Transformers: Beast Wars

Transformers: Beast Wars is an anime series in the Transformers franchise
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Sixth series from Transformers. The descendants of the Autobots and Decepticons, the Maximals and Predacons, travel to prehistoric Earth to battle each other for Energon. They have to take on Beast Forms in order to be protected from the effects of raw Energon.


The Maximal crew of the Axalon led by Optimus Primal pursue the crew of the Predacon ship Darksyde under the command of Megatron through a wormhole which sends the two starships back in time to primitive Earth.



Optimus Primal
Optimus Primal
Optimus Primal (Voiced by Garry Chalk, Takehito Koyasu) 
Optimus Primal is the leader of the Maximals 
Alt Mode: Gorilla

Rhinox  (Voiced by Richard Newman)
Rhinox serves as a Maximal scientist and doctor
Alt Mode: Rhinoceros

Cheetor  (Voiced by Ian James Corlett)
Cheetor is the youngest member of the Maximals and acts as a scout
Alt Mode: Cheetah

Rattrap  (Voiced by Scott McNeil, Kappei Yamaguchi)
Rattrap is a Maximal specializing in espionage
Alt Mode: Rat

Dinobot  (Voiced by Scott McNeil, Keiji Fujiwara)
Dinobot is an ex-Predacon turned Maximal, he is the groups strongest warrior
Alt Mode: Velociraptor

Tigatron  (Voiced by Blu Mankuma)
Tigatron was the first protoform to land on Earth, he prefers living in the wild
Alt Mode: White Tiger

Airazor  (Voiced by Pauline Newstone)
Airazor is a female Maximal who transforms into a hawk, she specializes in long range recon.
Alt Mode: Chicken Hawk

Silverbolt  (Voiced by Scott McNeil, Mitsuo Iwata)
Silverbolt was at first a Predacon, but switched sides rather quickly. He is a fuzor, and has the characteristics of two separate beast modes merged into one.
Alt Mode: Wolf/Eagle

 Depth Charge
 Depth Charge
Depth Charge  (Voiced by David Sobolov)
Depth Charge is a Maximal with a grudge against Rampage, he specializes in undersea combat, tracking, and firearms.
Alt Mode: Hammerhead Shark

Tigerhawk (Voiced by  Blu Mankuma, Koichi Tochika)
 Tigerhawk was created by The Vok to act as their Earthly emissary, he/she is the result of the bodies and sparks of Tigatron and Airazor being fused together.

Optimal Optimus
Optimal Optimus
Optimal Optimus  (Voiced by Garry Chalk)
Optimal Optimus was the short lived fusion of Optimus Primal and Optimus Prime.


Megatron 2 
Megatron 2 
Megatron  (Voiced by David Kaye)
Megatron is the leader of a group of Predacons who stole the Golden Disc on Cybertron. Megatron, along with the Predacons who escaped the theft fled aboard the Darksyde, travelling through a rift in time and space to primitive Earth. 
Alt Modes: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Dragon

Terrorsaur  (Voiced by Doug Parker)
Terrorsaur is the scheming Predacon who wishes to take command of the Predacons, but after seeing first hand what happened to Dinobot, he is cautious to hide his ambitions,
Alt Mode: Pterosaur

Tarantulas  (Voiced by Alec Willows) 
Tarantulas is the mad scientist member of the Predacons, much like Terrorsaur he also schemes to seize control of the Predacons, he is somewhat obsessed with securing protoforms and making sure they select an arachnid as their alt mode.
Alt Mode: Tarantula

Waspinator  (Voiced by Scott McNeil)
Waspinator is....Crazy. He is usually loyal to Megatron, but much like most of the other Predacons, has turned on his leader at one point. Waspinator refers to himself in the third person at all times.
Alt Mode: Wasp

Scorponok  (Voiced by Don Brown)
Scorponok is the only Predacon truly loyal to Megatron, he is also the dumbest member of the group. He has been called the second in command of the team, but clearly that title is only given to him for his unwavering loyalty.
Alt Mode: Scorpion

Blackarachnia  (Voiced by Venus Terzo) Blackarachnia was the first protoform recovered by the Predacons, Tarantulas made sure to give her a spider alt mode. She is prone towards scheming and backstabbing, but ultimately defects to the Maximals.
Alt Mode: Black Widow Spider

Inferno (Predacon)
Inferno (Predacon)
Inferno  (Voiced by Jim Byrnes)
Inferno makes Waspinator look sane. He was the 2nd Maximal protoform to be reprogrammed into a Predacon, and has a mentality mirroring his beast mode.
Alt Mode: Fire Ant

Quickstrike  (Voiced by Colin Murdoch)
Quickstrike is the cowboy like Predacon fuzor, he's quick to shoot first and never ask questions.
Alt Mode: Rattlesnake/Scorpion

Rampage  (Voiced by Campbell Lane)
Rampage is a true psychopath, he is the result of a Maximal experiment to artificially duplicate Starscream's immortal spark. It is revealed that the Avalon's crews true mission was to dispose of Rampage in the deepest regions of space prior to being sidetracked by having to pursue the Darksyde. Alt Modes: Crab/Tank

Ravage  (Voiced by Lee Tocker)
Ravage travelled back in time with the purpose of altering history so the Decepticons would win the war. He planned to achieve this by destroying the Autobots while they were still in stasis.
Alt Modes: Panther/Cassette

Dinobot II
Dinobot II
Dinobot II  (Voiced by Scott McNeil) 
Dinobot II was created by Megatron in an effort to replace the deceased Dinobot, and create a new worthy second in command. Dinobot II was cloned from Dinobot, and given life by a portion of Rampage's spark. He strangely seems to have flashbacks of the originals memories.
Alt Mode: Cybernetic Velociraptor


Optimus Prime  (Voiced by

Bumblebee  (Voiced by

Prowl  (Voiced by

Jazz  (Voiced by

Ironhide  (Voiced by

Ratchet  (Voiced by


Megatron  (Voiced by (Garry Chalk)

Starscream  (Voiced by Doug Parker)

Soundwave  (Voiced by

Skywarp  (Voiced by

Thundercracker  (Voiced by


Leader Neanderthal  (Voiced by Garry Chalk)

Chak  (No voice/uncredited)

Una  (Voiced by Susan Blu)


Clone-1  (Voiced by Scott McNeil)

Transmutate  (Susan Blu, Haruna Ikezawa)

Unicron (hologram)   (Voiced by

Snowstalker (No voice/uncredited)

The Vok  (Voiced by Blu Mankuma/Richard Newman, )

Cyber-Raptors (No voice/uncredited)

Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 12
1 - 11
The Probe
1 - 10
Gorilla Warfare
1 - 9
A Better Mousetrap
1 - 8
Double Jeopardy
1 - 7
Fallen Comrades
1 - 6
Power Surge
1 - 5
Chain of Command
1 - 4
Equal Measures
1 - 3
The Web
1 - 2
Beast Wars Part 2
1 - 1
Beast Wars Part 1
1 - 0
Theft of the Golden Disc

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