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Trans-homers; The Stripping is an anime episode of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt that was released on 11/12/2010
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After one of the best episodes seen in the series, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt really needed to step it up to the next level to stay consistent. I wasn’t expecting Gainax to surpass the last episode; it was just that good. But Episode 7 does the classic anime robot parody that everyone was surely expecting from Gainax, while also keeping Panty and Stocking’s personalities on stage. Consider it a fine one.

 Tell me you're not at least a little disturbed at this.
 Tell me you're not at least a little disturbed at this.
First off we get a good ol’ fashioned robot anime parody in “Transhomers.” Panty and Stocking get into another fight. Brief tries to break it up, but two giant asteroids crash through the church. The asteroids turn out to be Masculimus Surprise and Femitron, two warring robot leaders who’ve taken their fight to Earth. Before the robots fight, Stocking notices the robot core inside Femitron. Mistaking it for a marshmallow, Stocking eats the core, absorbing Femitron’s powers and transforming into a robot version of herself. Panty, not one to fall behind in the fight, eats Masculimus’s core, transforming into a robot as well. So begins the battle between the Pantybots and Stockingtrons. The robot angels and their followers (essentially robot versions of things lying around their rooms) go into battle. The fight goes from the bathroom to the refrigerator to the climactic final confrontation at the top of the church. Fearing for their safety, Brief asks the now dismantled Masculimus and Femitron to end their war, which the robots agree to accept. However, instead of joining forces to leave Earth, the robot leaders team up to destroy humanity and transform into a giant Ghost. Panty and Stocking put their differences aside and shed their robotic forms to take out the Ghost. The robots explode into millions of robot coins, which sadly are not worth anywhere near enough Heaven Coins. With humanity saved from both sides, Panty and Stocking return to their routine of fighting.

Considering how much Gainax loves giant robots, this adventure was expected. Very expected. The biggest problem that I had with this episode is that nothing really happened. The whole Transformer joke was well presented in terms of animation and some pretty funny sequences, but the story focused around some pretty mindless confrontations. Nothing really stood out aside from the
 Those angels know how to treat the locals.
 Those angels know how to treat the locals.
general concept itself (aside from what is literally the best “screw” joke ever). However, I’m still creeped out by Stocking’s robot form (which looks like Megatron in robot drag). “Transhomers” is a decent adventure, but doesn’t go much further than that. It’s nowhere near as bad as “ Pulp Addiction”, but it never felt like a plot-oriented adventure, instead feeling like a number of giant robot-related jokes strung together by some entertaining and intricately animated sequences.

The next sequence “The Stripping” begins with Panty and Stocking being yelled at by Garterbelt, who’s losing a ton of money. To get Garterbelt to shut up, Panty and Stocking bet him that they can repay him $3,000,000 in three days. The angels go out and get jobs. After some unsuccessful attempts like traffic cops, car washing, and the archetypal “bunny girl waitresses”, the girls get a hint from a customer that the casino is the way to go. Brief tries to stop them, but loses his savings on the first try. Things go different for Panty and Stocking, as they successfully earn millions on the slot machines. As the girls continue to clean up, it’s revealed that the casino is run by none other than Scanty and Kneesocks, who are feeding their newest Ghost with the money from the casino. To try and rid the angels of their winnings, Scanty and Kneesocks rig the roulette table, with Kneesocks taking the role of dealer. Panty and Stocking lose their winnings, until their only option to get the money they need is by selling their clothes that they’re wearing. As the girls strip, they continue losing and the pot grows. In a stroke of luck, Panty’s lack of attire causes her to sneeze, knock the roulette marble from Kneesocks’ hand, and winning their cash back. After spending their winnings, Panty and Stocking learn that selling their underwear online makes for good money, with Brief struggling to be the top bidder on Panty’s underwear.

 It's great to see Scanty and Kneesocks again.
 It's great to see Scanty and Kneesocks again.
This was another “slice-of-life-sort-of” sequence that really was funny. Parody was “Transhomers” way to go. “The Stripping” followed a more traditional deal, once again relying on the hilarious character of each of the angels. It was goofy and funny to see the angels performing everyday jobs, and the return of the sexy scenes really gave the adventure some style. Seeing Scanty and Kneesocks again was great, although their roles were significantly reduced, not even making formal speech with Panty and Stocking. Still, it’s great to see them still in the act. And yes, there’s Brief in a bunny girl outfit.

Panty and Stocking seem to be more in their element when under at least one of two conditions: huge, climactic battles or just being themselves. “Transhomers” despite being an enormously parodic sequence, didn’t have either of those conditions; it felt like they were fighting, but as robots. Despite what the narrator said in “Transhomers” there really wasn’t much epic in this one. “The Stripping” had Panty and Stocking just being Panty and Stocking, which was a very good thing. With no enormously epic battles to see in this entire episode, Panty and Stocking had to be themselves to really get it going. Fortunately, it worked here. The parody in “Transhomers” was clever, albeit a bit plot-less, and “The Stripping” had moments that were purely Panty and Stocking. It was a rough ride, but this episode still stood up as a great one, delivering laughs across the board.
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