Trader Junction (Part 2)

Trader Junction (Part 2) is an anime episode of Galaxy Express 999 that was released on 11/16/1978

Plot Summary

"Planet Wildflower, filled with flowers. It is possible that the flowers were beautiful only to travelers, for the people who live there are so hopelessly impoverished. Where people spend the most beautiful time of their lives working all the time, making no friends and slowly dying. That is because it is a planet full of sorrowful people." - Narrator

While Tetsuro is asleep, Hanako takes him to Planet Wildflower where she introduces him to her parents, who mistake him for her fiancée. Tetsuro agrees to the rouse in order to help Hanako make her parents proud and cheerful to see their daughter married during their lifetime.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Keisuke Fujikawa Writer
Yoshiaki Yoshida Writer
Masahisa Saeki Executive Producer
Hiroyasu Yamaura
Masayuki Akihi Unit Director


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