Transformers: Cybertron

Transformers: Cybertron is an anime series in the Transformers franchise
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Known as Transformers: Galaxy Force in Japan, which was meant to be its own series, Transformer: Cybertron is The last of Unicron Trilogy in US.

Plot Overview

A giant black hole is threatening the very existence of Cybertron, and so the residents of Cybertrons have no choice but to evacuate their own planet and flee to Earth. In US version, Unicron's destruction is the reason why the black hole was created, making the series sequel of previous series, Transformers: Energon. Just when Optimus Prime and his team is about to leave, they are approached by none other than one of the ancient transformer Vector Prime, one of first Thirteen Original Prime. When Vector Prime tells story of Cyber Planet Keys and their immense power which can stop the black hole itself, Megatron and his Decepticon gang appear and steal the map that shows location of Cyber Planet Keys.

Upon their arrival, the Autobots befriends Coby, Bud, and Lori who aids them in finding of Omega Lock, device that can focus the energy


Note: Some of the characters have same names as characters from previous Transformers series, but they are not same characters nor have same appearance.


Japanese Name : Galaxy Convoy

Optimus Prime Super Mode
Optimus Prime Super Mode

English Name : Optimus Prime

Leader of Autobots and a holder of Matrix of Leadership. Just like previous incarnation of Optimus Prime, he is noble and kind to his subordinates. He transform into a fire truck, which also can fly. He can combine with his trailer in his robot mode to form Super Mode. With power of Cyber Key he can unlock Full Burst mode, the powered-up version of his cannons.

Japanese Name : Dreadlock

English Name : Jetfire

Second-in-Command of Autobots, Jetfire is one of Optimus Prime's most loyal subordinate.He transform into a cargo plane. With power of Cyber Key he can unlock twin cannons, named Dread Cannon in Japanese.

Vector Prime

Vector Prime
Vector Prime

One of the Thirteen Original Transformers, who has power to travel through time and space by ripping dimension using his sword. He transforms into ancient Cybertronian spaceship, and with power of Cyber Key, he can activate a force field. Vector Prime has a Mini-Con partner named Safeguard, Roots in Japanese, which mounts on his arm so Vector Prime can use Safeguard as a gun.

Japanese Name : Sonic Bomber

English Name : Wing Saber

Unlike Autobot of same name in previous series Enegon, Wing Saber is a rebellious Autobot who was banned for insubordination. He is so arrogant that he is willing to fire at his own fellow Autobot that doesn't agreed with him, at some point he attacked Optimus Prime. Contacted by Omega Frequency which came from Omega Lock, Wing Saber returned to Autobot to aid their battle. Upon his arrival he became a huge help by combining with Optimus Prime forming Sonic Wing mode, Sonic Convoy in Japanese. His Cyber Key unlocks Galaxy Caliber, which unlock hidden cannon on his back and unloads massive energy.

Japanese Name : Guardshell

English Name : Landmine

Mentors of many Autobots, and comrade of Optimus Prime. In fight against Starcream, he was about to be sucked into the black hole, in attempt to save him Vector Prime creates a wormhole and sends Landmine to Earth. There he encounters the human children. Landmine transform into loader, and with power of Cyber Key he can use Tornado Cutter attack, which unlocks spikes in his wheels to either use them as weapon or create tornado.

Japanese Name : Jackshot/Ligerjack

English Name : Overhaul/Leobreaker

Overhaul changes to Leobreaker
Overhaul changes to Leobreaker

The hot-blooded member of Autobots who jumps into action without planning ahead. When Optimus separated his teams to search for Cyber Key, Overhaul was assigned on Jungle Planet. He tried to persuade Jungle Planet's leader Scourge to hand over the key but he ended up challenging him to a duel. When he was about to be finished he was able to harness the power of Jungle Planet's Cyber Key which reformatted him into Leobreaker. When he was known as Overhaul, he transformed into a military off-road jeep, and used attacked named Anchor Shot using Cyber Key, which shoots missile out of his chest. In his Leobreaker form he uses attack named Platinum Claw, a large claws that are attached to his hands. With power of Matrix he was able to combine with Optimus, becoming one of his arm, calling it Savage Claw Mode, Liger Convoy in Japanese.

