines again with the truck's trailer he becomes Super Ginrai. He then can combined with Godbomber, a giant attack drone that can transform into trailer, into God Ginrai.

Lightfoot - Resident of Canada who is also a son of president of British Motor car company. He was discovered when his father sent a letter to Ginrai to see if he was also another Godmaster.

Ranger - Park ranger of Canada. He was discovered as another Godmaster when Ginrai and his gang was investigating the mine where Lightfoot got his Transtector from.

Road King - A champion Racer of European Racing Circuit. He and his Transtector was discovered when Lightfoot noticed that Road King's car repaired itself after receiving several damages from crash.

Clouder - Last of Godmaster to be discovered, however he has unique arability that no other Godmasters has. He can switch between Autobot to Decepticon. At first he joins the Decepticon thinking it would be cooler, however Decepticon used his ability as advantage but betrayed him as soon as he was finished with his task.

Headmaster Juniors

Shuta Go - Part of Headmaster Junior team. With power of Masterforce, he becomes of the head of Police car.

Cab - Prince from foreign country. Despite his status, he doesn't like being a prince and such so he gladly joins the Autobot to fight against the Decepticon. He becomes head of fire truck.

Minerva - Daughter of Mont Porte's ambassador, with her mom being a French. She joins the Autobot after getting permission from her parents. She becomes head of a rescue vehicle.



MetalHawk - Member of Pretenders who can transform into a jet. In his human form he is referred as Hawk, and wears a suit. He gives orders and guidance to the Headmaster Juniors.

Diver - Pretender who can transform into underwater submarine, as his name would suggest.

Lander - Pretender who can transform into a race car, which can also travel over water. In his spare time he enjoys his life as human, by collecting wines and playing around with woman.

Phoenix - Another Pretender who can also transform into a flying jet. He specialize in communications.


Grand Maximus - Brother of Fortress Maximus that comes to Earth in order to help other Autobot fight against Decepticon. He was the one who gave Metalhawk a blueprint for Godbomber.




Overlord - Leader of Decepticons on Earth. Overlord is actually comprised of four different parts, two Godmaster and two Transtector. Mega who rides a jet and Giga who rides a tank. Giga and Mega are actually married to each other. The names Giga and Mega are both a homage to the Japanese and U.S. names of Megatron, which Overlord bares a resemblance to.

Hydra - Godmaster who combines with a jet. Hydra used to be a popular actor but that alone wasn't making his life exciting. Using his acting skill, Hydra became one of the best assassin in underworld. When Giga and Mega offered him to become a Decepticon, he gladly accepted the offer.

Buster - Younger brother of Hydra. He is also Godmaster who can combine with jet. Together with his brother Hydra, the brothers can be combined into Darkwing.

Headmaster Juniors

Wilder - Leader of Headmaster Juniors, but still takes orders from Giga and Mega. He was formerly a lead of motorcycle gang, but was destroyed by rival gang. Angered by weakness he decides to join Decepticon just so he can destroy anything that angers him. Wilder's Transtector is a monster with a head of wolf with wings of bat.

Bullhorn - A thug who joined Decepticon only because of money. In truth he is doing what he is told for money, not because he is into it. His Transtector is a monster that looks similar to a bull.

Cancer - A kid from China who only wanted to become a strong. Cancer was one of student in martial art dojo, but wanting to prove that he is strong and become stronger, Cancer joins Decepticon. His Transtector is a monster that is similar to crab.


Blood toy box art
Blood toy box art

Blood - Leader figure of Pretenders, along with other Pretender he was sealed away until Devil Z helped them to be unsealed. His pretender form is a monster that is similar to a bat/Vampire. In his Decepticon form he can transform into a jet.

Dauros - Another member of Pretenders. His pretender form is a monster with large horns(Minotaur). In his Decepticon form he can transform into a tank.

Gilmer - Pretender with form of aquatic monster. In his Decepticon form he can transform into a submarine.


Devil Z - Mastermind behind everything, he is a pure energy being that gives order to Decepticon.

BlackZarak - Devil Z's most loyal subject.

King Poseidon
King Poseidon

Seacons - With exception of one, Seacons are mindless hordes of Decepticons drones that are great in numbers.

- When all Seacons are combined they form King Poseidon.

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Name Transformers: Masterforce
Name: トランスフォーマー 超神マスターフォース
Romaji: Transformer Chōjin Masterforce
Publisher Toei Animation
Start Year 1988
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Aliases Super-God Masterforce
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