Transformation Things

Transformation is a anime/manga concept
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A Drug seen in the New Cutie Honey series that was created by Dolmeck. It has the ability to turn normal humans into super powered mutants or turn them into monsters.


Chastiefol is King's sacred treasure, it was created in the Fairy Realm

Devil Fruit

Devil Fruit are a mystical fruit that can give the user, when eaten strange, but Interesting abilities. They are rare to find throughout the Grand Line, in One Piece.

Kirumin Compact

A device that allows people who are registered to turn into animals.


The Portman are amphibious fourth-generation mass-production Knightmare Frames. Used by the Britannian Army.

Real Personal Trooper Type 1 (R-1)

Ryuusei Date's Personal Trooper.

Rumble Ball

The Rumble Ball is a medicine created by Chopper that allows him to meld his different animal forms to assist in combat. Taking too many can have dangerous side effects.

Stone of Gelel

A object seen in the second Naruto film. The Stone of Gelel is a source of life energy contained in a mineral that grants incredible regenerative powers, longevity, electricity, and transformation.


The Warlock is an anti-Neuroi mech that was created under the command of General Maloney to replace the Strike Witches. Powered by a piece of a Neuroi core.

Zanaffar Armor

Zanaffar Armor is an armor that protect the user from magic at a cost

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