Transform! Akane the Super-Duper Girl

Transform! Akane the Super-Duper Girl is an anime episode of Ranma ½ that was released on 06/01/1990
Akane, after being defeated by shampoo in arm wrestling, accidentally eats Happosai's special "Super Soba", making her incredibly strong, enough to swing ranma to the ground without much effort, and send him flying with a poke to the head.

she then enters a local Martial Arts Ping Pong tournament, where she challenges Shampoo, with Ranma as the prize. in round 1, Akane shows her advantage, easily intimidating Shampoo. however, Soun and Ranma find there are side effects from the Soba if consumed by a woman, the testosterone in it causes them to grow facial hair, so ranma is given the antidote an tries to give it to Akane.  

as he tries unsucessfully, Shampoo overhears the talk of the Super Soba, and steals Happosai's second serving of it, giving her a strength boost. she then challenges Akane to Round 2, using larger paddles. they use a bell as a ball, without realizing Ranma is in it. and as the serve is returned to Shampoo, she catches the bell, and Ranma gives her the antidote, making her weak again, but trapping both of them in the bell. Ramna tricks Akane into freeing them, but ahe still refuses to take the antidote, thinking he is lying, and smacks him into the water below, and tells him he has to beat her to make her take the antidote.
 Akane chained down.
 Akane chained down.
Ranma, in his girl form, then spars against Akane on the ping pong court, using different trap balls. eventually, Soun throws Ranma a giant ball containing chains. Akane knocks and breaks the chains easily, but Ranma volleys the broken links back to her, pinning her to the ground, and then chains her up, making him the victor, and tells her to take her antidote, as she promised. 
However, Akane refuses to lose, and pulls the ground from undernath her, and stands up. however, the side effects begin to take form, leaving Akane in shock, and she runs away, climbing to the top of a tree to sob. ranma finds her, and tells her she looks cute with the whiskers, much to Akane's annoyance, but gives her the antidote. she apologises for thinking him to be jealous, to which he says he's not so petty. 

the episode ends with ranma frantically wrestling Akane, constantly beating her, and laughing hysterically about it.

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