Japanese Name : Exillion/Exigeyser

English Name : Hot Shot

Young member of Autobot and a lover of speed. He was assigned on a mission to find Cyber Key from Speed Planet. Once he got there he couldn't resist his urge to speed and ended participating on race against Override despite Optimus's strict order not to cause any scene. After receiving heavy damage from fight against Megatron, Hot Shot was reformatted from speedy sports car to APC with multiple missile launchers. When he was sports car, Cyber Key unlcoked Accel Wing, giving him a massive speed boost in his car form. In his new form it unlocks Double X Shot, firing barrages of missiles.

Japanese Name : Backpack/Backgrid

English Name : Scattershot


Technical expert, Scattershot don't participate in battles unless he is needed, even though he doesn't like it. After receiving heavy damage from Megatron Scattershot was reformatted from half-track with two giant anti-air missiles on its back to a tank with multiple missile launchers on its back. In his original form, Cyber key unlocked Ground Shot Up or Land Shot, shooting missiles on his back. In his new form it unlocks hidden weapons in each of his arms, named Twin Search Missile.

Japanese Name : First Aid/First Gunner

English Name : Red Alert

Scientist as well as doctor, Red Alert specialized in researching and fixing his fellow Autobots. Just like Hot Shot and Scattershot, he received heavy damage from Megatron, but reformatted from Medical SUV to armored carrier carrying a gigantic missile on its top. In his initial form, Cyber Key unlock two cannon inside him, named Photon Beam, while in his second form the missile on his back splits generating powerful energy blast named Giga Vanisher.

Japanese Name : Nitro Convoy

English Name : Override


Leader of Speed Planet which also means that s/he is the fastest on the Speed Planet. After loosing a race to Hot Shot, s/he decides to join the Autobot party to save the Universe. In vehicle form, the Cyber Key unlocks Nitro Boost which gives great speed boost. In robot form, Cyber Key unlocks Mach Shot attack, shooting from double-barreled gun. In Japanese version, Override was portrayed as a male character, but in US version Override was portrayed as female

Japanese Name : Fang Wolf

English Name : Snarl

Resident of Jungle Planet who transform to a wolf. When Overhaul arrived upon Jungle Planet and fought against Scourge, Snarl decided to help Overhaul but at the same time he was branded as traitor since his actions were against Scourge. Later he decides to join Autobot when they finally retrieved the Jungle Planet's Cyber Key. Cyber Key unlocks two fangs from his wolf head, named Power Fang.

Japanese Name : Live Convoy

English Name : Evac


Transformer who came to Earth way before Optimus and his team did, helping mankind from ancient time along with his partner Crosswise. He and Crosswise took a role of monster hunter to hunt down Decepticons, which was branded as monsters by humans. Living in Earth for so long, Evac seems to have learned martial art, and uses his rotor blades as weapon. With power of Cyber Key, Evac can either unlock a pair of boosters, or use them as weapon.

Japanese Name : Megalo Convoy

English Name : Metroplex

Leader of Giant Planet, Metroplex is the biggest and most powerful in terms of strength. He transform into bucket-wheel excavator, but in robot mode he uses excavator part as his axe. Metroplex has a Mini-Con partner named Drill Bit, who helps Metroplex coordinate construction. With power of Cyber Key, Metroplex can power up his axe.

Japanese Name : Blender

English Name : Quickmix

Loyal subordinate of Metroplex, Quickmix is another resident of Giant Planet who can transform into cement mixer truck. When Cyber Key is used his cement mixer splits, opening a blaster within. The attack is called Mixing Cannon.


Japanese Name : Hop

English Name : Jolt

Leader of Mini-Con trio that help Autobots, but mostly hang out with the human kids since their mind is similar of human children. Jolt and his gang were trapped in space and time when they were playing hide-and-seek with other Mini-Con. They were rescued when Vector Prime discovered them. Jolt is the only Mini-Con who can speak human language and has special power to transport between spaces. He transform into a helicopter, small but just big enough for human to get in.

Japanese Name : Bullet

English Name : Six-Speed

One of Mini-Con trio, transform into a race car

Japanese Name : Bumper

English Name : Reverb

Another member of Mini-Con trio, transform into a truck.


Coby Hansen

Bud Hansen



Megatron/ Galvatron



Japanese Name : Gasket

English Name : Ransack

Japanese Name : Landbullet/Armbullet

English Name : Crumplezone

Japanese Name : Flame Convoy

English Name : Scourge

Japanese Name : Chromia

English Name : Thunderblast

Japanese Name : Moledive

English Name : Menasor

Japanese Name : Demolishor

English Name : Mudflap

Japanese Name : Noisemaze

English Name : Sideways


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Name Transformers: Cybertron
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