Transformers: Cybertron Characters

Transformers: Cybertron is an anime series in the Transformers franchise
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Alexis Thi Dang

A friend of the Autobots who is partnered with the Mini-Con Sureshock.


Member of the Autobots


A member of the Autobots


Member of the Decepticons who is one of Scourge's acolytes in Transformers: Cybertron. His alternate form was a Pteranodon


Buzzsaw is one of Soundwave's transforming cassettes. While his counterpart Lazerbeak is used for recon, Soundwave employs Buzzsaw for attack purposes

Carlos Lopez

Rad's best friend and an ally of the Autobots


A member of the Autobots


An Autobot monster hunter


A member of the Decepticons

Dirt Boss

A Decepticon Constructicon

Drill Bit

A member of the Autobots


A member of the Autobots


After Megatron was badly injured and thrown out into space by Starscream. He encountered Unicron who gave him more power and was reborn as Galvatron.

Heavy Load

A Transformer who has been both Autobot and Decepticon. Partner of Menasor

Hot Shot

A young Autobot working with Optimus Prime.


Once a Decepeticon but switch sides to the Autobots due to personal reasons.


A member of the Autobots.

Kicker Jones

The son of Dr. Brian Jones and Miranda Jones and ally of the Autobots. During the war over energon, Kicker accompanied the Autobots on many of their missions, even fighting Decepticons and Terrorcons himself by utilizing a high-tech battlesuit developed by his father.


A member of the Autobots


Soundwave's minion used for recognizance. Also an Autobot in Transformers Armada


A Maximal from Beast Wars Neo (also an Autobot in Transformers Cybertron who made a couple minor appearances)


One of the three human who assists the Autobots during the search for the Cyber Planet Keys.

Lucy Suzuki

A Professor who studies ancient artifacts and believes Aliens have visited the planet. She later becomes a ally of the autobots.


A Decepticon from Transformers Cybertron


The first Emperor of Destruction of the evil race of robots known as Decepticons. He hates Autobots and their leader Optimus Prime.


A uncontrollable berserker robot that is the combined form of the five Decepticon Stunticons. Five psychopaths joining minds when four of them hated their leader was not one of Megatron's best ideas.


The largest and most powerful Autobot whose alt mode is Autobot City. That really says it all.


A member of the Autobots in ROTF and a Decepticon in Transformers Cybertron.

Nemesis Breaker

A Decepticon who is an evil clone of Leobreaker

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots, the heroic faction of Cybertronians from the Transformers series. Said to be one of the greatest warriors of the Cybertronian Civil War, Optimus Prime transforms into a Kentworth cab forward truck.


A member of the Autobots later becomes Leobreaker


A female member of the Autobots who hails from the planet Velocitron where she acts as leader.

Pay Phone Autobot

An Autobot who lives out his days disguised as a pay phone in the middle of nowhere... seriously this is a real character


The creator of the Autobots and Decepticons alike. His alt mode is the planet Cybertron itself


A member of the Autobots whose alt mode is a cement truck. (similar but not related to Mixmaster)

Rad White

A friend of the Autobots


Member of the Decepticons

Red Alert

A Autobot Security Director who is paranoid. He is good friends with Inferno.


A member of the Autobots


Member of the Autobots who has sometimes been depicted as the combined form of Jetfire and Jetstorm, and other times the combined form of High-Wire, Sureshock, and Grindor.


Leader of the Autobot Technobots


Scourge is one of the most dangerous Decepticons, seeming to become more and more powerful with each incarnation. He is usually depicted as a creation of Unicron or a clone of Optimus Prime. He is often known as Nemesis Prime, in the current generation he is created by MECH.


Sideways is a double agent that works for Unicron. He is able to be both Autobot and Decepticon by using his Mini-Cons ability.

Signal Lancer

A member of the Autobots, has no known connection to fellow Autobot Signal Flare, his name is only used in the Japanese version of the series, and he was never called by name in the American version.


A member of the Autobots


An Autobot Dinobot who transforms into a Stegosaurus (or a Triceratops in later media where he was an amalgam of himself and Slag)


A Decepticon Communications Officer who is able to detect and jam radio transmissions all across the energy spectrum. His alternate mode is a Cassette Player (originally, it is now a jet).


Part of the Decepticons who is the Most powerful of the Seekers. Starscream is usually the scheming second in command to Megatron. Ultimately joined the Autobots in the Armada continuity. In the Prime series he is described as dead to the Decepticon cause by Megatron, but has really gone rogue.


A member of the Autobots


A female Decepticon that has been on earth for millions of years. She was imprisoned in the center of the earth with her team until Starscream freed them.

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