Babes in Plasticland: Fatina's Turn

Topic started by gia on March 19, 2009. Last post by transgojobot 5 years, 11 months ago.
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Speaking of Tower of Druaga, I came upon a cool figure today. It's Alter's take on Fatina, and it's a great sculpt-- interesting, lively pose, good facial expression, and it's remarkably hot without being skimpy or pandering too heavily. Okay, that can probably be pinned in large part to the vaguely skin-colored leggings she wears under those thigh-high boots and super-duper-short dress...shirt...thingie.

Anyway, it's a hot figure, but not cheap-- at ¥8,610 ($91 USD), even the 25% off sale AmiAmi is offering doesn't make it super affordable...the sale price is ¥6,380, about $67 USD. Probably not going on my to-buy list, but a very nice figure all the same.

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WTB Fatina ending :(
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Impressive. I've seen exactly ZERO episodes of Tower of Druaga, but my interest in piqued by this sculpt. I mean, it's wonderfully painted, intricately detailed and probably worth whatever amount money is spent on it. The best part is the pose is exceptionally badass. None of that winking, "come-hither" tee-hee nonsense I'm not a fan of.

And like you said, gia, the character looks hot without being half (or three fourths) nekkid with zeppelin-sized boobs. That's not exactly what you said, but that's what I heard in my head.

Now, if there was a sculpt this good (or better) of Youko Nakajima (Twelve Kingdoms) or Shinobu Nagumo (Patlabor), I'd be all over them; recession/financial crisis be damned. :)
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